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Do Your Kids Relate to Your Music?

posted 6/11/2010 8:43:55 AM |
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How does the way your kids relate to your music compare to how you related to the music that your parents enjoyed?

My daughter is almost 35 and has a wider taste in music than I do. She enjoys what I like and more. She has CDs of music older than she is like Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, and (for reasons I am unable to ascertain) Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show.

On the other hand, my parents were into the big band sound and what I call the Las Vegas types like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, etc. I could get into swing to a point that was instrumental, but I never listened to the crooner vocalists by choice. My mother also enjoyed Broadway musicals, not me.

I have a feeling that the answers may tie into the part of the nation that you grew up in to a point. For many people raised around country and western, I suspect that many will say that they relate to their parents music and their kids relate to theirs.

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Jun 11 @ 9:43AM  
My dogs listen to whatever I listen to.

Ok..seriously, since I never had kids of my own, I'll go by my best friend's kids and my sister's kids.

My best friend, her oldest son, (I blogged about him last weekend) obviously listens to the same type of music as his mother and I. Her two younger son's also listen to hard rock/heavy metal...and all 3 like "older" like Ozzy, Zepplin, Motley Crue(damn!!! Can't believe I'm calling the Crue "older" )/ My niece, she LOVES anything by Queen. And this girl is 17 yrs old. She started out liking Brittany Spears, but when she was 12, she ran across my old News of the World album by Queen and asked if I had a copy of it in cd, which I do. So I let her borrow it, and she's been hooked on Queen ever since. She likes KoRn, Slipknot, Ozzy, Crue,....a lot of what her mother, myself, and other sister listen to. My nephew, he likes country..Toby Keith is his favorite. His mother and myself listen to a little bit of everything, including some country. My other sister....will not listen to country if her life depends on it.

Growing up with my parents..they listened to country western. Although mom was more into the "surfer" music, Bobby Rydell, Beach Boys, Fabian. Dad always liked his country western.

Jun 11 @ 10:14AM  
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Jun 11 @ 10:48AM  
My friends have kids that are 10 & 15 and both of them can sing every word to some really, really, old stuff. I was impressed. They knew so much, it blew me outta the water.

I listen to a little of everything. My daughter never complains about what I'm listening to.

My parents liked Golden Oldies/Doo Wop. I still love it. I'll turn it on here when I want to relax or just for memories.

Jun 11 @ 11:31AM  
Well, sadly, as a kid I don't recall music in my home...ever. Well not until rock 'n roll hit the scene and us kids played it on a little record player. But mom 'n dad? Nah.

Actually, Mom loved music so that tells ya how much dad cared about what mom liked. Anyway...I like some of the music she liked...big band and such but never Lawrence Welk...yuk! But we both loved Magic Organ polka's the only music I walk to.

She couldn't relate to my music...the golden oldies/doo wop and rock 'n roll in general. On the other hand, me and my kids pretty much like the same stuff. Brenda likes more contemporary stuff than I do and Lori likes some head banging that I don't but we seem to meet in the middle most of the time.

Jun 11 @ 12:54PM  
Hey Orzie, you're due for a new toupee fitting- that one's singeing a crater in your skull.

Anyway, since I've no kids... No, my sisters can't relate to what I like. I like some new hip-hop, some new R&B but my sisters assume all rock is "country" or "white people music". They ragged on me one day because one of my ringtones is from Lady Gaga, whom I had to point out was a white woman with crossover success because she was played on urban stations with black artists featured in her songs.

Buncha philistines.

Jun 11 @ 1:27PM  
My 10 year old daughter like my heavy metal more than the boys do.

Jun 11 @ 2:38PM  
My 23 year old loves 80's music. And I love a lot of newer stuff myself. Sadly, I'm starting to like lady GaGa. shoot me?

Jun 11 @ 4:59PM  
"white people music
...huh??? didn't know that there was a category based on a specific color. That is weird. I wonder who taught them that. I really thought that kind of thinking was thrown out years ago.
We always had music plying when I was a kid and still do to this day/ It runs the gammet. I enjoy all types from all years. Being well rounded helps you when you're out and about meeting new people and learning new things. Open minded is the best route.

Jun 11 @ 5:25PM  
I enjoy all types from all years. Being well rounded helps you when you're out and about meeting new people and learning new things. Open minded is the best route.

I agree with that to a point. Yes, I agree that it does balance a person out to have a greater understanding of it, or any art form. Appreciation is important.

Contrarily, the magic word in what you say is "enjoy". That is an emotion, a feeling. It doesn't matter what it is; a type of food, an activity, art form, etc., if you don't enjoy it, then you don't enjoy it, pure and simple. That is just the way it is and there is nothing wrong with feeling that way.

Jun 11 @ 6:24PM  
if you don't enjoy it, then you don't enjoy it,
...that goes without saying.

Jun 11 @ 11:36PM  
I wonder who taught them that. I really thought that kind of thinking was thrown out years ago.

Don't be appalled, none of them took after me.

Jun 11 @ 11:43PM  
I'm not appalled, I just don't understand the mind set. I am sure there is more of that type of thinking out there among the masses, I am just not aware of it. It's sad.

Jun 11 @ 11:43PM  
My Daughter is Like I am... She likes most everything...but Country is # !....
My Son is a Geek..big time... His Mind is all that he listens too!!!

Jun 12 @ 1:07AM  
My kids were usually the ones asking if my music was a little loud as I listen to metal. Now they listen to metal as well so we all get along on the music except for my oldest son who is a country music fan. Go figure.

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Do Your Kids Relate to Your Music?