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Any thoughts on Barry's speech last night?

posted 6/16/2010 4:24:41 PM |
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tagged: politics, straddle, government

So, any thoughts on Barry's speech last night?

All I will say at this time is his speech sucked, and that he's so full of shit!

************************ Anyone else want to add anything about the speech?

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Jun 16 @ 4:47PM  
Looks dead on here today...

Jun 16 @ 4:52PM  
I totally missed it last night.

Jun 16 @ 4:54PM  
I totally missed it last night.
Be glad you did, Dawn!

Jun 16 @ 5:53PM  
Barry Pepper ?

Jun 16 @ 6:37PM  
Barry White?


Jun 16 @ 7:49PM  
All I will say at this time is the guy is so full of shit!

Respectfully, so are you.

Jun 16 @ 8:42PM  
His speech came 57 days to the day it happen. His speech last night was more of the same on pushing his agenda more than anything. From what I watched today on all the cable news channels, and from both political partys. The New York Times is also not very happy with Barry the last few days if you have read their newspaper and /or website.

I really didn't think I had to elaborate on my thoughts since many people watched his speech and pretty much had the same opinion as mine.

Respectfully, so are you.

Bruce, I feel like your cheapshot at me is not very friend like. You didn't have to make this personal between us with what you said about me, especially in public. I was under the impression that you prefered taking such things as this to personal emails instead of public view? No?

Jun 16 @ 10:21PM  
Yes, I have some comments.. but since thinking for myself is not appreciated.. I could go with the flow and say impeach... aww never mind.. not going to happen.

So far, all that's been decided is that 20 billion will be set aside for damages claims by BP. There's still no plan to clean that mess up or to stop the leak. Those are the real issues as far as I am concerned so.. basically nothing happened.

This is the actual speech, verbatim.

Jun 16 @ 11:00PM  
So far, all that's been decided is that 20 billion will be set aside for damages claims by BP. There's still no plan to clean that mess up or to stop the leak. Those are the real issues as far as I am concerned so.. basically nothing happened.

I'm not one to side with any party, or polititian in general, as I feel most are snakes in the grass anyway. However, as someone that has worked in disaster relief before (hurricane Katrina) for a company that handled Katrina, and 9/11, I have to say that people demand a lot in concerns to a plan. No one seems to have one though; no plan better than the one they are using now. Why? Because this has never happened like this before. We never big planes hit buildings before, and we never had a storm do that much damage before.

So how are you supposed to be prepared for things you did not realize could be so bad? Are you really asking people to read the future?

Its bad. It really is. But is jumping up and down blaming everyone really the answer? I'm not directing this to the writer of the quote. I'm not jumping on people for having an opinion. But I am offering some insight that maybe, just maybe, things aren't as easy to fix in real life as they are from a couch in front of a TV. Just saying.


Jun 17 @ 2:09AM  
Old Bruce likes to dish out a cheap shot, but he doesn't like to take one, comments from the peanut gallery are welcome

Jun 17 @ 6:29AM  
IMHO, Barry is worse than J. Carter.
Sat on his thumbs for the first 50 or so days, unless to turn down the Dutch
(Who DO have the knowledge and tools to help, big time)
Refuse to let those in Louisiana build protective berms,
and hundreds of thousands of booms sitting in their factory in Maine.....because
nobody has the courage in the Beltway to do the right things.
'Those' in power have the right to waive the Jones Act, not only the power to,
But there was a definite need to do the right thing.

Personally, I'm more ashamed in our Government now, than anytime in my life. I could only watch the speech for a little while, as I can only take 'so much' BULLSHIT LIES.

Jun 17 @ 8:05AM  
I agree with Shadow..
Unless you've been there, done that and have a better plan than bitching about our POTUS, whom over 52% of the people who voted elected, then quit fuckin' whining about it He has no experience in fixing it either, just like y'all don't
If anyone here has a better plan for fixing something they only see and hear about in the media, go out and fix it..
Don't bitch about the ones who are trying to figure it out and fix it

Jun 17 @ 8:18AM  
quit fuckin' whining about it
I wasn't "whining" about it.

our POTUS, whom over 52% of the people who voted elected
And I bet many of them wished they hadn't...

ones who are trying to figure it out and fix it
Well, it sure doesn't appear that Barry has been trying to fix this. Matter of fact, I wouldn't put it passed him to let our country go to pot so that he could enact some of his far left agenda...

Jun 17 @ 10:51AM  
It is getting weird in Blogland

Jun 17 @ 1:22PM  
Yeah, what shadow said is pretty much my point. Unless you have an idea how to fix it.. don't call names on the folks trying to figure it out.

Jun 17 @ 4:41PM  
don't call names
I didn't think I was calling him names other than the name he used to go by years ago before he changed it....

Jun 17 @ 9:36PM  
I agree with ShadowMale. I also apologize to straddle for being a dick in my comments and overreacting to what I consider to be a less than educated astute comment on his part.

The expertise in this area is in the private sector. This is synopsis of a comment I made on some other blog. When Saddam was getting kicked ass kicked, he torched the Iraqi oil wells, Halliburton went in and took care of business in putting them fires out. The military and US government had no expertise in this area to del with it.

This is a tricky problem as the damned problem is a mile deep in the ocean. Nobody has ever had to deal with this before under these circumstances.

However, I noted something. I saw pictures of the coast guard burning off the oil with controlled fires. While I am not a science guy in any way, I got to thinking, dangerous I know. If you can burn this crap off, why not burn it off as soon as it reaches the surface above the leak. Granted, it wouldn't solve the problem or cap the spew, but it would keep the crap from spreading.

Again, just a thought and I am by no means qualified to solve this problem. It doesn't appear that anyone was prepared for this eventuality.

I am sure that there will be safeguards in the future to reduce the risk much like what is done has been aviation. Regulation is not always a bad thing. I could go on but, I think the concepts are pretty clear. Have a nice evening.

And, again, straddle I apologize for overreacting and not playing nicely. I certainly could have taken issue with your commentary in much more polite fashion.

Jun 17 @ 10:40PM  
Shawn, that's not what I meant. I wasn't taking a shot at you. I was taking a shot at the mentality that complains that nothing is getting done.. how can it? It's never been dealt with on this level before.

Jun 17 @ 10:48PM  
overreacting to what I consider to be a less than educated astute comment on his part.
As I had stated later on in my comments on here, I didn't think I really had to elaborate on why I thought his speech sucked and to why I thought he was so full of shit. That seemed to be the opinion of many who watched his speech that night with what he obviously said in it.

Anyway, Bruce, apology accepted.

Sam, I wasn't sure if you had taken issue with me by calling him Barry. I apologize for the misunderstanding on my part.

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Any thoughts on Barry's speech last night?