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Shopping in the Land of IKEA

posted 6/12/2010 8:09:17 PM |
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If you’ve ever been to IKEA…you know it will not be a quick trip. It’s a place where you can spend hours and hours and still not see everything. Some of the items will make you shake your head in disbelief…and others will make you think…”Hmmm…now this is really cool and something I could definitely use”.

And guess what...I’m not ashamed to admit I have spent as long as 2 hours during one particular visit to this store. It can be quite exciting and very overwhelming all at the same time. It's a bit like surrounding a kid with a bunch of different presents...and then watching them try to decide which one to open first. Yep...that's what IKEA is like. But the two things I hear other people talk about the most is it’s affordability…and all the left over pieces you have AFTER you’ve put a piece of furniture together.

Oh…and don’t even get me started on those lil’ L screwdrivers they give you. I’ve apparently started a collection and now have many to choose from if I ever get the urge to put something together. Yeah…right.

Now I have to admit I really don’t like to put the furniture pieces together…but I hate to pay someone else even more to do it for me so I will ask a few friends and if that doesn’t pan out…I sit down to do the deed myself. This is where the comedy ensues because I can put together small projects…correction…I have the patience for small projects….but big furniture projects get on my nerves. It’s not to say that I’m incapable of completing the task….I just really don’t enjoy the process…and all those left over pieces. I know I’m not an idiot but good gosh…it simply irritates me to no end when I’ve finished putting a piece of furniture together and I have 2 screws left over. It makes my brain go into hyper-drive. Where do these screws belong? Did I miss a step? Is the piece going to suddenly fall apart without these two screws? Well…you get the picture right?

So Pervia…what’s the longest length of time you’ve ever spent shopping at IKEA?

If you bought furniture there…how long did it take you to put a piece of furniture together?

Lastly...what was the largest number of pieces left over…AFTER you finished putting a piece of furniture together?

Me? My longest IKEA shopping spree lasted 2 hours and it generally takes me anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour to put a piece of furniture together. The largest amount of pieces I had left over after I finished a project was 4 pieces and no…I didn’t take the piece of furniture apart and start over. Are you crazy?!

Your turn…

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Jun 12 @ 8:17PM  
There really aren't that many IKEA stores out there. We have one about 45 minutes from here and it is huge, but I have never been in one. The few times that I have drove by it, it has always been full in the parking lot. I have heard that they have good prices and also have a lot housewares like Bed, Bath and Beyond. Excluding my computer chair, I can't tell you what or when I got my last piece of new furniture.

Jun 12 @ 8:25PM  
The last thing I bought that had to be put together was some storage units for my granddaughter's toys at Christmas. It had Korean. LOL Finally got it together and had some screws left. I gave them to my daughter in case anything fell apart and so far she has not needed to use them.

Jun 12 @ 8:28PM  
No IKEA in my city...yet. One in Tampa, Orlando and so on...

Jun 12 @ 8:55PM  
There isn't an IKEA in my area. Last thing I bought that I had to put together was my weed trimmer, and it wasn't that complicated. My computer desk was a display model at Value City Furniture, so it was delivered assembled. As for long as I have 5 dogs...I'm not getting brand new furniture. I just buy used furniture when it's needed.

Jun 12 @ 9:07PM  
For furniture and accessories, especially for home office, Big Lots have some really good buys.

Jun 12 @ 9:24PM  
We don't have no stink'n IKEA stores here- we have Big Lots- arrrrggghhh!!!


Jun 12 @ 9:34PM  
Our closest IKEA store is in the Cincinnati area. Never been to any of these stores, but I may eventually check the one in Cincinnati out in the near future.

Jun 12 @ 9:37PM  
Its funny that you did this blog....because...
I had an Interview with one of the companies that makes only ..."IKEA"products a few months ago!!!! "Swedwood" is the name of the Co. Located in "Ringold VA....about 45 mins from me!!! I thought I had the Job, but oh well!!!
You would be Surprised how the Panels are Made!!! I had the Grand tour of the factory and everything!!!
The closest store is 3 and1/2 hours away from me!!! I have never been!!!

Jun 12 @ 9:40PM  
Ah, IKEA, the shop that has everything for the home swedish style. My GF loves the place and as the nearest one is 1 1/2 to 2 hours drive, it turns into an all day affair with at least 2 or 3 hours spent in the store...... One good reason why I work overseas now

I have taken anything from 20 minutes for a small project to a couple of days when we bought a complete set of bedroom furniture. Number of pieces left over? I don't take much notice, just all goes in the big box of spares in the garage in case needed another time.

Glad I'm not the only one

Jun 12 @ 9:57PM  
Nope, can't say I've ever been even near one.

Jun 12 @ 9:58PM  
Here is a link to the IKEA Website. I did a search for the nearest one to me. It came back with five: three in Texas, one in Atlanta, and one near Chicago.

For most of the AMD folks, your choices are Chicago, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. It appears that there a probably more major league baseball teams in the US than IKEAs. However, there are IKEAs in Iceland, Kuwait, and the Dominican Republic, but not Indiana.

Jun 12 @ 10:47PM  
closest ones to me are either in West Sac or Portland. I despise portland.

Jun 13 @ 2:54AM  
Not my style...I like old shit that has been around for years. I collect antiques and love to refurbish the ol to new. first piece was a mid wifes is made of hard wood and will never die. It is actually beautiful and if you have a membership here you can see me layin on it naked for a modeling job I Ikea here...

Jun 13 @ 4:19AM  
Le Sigh I LOVE IKEA... LOL I like to go to the clearence part first because sometimes you can get an awesome deal I got 45.00 lights for 99c no shit.. and some cool paper lamps that I love.. and some furnature, well more than some I am sitting on a couch from there right now, and will sleep on a mattress from there in a little bit.. and I got it for more than less half price cause it was in Clearance.. LOL and their clearence does not mean damaged or discontinued it just means they want to get rid of it... sometimes it is something small but not always... Le sigh I have spent more hours than I care to tell you in the store it is awesome... and nope no extra parts left over but I like putting things together and so does my daughter... most of the time we do it together....
With that said I also love antiques but that is another le sigh moment.... LOL

Jun 13 @ 6:39AM  
who needs IKEA when you got Bunnings Hardware

Jun 13 @ 6:47AM  
I'm an Official IKEA Hater!

Jun 13 @ 7:28AM  
I haven't been in any furniture store for a lot of years..
Buy quality on sale and you have no need to go

BTW..The extra screws are packed purposely
because people tend to lose them

Jun 13 @ 1:21PM  
BTW..The extra screws are packed purposely
...Ha!...I am a screw collector.....

Jun 14 @ 11:56AM  
I'm confused ... Do they sell cars or furniture ?

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Shopping in the Land of IKEA