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posted 6/15/2010 2:49:40 AM |
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I know I haven’t written in awhile. Its kinda funny, 2, cuz I was going on and making a big deal about my next blog, and then…NOTHING! Nada, zip, zilch. Not a fucking word about it…just GONE! It was weird, man. If U weren’t there, trust me it was pretty fucking weird, man. And I know U guys all had theories about where I was and shit. I’ll bet insane asylum was a crowd favorite. I’m sure at least one of U bastards thought I was in jail. Don’t lie. That's all right...I still love ya.

Well, the truth of the matter is, perverts and pervettes, I have been…well…speechless. I have been so fucking angry for the past 55 days that I just haven’t been able 2 formulate words N2 complete sentences. At least, not so much as U would be able 2 understand them, anyway. So, instead of just blathering on about this, that or the other I decided 2 use the time I was spending pissed off anyway formulating the perfect response 2 all this bullshit that's been pissing me off. Seemed way more constructive 2 me than burning down gas stations.

So, here it goes (and I think this sums up my feelings perfectly, btw…):


OMG, I cannot believe this fucking bullshit. And these cocksuckers in their three-piece suits and with their hoity-toity fag accents are telling me they are gonna clean this fucking shit up? ARE U FUCKING SERIOUS? U HAVEN’T EVEN STOPPED THE FUCKING LEAK YET, MOTHERFUCKER! There are still tree huggers up in Alaska scrapping oil from the Exxon Valdez off of rocks and that shit happened 21 fucking years ago. This makes the Exxon Valdez look like a '70 Chevelle I used 2 own, b4 I blew the fucker up on 99 somewheres between Lodi and Galt. AND THE LEAK IS STILL GOING! This is what U would get if Freddie Krugar fucked the Energizer Bunny, I’m telling U!

Let’s all pause for just one sec and let that image sink in…

…and we’re moving.

55 fucking days this shit has been going on! And let’s not 4get that these are the same British fucksticks that LIED about how much fucking oil they were spilling N2 the fucking ocean in the first place, either. They only admitted the truth when they realized they had no choice. Eventually oil was going 2 go splashing up onto the Gulf Coast, and when it did it wasn’t going 2 look like someone changed the oil on their Plymouth and dumped it down the storm drain. Well, folks, that day was like two days ago. That’s when it started, anyway. There’s no telling when it will end CUZ ITS STILL FUCKING LEAKING!!! U godless fucking PRICKS! Unfortunately, I’m gonna need that data B4 I can make any sort of determination on just how long we are going 2 have motherfuckers down there cleaning off rocks on the Gulf Coast. I’m thinking its gonna be a minute. A LONG minute…maybe two minutes, nigga, shit! This is A FUCKING MESS! PRICKS!!!

The worse part is U know what the motherfuckers are going 2 do with any oil they are able 2 recapture? I’ll tell U what they are gonna do with it. They’re gonna fucking SELL IT BACK 2 US, the cockSUCKERS! That’s what they’re gonna fucking do, U know it! I know it, they fucking know it, only no one is talking about the shit. What choice are they gonna have? The clean-up and the claims are gonna sink the bastards eventually, anyway. Selling any recaptured oil is just gonna be a gesture 2 stave the wolves off, anyway.

Assuming we can ever stop this fucking thing at all. See, we don’t really know if we can or not, cuz we don’t have the technology 2 fix this thing. Let me say that again. WE DON’T HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY 2 FUCKING FIX THIS! That’s like flying 2 the fucking moon without a way back (oh wait…we did that. That worked out ok, huh?) or building so many weapons that using them will destroy not just our enemy, but THE ENTIRE WORLD (shit…wait…we did that 2…). Well…my momma always said two wrongs don’t make a right and I guess I just proved her point right there. Sorta.

Let’s just pray they get ahold of this fucking thing B4 future civilizations refer 2 the entire Gulf Coast region as the Gulf of Mexico Tarpits.


Keeping U posted,


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Jun 15 @ 7:44AM  
Not to worry..
All of the Gulf Coast beaches are sand, and we all know
that that's like a big kitty litter box and kitty litter absorbs oil

Now we have a Stupid fuckin' politician from Florida who
wants to send in the Military
WTF for??? What are they gonna' do?? Shoot or bomb the fuckin' oil

Everybody's blaming Obama..Did he purposely break the fuckin' part that started
the whole thing???
Near as I can figure out, about the only thing he can do is to jump on
the Limey CEO of BP's ass and get him fuckin' movin' faster instead of making commercials telling everybody how sorry he is..
It's already pretty obvious to me

Everyone have a great day

Jun 15 @ 10:43AM  

Well, the truth of the matter is, perverts and pervettes, I have been…well…speechless.

It is going to take years for this mess to be cleaned up. And we cannot even begin to imagine just how much of an impact on the wildlife and the environment it will have for years to come. People's livelihood has been affected. There is a lot of blame to go around, but, seems to me those in power need to get this stopped, get it cleaned up, and then start looking at who to blame.

I cannot believe this has been going on for 55+ days, and at the rate of, what is it they are saying? 40,000 to 50,000 gallons a day???

Jun 15 @ 1:25PM  
Yeah.. and yanno what? If we were to drive tank trucks down there with big vacuum hoses and suck that shit up.. refine it ourselves etc.. we'd be in HUGE trouble too.

Fucking stupid ass shit.. I know it's at the bottom of the fuckin ocean.. get some asshole down there to put a cork in that shit!!!

Jun 15 @ 3:52PM  
You have express my sentiments exactly! Won't be doing any cruising that's for sure in or around the Texas gulf coast.

A greenie for an important issue that needs to STOP asap.

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