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Why Florida Is Blazing Effin' Hot! (Sunshine's Theory)

posted 6/15/2010 10:23:36 AM |
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tagged: fuck, opinion, news, sunshine

Alright, this is just MY theory. I don't care if you agree or disagree. Blogging is for everyone to give their opinion. And before we go any further, no.....I'm not a rocket scientist, no....I have no background in any important subject pertaining to this conversation. All I got is what seems to be....Umm...Gosh....I want to call it common sense, but that might not even be it. Ok, ok, ok...Enough babbling.

I've lived in Florida for over 20 years. Summers get hot. Really fucking hot & really fucking humid. At first, it's unbearable. Literally....your dripping sweat from places you didn't even know sweat could secrete from!! I clearly remember playing in a tree when I was about 8 with my new Florida friend ( I had moved there from Connecticut). And it was hot out, but it didn't stop us from hanging out & having fun. But, while we were in the tree, I saw drops of water above her lip and on the apples of her cheeks. I asked what it was and she looked at me as if I were a big dummy and she said "SWEAT BUBBLES"! That was enough to gross me out. Ok....still I'm babbling.

So, over the last 20 years, I think this year has got to be the hottest yet. It's awful. A/C's are just putting along, it's hot everywhere...inside & out!! I have a little theory on why it's so hot lately here in Florida. I believe it's from the oil spill. I think without the oil, the sun beams down & alot of it just goes down into the ocean to the ocean floor. Not really giving us any issues, just making it warm out. But, now....since the oil spill, it seems to be overly hot. Disgustly hot. Awfully HOT! I think that the oil is spreading to the surface and when the sun beams down, it's hitting the oil and the oil is shining it right back on us like one of those tri-fold tanning thingy's you used to see people use in movies back in the day on their faces. I think the sun it just reflecting off the oil and back up to us and the sun, meeting the heat the sun is already emitting and making the air even hotter. It's gross.

Anywho, it's what I think. And I'm probably way wrong. But, that's that. Thanks!

Anybody wanna fuck??

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Jun 15 @ 10:31AM  
You might be onto something there.

Jun 15 @ 11:23AM  
Your theory is just as viable as any of the others out there and you may actually be on to something... it demonstrates that you actually think which is refreshing these days!

A greenie for ya... and it's Effin' hotter just about everywhere these days south of the Mason-Dixon Line!

Jun 15 @ 11:48AM  
i am a rocket scientist who loves socket science. but i think it is cause
of olive oil and popeye. i forgot to eat my spinach. and also its because
banannas don't float they swim. i mean if someone is chewin chewin it
and some people think its bubble gum, itsnot. i do pick my nose a lot,
but where to put the snot??? wipe it on my pants. or on my shirt.
or well. what to do with snot. snotty pine. the three stooges had
similar solutions to the same solution. pine sol is better than fuller brush inc.
in fact the taxology, praise taxes from whom all blessings flow. and the
phuckin pushy protestants. and besides pegasus and i must go for rides.
merry go round rides. what makes it work? magic. its magic, never believe
its not so. britney looked great in her photos today. she made
75 billion ham sandwiches with hellmans' mayo appear right out of nowhere
on sunday on joel osteen super preacher, miracle worker, mega magician.
i wish i could do that. by the power of magic. voila. your vast repast.
right out of nowhere, its coming soon, for us all the amazing aladdin device. presto
there it is, shocking pink think. ah. far out. how true of hue.

Jun 15 @ 11:57AM  
My stupid ass nephew was bitching about the heat yesterday. His ride is broke down so I volunteered to go get him at 7 sharp & it hadn't reached 7:01 when I pulled in his driveway & he called asking where I was at & said it was too hot to be standing outside so I guess it's hot everywhere.

Jun 15 @ 1:55PM  
I think yur theory is a good one. I bet even the sun is bitchin cause the oil is reflecting the suns heat to him/ the sun a gender? Also, with the water being so thick with oil it is probably off kilter and not able to roll in and out as it's tide motion is messed up. You can tell I don't have any motion with the ocean today either.
Talulah is laying out in the sun at intervals. She has puppy cramps and then she gets too hot and comes in. I have a krick in my neck and am sitting here not able to move my head...I was going to go out and work in my yard and sweat. Hmmm...looks like it isn't going to happen.
I am so sorry it is so hot for you Sunshine! Try filling ziplock baggies full of ice and wrapping them around the back of your neck. That cools the blood flow and you'll feel better!

Jun 15 @ 2:08PM  
We finally have sun here in Mn today. It's done nothing but rain since I got here.
I left HOT, HUMID and rain in Ohio everyday to get rai,n rain and more rain with nights so cool you need a blanket in the middle of June.

Tomorrow is supposed to be hot and sticky. What ever happened to just enjoyable weather?

Hope you find way to cool down Megan.

Jun 15 @ 2:22PM  
Oh man, it's been really bad over the past week here with the hot and humid type weather. You can actually cut the air with a knife.....yes, it's that humid.

Jun 15 @ 3:01PM  
We had two days over 80.. and then it cooled back off and clouded up again.. rained.. it's warmer today but only high sixties.. sigh.. weird weather.. Pfucking Penguins.

Jun 15 @ 3:44PM  
You can actually cut the air with a knife.....yes, it's that humid.
Did you try to cut you a piece to see how it tastes ?

Jun 15 @ 4:56PM  
You might just be onto something Sunshine.

I know it's been really hot and humid in a lot of areas this year...and we're only halfway through June. It's funny...but I think everyone will be grumping about how they wish the fall would get here in another month. And to think...we were just grumping about how we couldn't wait for the summer to arrive.

Jun 15 @ 5:29PM  
It's just been hotter than dammit here lately and supposed to be that way all week! We've been hanging out between the lake and the pool... ahhhhhh!! still fucking hot though!!

Jun 15 @ 7:08PM  
Been cooler here than normal.... ....Usually pushing around 110 in the middle of June,,,,,,only been hanging around 100 the last month or so,,,,,,LOVEING IT>>>>>>> Arizona

Jun 15 @ 7:23PM  
I live a couple of hundred miles south of Sunshine and it's definitely
the earliest and hottest summer and the coldest (last) winter since I've
been in Flawduh in Xmas 1988

Jun 15 @ 7:38PM  
We finally, and suddenly, got to our normal summer oven that the state is famous for.

Jun 15 @ 7:41PM  
pffft. well I hate to burst all your theorys but there's a very valid reason why your all getting hotter over there.

cos its hell to live in the U.S and y'all should move to Australia where its just peachy .
I best not mention the white frosts we've had all week, or the fact I'm sitting beside a roaring wood heater. I distinctly heard someone re-loadin up the back there somewhere in the audience..

oh well, better go get another armful of firewood and chase up a sweater so I can venture outside ...

Jun 15 @ 8:19PM  
Enjoy all those locusts down there, Tassie. Suppose to be a record breaking year for them. From what I hear, it's been 20 years since to had them this bad.

Jun 15 @ 10:41PM  
locusts down there, Tassie. Suppose to be a record breaking year for them.

I read that about a month ago, but it was for North America not Australia. They are heading into winter so I don't think they will be concerned about bugs.

Jun 16 @ 3:06PM  
103f ..Hottest day so far this year and it's only 3:05 pm

Jul 29 @ 1:21AM  
I have a few theorys,,,,

1) the earth has slowed down due to those earthquakes/valcanos erupting. so basicly we are sitting in the sun a sec or two longer than normal.

2) the oil....absorbs the sunlight (what black does....why we are supposed to buy white cars...cause they bounce the light/heat away keeping us cool) heating up the ocean/planet/florida.

3) Sunshine79 lives there..

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Why Florida Is Blazing Effin' Hot! (Sunshine's Theory)