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My adventure in mowing the lawn

posted 6/16/2010 5:30:38 PM |
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tagged: humor

You know, having dogs can be quite an enjoyable experience most of the time. Other times, I have to wonder...WHY do I have dogs.

This morning I get up, one of my "lovely" pooches peed on the floor. So glad I got rid of the carpeting a long time ago. I should have know these buggers were out to get me today. Oh, and I had to laugh at my sister when she asked, "Which one did it?". I told her I didn't know cause the guilty pooch did so while I was sleeping, and I didn't notice any of them jumping around raising their paw to say, "it was me". with that. Ok...onto breakfast. Simple breakfast, couple of scrambled eggs and couple slices of toast. Eggs done, put them on the plate, on the counter top. Go put the bread in the toaster, turn around and busted Tazz jumping up on the counter to attempt to steal my breakfast. Smacked her on the butt and told her when she can cook her own, then she can have some. Damn dogs are lucky they are cute!

Ok, Dad is going to stop by after work at 1pm to pick up his van, which I've been using while mine is at the shop having some work done on it. He needed his van, so now I'm using my sister's truck till the shop is done with my van. While Dad is here, we have to wait for Buddy to get over his bark fit. Usually only lasts about a minute as Buddy is used to Dad coming around and likes Dad. Not today...Buddy is being a brat...barking longer than he usually does. Had to put him outside so I could hear what Dad was trying to tell me.

Ok, got that done. Now it's off to mowing the lawn. And btw, I remembered to open the gate this time. So, I'm mowing the lawn in the backyard, glance at my bedroom window once, I can see Tazz up on the bed. Brat knows she's not supposed to be on the bed. Oh well. Few minutes later, I look towards my bedroom window...and.....OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my dog, Buddy, is hanging half out the damned window!!!!!!!! The shit head popped out part of the screen and was "making a break for it". Yep, you guessed it...shut off lawn mower, get dog BACK IN THE HOUSE!!!! And close the window. And yes, I couldn't help but chuckle after that because the dog did look silly hanging half out the window with what one could call a "smile" on his face.

Ok, done with the backyard...onto the front yard. Usually, this is the more quick part cause it's a bit smaller than the backyard, and, no shit mines to dodge. Well, I'm going along just fine, when I feel a stinging on my neck. Damned ornery bees anyway! Yep, I ran in the house, left the lawn mower out in the front for few minutes while I took care of the bee sting. (and waited like a wimp for the bees to "disappear"). After a couple of minutes, I went back out and finished mowing the lawn. I just know the neighbors had to have had a good laugh over me running from the bees...and picturing it myself, I had to laugh.

All I know is, next time I mow the lawn, my bedroom door is going to be shut, all windows will be shut, and I'm gonna have a fly swatter for any bee that even thinks it's going to be picking on me!'s everyone else's day going?

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Jun 16 @ 8:07PM  
You know, having dogs can be quite an enjoyable experience most of the time. Other times, I have to wonder...WHY do I have dogs.

You have pack, I have pair. They are very nice, happy dogs and when daddy speaks they listen. They love their daddy and do not want to displease him.

busted Tazz jumping up on the counter to attempt to steal my breakfast

Make that mistake with me in a MAJOR or defiant violation and it is bow wow superman across the room from a s strong right hand. I have big dogs, attack breeds, it is a whole different dominance/submission thing. It rarely happens, but if somebody want to get ugly, I will quickly and efficiently show them ugly. Women and children are best not be present as it is expressed in terms that they understand.

Getting beyond that, any ragging and bitching that people may have is based upon inexperience, I have two of the most loving and affectionate dogs that you will ever meet, even though they are "attack breeds".

Jun 16 @ 8:12PM  
LMAO!! You have some of the best stories with your doggies!! Good one!! You get a kudo from me!!! I can see you springing into action to get Buddy back in that window!!

Jun 16 @ 9:45PM  
Now that was funny!

Jun 16 @ 10:26PM  
Aren't they fun? My two bastards are just living right on the edge of getting their livers kicked out.. bastards.. (not really, don't send the fucking spca to collect my spoiled rotten mutts.)

I tell em I'm gonna beat em and they wag their tails... just bastards.

Jun 17 @ 1:50AM  
lord...I don't know how ya deal with it. I have the sweetest little thing. She doesn't beg, borrow...or steal...except she does like to throw my shoes down the stairs while I'm in the, when I had 3 dogs it was a different story, but still ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? how do ya live with it. Ha! Pups...gotta love them.
Took Talulah to Home Depot the other day and she was praised by every large construction man in there...thnking I should do the Home Depot/doggie style more often! ...oh yeah...I am ok!...for now....

Jun 17 @ 7:20AM  
That's funny! I love dogs...someone else's that is...I'm a cat person myself. My sister, Jeanette got a dog and I have a lot of fun with her when I go over there. She's hyperactive and I just make it worse...get down on the floor with her and she just loves it.

Sounds like you had a fun day with ur pups...of course ya coulda done without the bee sting...

Jun 17 @ 2:21PM  
Great day Sugar I am a cat person myself they are okay if you leave them alone while you go to work. No worrying about taking them out the liter box is right there. Unfortuanately when I had to put Spaz down it damn near killed me. I haven't had the heart to get another one and its been ohh I'd say around 5 or 6 yrs now. But umm I do have an unexpected visitor a little gray MOUSE is living in my closet well at least until the poison he ate takes effect GAWD I hate mice

Jun 18 @ 12:43AM  
I love dogs large, small and in-between! My current lifestyle doesn't lend itself to doggie companions, so must wait before I can befriend another canine.

Thanks for sharing your day... brought several smiles to my face!

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My adventure in mowing the lawn