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AMD Week in Review

posted 6/13/2010 9:22:22 PM |
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tagged: review

Well here we are..another week gone by. It's already Sunday. Where did the week go? Oh yeah! Been working....that makes the days go by fast. Bet ya all thought I was gonna be late with the Review again this week. C'mon...someone thought it. Admit it. Well, I'll get this posted and then I'm going to head out shortly after. Got to work tomorrow. Was supposed to be my day off, but they asked if I would come in. I said "yes". What was I thinking?! Ok...let's get this started.

B9CC1D says “Houston…we have photo approval” Yep, after waiting for however long, someone snuck in and approved photos. About time!

texastigress stopped in to talk about “Silent, deafening sex…” When I first saw the title, I couldn’t fathom what was meant by “silent, deafening sex” I know. And for those who missed the blog…gonna have to find it to know what it’s all about.

Cootiesprayer asked “Do you think it’s ok?” Yep, it’s ok.’s ok to go to a bar by yourself. I mean, one has to be an adult to enter a bar..right? Since when do adults need “permission” to enter a bar? Oh, well, a s/o shouldn’t be bothered by it if there is total trust in the relationship.

B9CC1D blogged about “Bewbie Milk! So, human milk is lower in fat and cholesterol? And I have my own supply even! Wow, can save money. Wait…not good to use in cooking? Well, that kills that idea! Back to the grocery store.

RevDocLove shared a humorous story about “The Baby” Guess it boils down to interpretation.

ThePurpleProphet says “I don’t know how I’m going to get through it” Awwww!!! His son is graduating and he’s concerned about getting through the ceremony dry eyed.

PinkToeNails told us about the “Killer porn star taken into custody….”Ya know…with this being a sex site…I surely thought this blog would have gotten more comments because of the mention of “porn star”. Oh well. I gotta admit though….PTN is right, the comments in the article were amusing.

B9CC1D said “It’s nearly impossible…” He’s so right, it is impossible to not smile when watching that video he posted.

RevDocLove had a special blog…and I can’t believe no one commented on it but me! His blog “For Sugar and All My Other Dog Lover Friends” I mean, how cute is that? Doggy letters to God? Bet ya all didn’t know dogs could write letters did ya?

ThePurpleProphet said “35 and still counting” No, he isn’t talking age…he is talking about weight he’s lost! Go Purple!!!!! That is awesome!!!!!


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Jun 13 @ 9:27PM  
Somnium stopped in with “Well, well, well…look who has been scamming people now…” No way!! The W.H.O. scamming people with the H1N1 virus pandemic? Don’t tell that to those who caught it! Maybe it was more hype than a pandemic, but, at least people were made aware of it.

Wordsofwit asked “Is high school graduation a big accomplishment?” For me, it was. Seeing that I wasn’t taking school serious, just goofing around, didn’t care about grades. It took realizing just how much it mattered to my parents to make me put in more effort. So yes, for me, it was a huge accomplishment. I will say yes, I did graduate more for my parents than for myself…but…college…that was/is for me.

TexasRacer stopped in with “$1,500 blow job” Figures, he’s gone for a while and then comes back with an adventure story about blow jobs. Wait…ok…he was sharing a funny with us. Btw..before spending $2,000...check out the “merchandise” first.

Wordsofwit gave us a “Fun Math Quiz” You know…no matter how I tried to manipulate those numbers…still kept coming up with the same answer! And dang it!! Everyone here knows my favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean!

B9CC1D brought up “Honest Internet Dating” Ya know..he’s on to something with that questionnaire.

lunanegra asks “To credit, or not to credit?” Gotta watch the credit…. it can get away from you if you’re not careful and credit card companies/collection agencies will sue to get that money. Been there, done that, and it sucked. Best bet…if you don’t need it….don’t get it. A lesson I’ve learned the hard way.

And this week saw the return of a member, Blueyesprkln , who stopped in to say “A Little Of This And A Bunch Of That” Yep, she’s raising her granddaughters. Those little girls are so lucky to have her in their life.

RevDocLove blogged “In Praise of Older Women” Ok…so what does qualify as “older”? I consider myself….ummm……nm. Still young at heart.


Jun 13 @ 9:35PM  
flavobuster estimated that he “MIGHT GET A HALF A HA!!” in his blog about the female escort who wanted to “raise cocks”. I dunno…I thought it was worth a full “HA”. Especially his comment about “I got ten dollars that bets someone out there will party poop this”

LadieDarkStarr said “I’m a dirty whore” Wow….try to help someone out, and end up being called names. Talk about lack of gratitude. And no, just because a woman enjoys sex, does not make her a whore. Maybe horny… but not a whore.

RJ53 brought up “Opposites Attracting” Well, being “poor”, I wouldn’t mind meeting my “opposite”. But, then again, having a sense of humor myself, I’m not too sure I could handle someone without a sense of humor. I’m gonna have to say it…Straddle is right…”Chemistry and love are very important factors….” Yep, you got it…I said he was “right”. But don’t tell him… don’t want it going to his head.

lunanegra talked about “Re-Awesome-ing yourself” Yep, crushed feelings really suck. Who hasn’t been there right? So many different ways to “re-awesome” yourself. One of the best ways is to tell youself at least you aren’t the fool who let the good one get away. Then again….the “good one” will never get away cause it’s YOURSELF.

soft_touch938 stopped in with “Strange Pervian days…yes?”You mean there are “strange” days in Pervia???? I’ve never noticed. Oh yes, and Softie provided a link to a lovely slide show of pictures she had taken. Thank you for sharing those pics.

Ewe_wish stopped in to say………..what???? Wait a minute!!!!!! “I Am Off To See The Wizard……” She’s leaving us?? Oh yeah! That’s right, the trip to Kansas she has talked about. That’s right. Well, I certainly hope the weather behaves down there while she’s there…I’d hate to lose our sheep with the sexy red heels because of some ornery damned tornado! Seriously, I hope she had a save trip and is having a wonderful time. And hoping she will have lots of stories to share when she gets back.

ThePurpleProphet did a “Test shout out” Yep, he did a little video to say “hi” to everyone here. So now not only do we know what he looks like, we also know how he sounds.

Blueyesprkln says it’s “Time to go to Court Next Month……….” No, she’s not in THAT kind of trouble… .She’s trying to get disability benefits. Hope it goes her way.


Jun 13 @ 9:42PM  
Straddlemynose asked “Who’s going to watch Big Brother 12 this summer?”Well, if it’s up to 12 now, must be a lot of people out there watching it. When I’m watching tv…I want to “get away” from reality, so I’m watching movies, soaps, even some Disney shows.

PeechyKeen asked “Honesty….how important is it? Well, not as important as money, but more important than the car in the driveway. Wait, car is pretty important.. helps in getting to work to get the money….ummmm……Ok.. seriously now…for me, honesty is very important. Lies are nasty little things that will catch up to the liar and kick them in the ass. Be honest with yourself and with others.

Straddlemynose says “Big night for the ladies with the election returns tonight” Now now…this is just primaries…the actual election is up the road a bit. I will congratulate all winners in the primaries and wish all the best of luck in the elections. One thing all of them need to remember..voters are fed up with “politics as usual” …so…I’m wondering…how much actual talk of policy will there be verus the same old mud slinging tactics?

casuallylooking said “A Long Drive, But Worth It……..” She made it!!! She’s up visiting with her Griz. It may not be “the move” yet…but at least they are together for a while.

theSkwirl was “Too Wound UP to Sleep!” I will say this is one of my favorites of the week. Made me take more of a look at myself, my past, my future. It was very interesting. Thanks Skwirl!

Wordsofwit told us about “Another American Car to Say Adios” Looks like Ford is dropping it’s Mercury. Sales for Mercury have been dismal for quite a while now. Just a sign of the times.

lunanegra talked about “Distraction” Wow!!! See the views on that blog?? 1277!!! But anyhow….one thing I’ve learned in life…don’t compare yourself to other people. Why? Becasuse, for some nutty reason, that other person always seems to be “better”, when in reality, they most likely are not. It’s a perception thing. I’ve got a sister that is damned good at art…she can draw/paint and make the pictures she’s working on look real where mine will look cartoonish. But on the flip side, I’ve always gotten A’s on writing papers in college while her papers got B’s or C’s. Point? Don’t compare yourself to another…realize you are just as wonderful as you are thinking they are.

Cootiesprayer said “Any suggestions would help” So…no perverse suggestions huh? Yeah, just take the fun out of it! Seriously, I wish you well on coming up with the money needed for your move.


Jun 13 @ 9:48PM  
zaralyon, a member I was wondering if she got lost, stopped in with “curiosity question.” She’s asking everyone to share their hobbies. Never was one for knitting/crocheting. Just don’t have the patience for it. My dogs are my hobby…believe me…they can keep me busy.

ThePurpleProphet asked “Could you ever” I’ve often heard the phrase, “It’s all in the name” and never really thought anything of it. Till now. Date or have a relationship with someone with the same name as my father? Hmmmm…..actually, wouldn’t phase me much. I might have fun making jokes now and then about them having the same name.

RJ53 asked “What kind of wildlife do you have?” ummmm…5 dogs? Hey! You all try to live with these clowns once! Ok…I know..not what she meant. It was fascinating to see what others have in their areas of the world.

Straddlemynose asked “Would you keep items given to you by your ex when with someone else?” Nah..I’d just burn it all…have a huge bonfire party. I’ve kept things I’ve gotten from ex’s.

Somnium said “Yup….sure didn’t’ see that coming…” He’s talking about the 16 yr old California teenager, Abby Sunderland, who attempted to be the youngest female sailor to sail the world solo. She got caught in a storm at sea and was thought lost. Fortunately, she’s been found alive and well, and has been rescued.

theSkwirl said “It’s Time For Me To Come Clean” Yep, she’s admitting to being a philoso…philoso….dang it! I can’t spell it! Oh, I go…a philosoholic. Got it. What is this some may ask? It’s called “thinking all the time”. Well, I don’t see anything wrong, I’ve always admired Skwirl’s intelligence… and the fact she tells us like it is..whether we want to hear or not. It’s kinda cool having a smart blonde in our midst. I know….she wants to be the “other” type.

B9CC1D said “Ugh…I have to do the dishes” Yeah, I hate dishes too. That’s why I’ve got a dishwasher.

1bunny629 talked about “After Work…” I’d say she’s quite an asset for the place she works for because she puts her company before her own needs. Glad she had fun. Go Bunny!!


Jun 13 @ 9:53PM  
Wordsofwit asked “Do Your Kids Relate To Your Music?” I actually find it amazing when I listen to Dee Snyder’s “House of Hair” on the radio on Saturday evenings that there are a LOT of teenagers calling in to hear bands like Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Anthrax, etc… I’ve often heard these kids say the music from the 80’s is so much more carefree and fun compared to what is out there today.

Somnium shared a little tale in “The Widow and the Cowhand” Well, who would have thought it? That cowhand borrowed the entire outfit he wore, down to the socks and thong undies, from the Widow..his boss. Shame on him!

ace442j shared “Random acts of boredom” Let this be a lesson… when making homemade bottle rockets… make sure your aim is good so your creation doesn’t land in the neighbors hot tub.

casuallylooking told us about “Daddys Pride” Looks like Griz’s oldest girl is making her daddy proud. She’s graduating from high school and wants to go to college to study to be a plastic surgeon….one that helps the underprivileged who need reconstruction surgery but cannot afford it. Now that is something for a parent to be proud of.

Well, look at this…back to back casuallylooking blogs. This time she is talking about “Dead Presidents Face Which Way?” Ok, my first inclination was to tell her they are buried face up… but something told me that isn’t the answer she was looking for. No, she was actually asking how some put the paper money in our wallets.

Soft_touch938 says “Everywhere I look….” A mess? Oh yeah…I can sympathize with that! The spare bedroom at my house…I wouldn’t let anyone see it right now. I’ve been searching around here for a photo album..and just can’t find it…and I’m thinking it’s in “that” room.

RevDocLove shares some “Phrases Men Wish Their Women Would Say” Mick always liked that I would offer to help him work on the Charger. He always found it amazing I wasn’t afraid of a little motor oil or dirt under my fingernails. He also got a kick out of the fact that my Dad taught us girls to change the oil in our own vehicles.


Jun 13 @ 9:57PM  
Wordsofwit talked about “A Woman Screams” I’m still chuckling over his spooning story with a girlfriend. Other than my little escapade with making my cousin shriek….ya know..come to think of it..she still remembers that. But now she doesn’t believe in Bigfoot. She grew out of that.

RevDocLove told us about “Freezin’ Hands’n Stuff” I did not know a penis could be defrosted. The things we learn in Pervia.

Soft_touch938 gave us “A whiney blog’n other stuff” Yeah, I agree with her…the HOT and MUGGY weather can be a bitch! But….I’d prefer it to freezing. That’s just me. Although, today’s weather wasn’t so bad. Wasn’t as humid.

Straddlemynose asked us “What are your top 3 John Candy movies?” I saw a couple who liked Who’s Harry Crumb?, one I had forgotten about. I saw it only once, but remember it was cute.

KitKat25 talked about “Shopping in the Land of IKEA” After looking at it’s website, I found it to be an interesting place. Nice stuff for a fair price. But, I’m not driving down to Detroit…when Mick used to go there, I always told him he could drive because they drive more insane in Detroit than they do up here in Saginaw.

And that will bring the week’s Review to a close. I’ve got to say, it’s been a nice week in the blogs. No fights, no hair pulling, no snarkiness. Seems like Pervia has a case of the “lazy, hazy days of summer”. I like it.

Jun 13 @ 10:27PM  
You have a gift Ms. Sugar...and I take my hat off to you. (Searches for emoticon taking off it's hat) What?! Oh well...If there was one...I would so use it.

Thanks so much for writing these Sugar. I can only imagine just how this project must cut into your free time. You are definitely appreciated!

Jun 13 @ 10:43PM  
You did one hell of a job, Dawn! Kudo!

Jun 13 @ 11:52PM  
Thank you for the mentions and the good words.

Jun 14 @ 12:04AM  
Sugar, thanks for the mention and for doing such a great job!

Jun 14 @ 2:53AM noticed...yep. I am not number one where I customers are. That's the way it is supposed to be. Hugs....great review...

Jun 14 @ 8:21AM  
Sugar..You just keep gettin' gooder 'n gooder at this
But how do you improve on perfection???
Little ol' green thingy to you

Jun 14 @ 10:32AM  
Congrats on another fun review to read!

Kudo for you!


Jun 14 @ 10:41AM  
..... + a kudo & thanks for the full HA !!!

Jun 14 @ 12:22PM  
That's a standing O.. in case you were wondering?

Well done Sugar!

Jun 14 @ 1:11PM  
Great review Dawn!! You are too funny!!! Love it!!!

Jun 14 @ 4:56PM  
Yeah, just take the fun out of it!
yeah well i know how this bunch thinks chuckle..thanks sugar. :o)

Jun 14 @ 5:53PM  
What a beautimous Splendorific way to catch up.....Thank you Sugar!

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AMD Week in Review