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A Woman Screams

posted 6/12/2010 8:26:28 AM |
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We have all heard them in the movies, the blood curdling scream of a woman. The old movies are the best. Yet, it is relatively rare to hear one in real life. When we do it is often not involving a murder or anything tragic, more likely a bug or a critter, often with comical results. For example, here is Selma Hayek demonstrating bravery when an uninvited guest showed up during an interview earlier this week.

One happened early in my childhood. We had moved into a brand new home in high desert of California. My mother went in to clean the bathroom and saw a rattlesnake behind the toilet. I never knew the woman could run that fast. She called the cops.

Another involved a girlfriend. We were asleep on our sides spooning, I was in front with the front of her thigh in the crack of my ass. I cut loose with a humongous long fart that rippled the skin on her thigh for a few seconds. She literally had a knee jerk reaction resulting in yours truly on the floor.

I have a few more and will add some in the comments possibly.

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Jun 12 @ 8:48AM  
The worst scream I ever heard was from a black panther which sounds like a woman being torn apart. The second worse is when I put a lighter under my ex- wife's ass while she was talking shit putting on her face ( make up ) & she screamed. She didn't talk shit for a while after that & when she did start back up I reminded her of the hot seat & she shut up.

Jun 12 @ 9:59AM  
Some women are just screamers...they get on my nerves big time. I don't think I have the ability to scream....holler yes, but not scream...I remember actually screaming only once in my life and I was a kid and we were playing Grey Wolf at night and something...a cat I suppose ran out of the flowerbed right between my legs. I thought it was a skunk and I screamed my head off. Musta broke my screamer cause I ain't screamed

Jun 12 @ 12:37PM  
All of my ex girlfriends were screamers.

Jun 12 @ 1:20PM  
The best scream I have ever heard in or out of the movies was the time a 6ft black snake got in the house. The kitchen cabinet was open and this snake was half in and out of the cabinet. (It probably came in next to the water pipe under the kitchen sink) My aunt who lived a 1/4 mile away heard her and came over because she thought someone must be dead or something. I took the broom and picked it up and put it outside while laughing my butt off at her. She was really pissed off when I refused to kill it. I heard those screams a lot as a kid when I brought things like lizards and garden snakes into the house in my pockets. She used to make my dad empty out the pockets of my clothes before she put them in the laundry because she was scared to look.

Jun 12 @ 2:12PM  
I cut loose with a humongous long fart that rippled the skin on her thigh for a few seconds. She literally had a knee jerk reaction resulting in yours truly on the floor
Better be thankful that's all she did to you...

Jun 12 @ 3:35PM  
Rippled the skin of her thigh...

Well, I..*looks at Bruce disgusted for a second* Well, I don't really scream much; more of a shriek or none at all.

Jun 12 @ 5:57PM  
I could get my cousin to shriek when we were kids. Especially up north at my Dad's cottage because it was so rustic up there, and LOTS of woods. And she was a true city gal. One night we were sitting up talking, and she had insisted on taking the side of the bed under the windows because it was really hot and muggy, and she wanted to "cooler" night talking I looked up at the windows and got a bright idea. I got the "horrified" look and said "OH MY GOD!!!!! LOOK IT'S BIGFOOT IN THE WINDOW!!!" Wow...did she ever let out an ear splitting shriek on that one. My Mom came running into the room to see what the fuss was and I told her "nothing" while my cousin was under the covers at the foot of the bed as far away from the window as possible telling Mom that "bigfoot was at the window". Yep..Mom gave me her "knock it off and behave" look and spent about 10 minutes getting my cousin to come out from under that blankets.

Oh yeah...she decided she didn't want to sleep under the windows after that.

Jun 12 @ 6:37PM  
Several years ago when my daughter was a kid, I came home from work around noon exhausted after a few 8:00 AM to midnight days. I took a shower, shaved, and crashed on the couch. I apparently cut my neck shaving. The next thing I knew, I heard this hideous scream. She had come home from school and discovered daddy apparently murdered with a slit throat.

In the south we have palmetto bugs (pic roughly real size) that are large reaches that can fly. When working for the state, I heard this loud scream followed by a crash from the back of the office. What had happened was that a new coworker, a tall and large woman, had encountered one for the first time while on the pot. She jumped up shrieking with her panties around her ankles, lost her footing and crashed into the stall door before plopping down face first on the floor.

Jun 12 @ 9:47PM  
Best scream I ever heard was one evening after I had been in rehearsals for a play. I was a vampire in the play and had 'dead' makeup on. My mom walked in the door and saw me laying on the couch having a nap and let out a blood curdling scream that quite literally.. woke the dead.

Jun 12 @ 10:16PM  
I can still hear the scream from Psycho during the famous shower scene.

I don't usually scream. I may shriek or yelp occasionally at the odd spider or bug because they always seem to startle me when I least expect it.

Jun 13 @ 6:46AM  
worse blood curdling scream I've ever heard was walking through the bush one night and a tasmanian devil let out a roar not 10 ft from where I stood and I didn't see it in the dark.
its guaranteed to make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end
they definately have a scream all of their own.
you can hear one on youtube if you want to look for it.

Jun 13 @ 6:54AM  
Not scared easily. You might get more of an "Arrrrrggggghhhhh!" out of me then a shriek, lol

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A Woman Screams