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Keeping up with the Joneses

posted 6/16/2010 10:43:30 PM |
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Or.. whoever.

Anyway.. yeah. So.. this week, loads of revolving door slammers. Totally unsatisfactory, slamming a revolving door. No good noise or anything like it.. just makes the door spin faster. I know.. I've done it a time or three.. I won't say it's a waste of time though cuz it does give us opportunity to explore life, our motivations and why we come to this place... also keeps us from saying something we might regret. (I don't do regret, btw.. so if I said it, I meant it.)

I just bought 4.5 yards of the most glorious blue/aqua/teal wave looking filmy silky fabric to make a new dress out of today.. I love fabric stores.. it's like letting my artistic side loose. I get some of the best ideas for painting in them. Bonus . it was on sale! Ok .. well there's the upside to having to do the bi weekly shopping trip. Have I mentioned before that I really HATE shopping on a very real level? Yeah.. well .. there you have it. My mom and gramma's birthday present to me.

Roller coaster of a week.. first my trip at the end of next month to Faerieworlds was cancelled.. but now it's back on.. wooot! I really look forward to that. It's so much fun. (think Renaissance fair with a faerie theme instead of knights and princesses) With any luck this cool trend will keep up through it.. and it won't be a thousandy degrees out there.

What else.. ummm yeah.. that's pretty much all I did this week except play in my garden.. new pictures maybe tomorrow.

So, Pervians.. I'm about to go to bed and read my book. Shut up.. yes it's a trashy romance novel.. why? Cuz I can and Norah Roberts makes me happy. Well that and the one I was reading, Dead Witch Walking, has been relegated to the bathroom. It isn't good for cozying up. I'm not in the mood for Maeve Binchy's latest either right now.. though I adore her. I certainly don't feel like any learning books today. Oh and I'm gonna watch So you think you can dance... and what I really wanna know is..

Anyone here wanna fuck?

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Jun 16 @ 11:05PM  
You just have yourself a blast at the Faerieworlds.

I've tried to make my own clothes from a pattern and fabric...I got as far as pinning the pattern, cutting them out..started to sew them together, and then let my Mom take over. Just no patience for that. And I always seem to get the thread in the sewing machine to knot up. I swear those sewing machines are evil and enjoy mocking me.

Jun 16 @ 11:08PM  
play in my garden
Did I mention that I have a tomato garden? I thought about planting some strawberries for the very first time out there, but thought eh, I'll just wait till next spring to do it since I got off to a late jump this spring with the tomato plants.

Jun 17 @ 12:57AM  
I am in a weird funk, not that anyone should give a shit. I got about through three lines of this blog and realized I didn't give a shit, read a few words and realized nobody gave a shit, typed a few words and realized anyone who gives a shit, shouldn't gave a shit, then I stopped typing. Who gives a shit and who is Mr. Jones..

Jun 17 @ 1:37AM  
Hey Skwirly Girl ! I give a shit! I just knocked myself out of here yesterday cause I was crying and didn't want to tell anyone about my misery. Didn't mean to create a funk amongst us!
I love fabric stores more than any other store. I paint with fabrics whether it be a dress or a little purse I piece together with special hand stitched details...I love to sew!
Love you....have fun on your outing!

Jun 17 @ 2:05AM  
That's shitty, Bruce.

I put on my fairy wings in spirit.

And I want a garden. Is it possible to have one 3 floors up, okay-ish sunlight, windows un cracked? I want some life in here, halp!

Jun 17 @ 7:27AM  
I don't sew...period. I'd rather dig ditches than sew. But...I love fabric, lots 'n lots of fabric....I just don't know what to do with it.

And shopping? Oh I love it as long as I don't HAVE to. I guess I should say I love browsing...but having to shop ain't too bad either as long as I don't have to hurry.

I'm glad your Faerieworld trip is a go...go have fun, it's summertime, suntime, funtime and a good time for fantasy and frivilous-ness 'n fu... ....well you know...

Jun 17 @ 10:50AM  
Is it possible that faeries wear boots just incase their wings give out they won't land in a pile of shit barefooted ?
I like fabric when it comes in women's lingerie ....
I am in a weird funk, not that anyone should give a shit.
I give a shit Bruce. What ails you & how long were you held hostage in funky town to make you feel this way ?

Anyone here wanna fuck?
I do but you have to promise to leave the lights on.

Jun 17 @ 11:43AM  
Shouldn't it be: Keeping up with the Smiths?? I always thought 'Smith' was more common then 'Jones'!! But, whadda I know!


Jun 17 @ 11:46AM  
Well, Skwirlie girl, I give a shit! Great news Faerieworlds back on for ya. I used to make faerie wands with cool fabric, copper, sparklies and other found objects... it's great fun twirling while swirling a faerie wand saying zippity-boppity-boo or whatever your favorite shazam may be!

Shopping generally is something that has to be done, but I don't always enjoy it. When the mood strikes spontaneously it's marvelous, otherwise I'd rather stay home or do almost anything else.

Let's hope WoW's funk passes very soon... sounds like someone kicked his dog or cat... LOL! Now don't go getting your knickers in a wad folks because I'm not advocating or approving of cruelty to animals... it's just a phrase.

You bet I wanna fuck... seem to be in a heighten state of arousal these days!

A greenie for just keeping up w/ yourself...

Jun 17 @ 12:06PM  
I'm glad your trip to Faerieworlds is back on..Have a wonderful, sparkly time.

Hey, I like Norah Roberts, every now and then anyways...
I have quite a few of her books, but most of them are on loan to friends. Well, some of them will never be returned, but it was meant to be a loan.......

Make sure you post pics of your new creation of the fabric when you are finished..

Jun 17 @ 12:37PM  
do i really need to say anything for you to KNOW ??

Jun 17 @ 1:38PM  
Gardening is good for your soul.. it's like giving birth without the 18 year commitment.

I wanna know who made Bunny cry.. cuz I'm gonna kick their fargin arses. Don't make Bunny cry!!! I'll chew your ankle forever.

Bruce, my sweet, I care. I care a lot.

I love the process of sewing.. I'm not an expert by any means.. so I'm using a very simple pattern.. but . it's satisfying. I also like that stuff fits properly when I make it myself. I don't care much for larger size clothing that's available.. makes women look like blimps.. so.. making my own looks better too.

Softy, you'd be amazed how many yards of fabrics I have sitting around waiting for me to be inspired.. I just purchased it because I was enamored of the print or the feel of it. Or.. it was on sale.. or something.

Nope, Y.. I know!!!

Sigh.. so yeah, faerieworlds.. squeeee.. hell yes we wear shoes or boots or somethin.

Jun 17 @ 2:09PM  
Yo Yo Yo there Skwirly one here made me cry...are you fuckin kidding me??? all my friends here are as cool as school! Love ya for wantin to stick up for me...I will hollar iffin I need you to have my back!
I love Fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could swim in it...need to get to sewing hollar about the things I can help u with...

Jun 17 @ 2:16PM  
I love fabric, not that great with the sewing machine but I did make a shower curtain and curtain for that winder a few years back. If I can find a pale blue then I'll make another curtain and change the look in the bathroom. I can hem okay but those dangblasted button holes get me every time.

((BUNNY)) don't cry wez love you

Jun 17 @ 2:16PM  
One of my fav ppl on earth drew a bunch of artwork for the Faerieworld thingy in New York....
Have fun....
Yeah...thats all I

Jun 17 @ 5:10PM  
Wheeew.. ok I'm glad it was no one here that made Murphy cry.. cuz I was gonna go thermonuclear!

I just like being creative in any manner. I'm also making a viking tabard out of microsuede for my neighbor to wear to the faerieworlds dealio.. it's very simple.. very very.. and will hopefully rock with his 150 dollar winged helmet.

Jun 17 @ 5:14PM  
Oh .. Bunny, I lied, it's not chiffon, it's an organza, silk/poly blend so it's washable.

Jun 18 @ 12:50PM  
Totally unsatisfactory, slamming a revolving door. No good noise or anything like it.. just makes the door spin faster
Unless,of course,you toss Justin Beiber into it first.....

Jun 18 @ 2:29PM  
I would be very careful washing the fabric blend of silk/poly. I would probably hand wash because the silk isn't going to react the same as the poly. Very cool/warm wash...and not in the machine. Hugs, M

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Keeping up with the Joneses