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After Work...

posted 6/11/2010 3:34:58 AM |
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ya just don't know what's gonna happen. I do my job, I meet great people from all over the world. It is time to close and some really strange looking people walk in wanting adult beverages. We got them, I am tending...but I want to go home...what??? ...I have a right to make last call...the thing is, you never know who or what you're going to run into, and it usually makes me happy...or I make someone else's day better... Kinda like the days I want to call in sick, but I don't. I make myself go and it usually turns out I have a great night and am happier than Mr Beau Diddley eatin shit.
Last night...Wednesday...too tired to write this blog that night, I had one of those nights, but hell every night there is great. I make friends, make people feel good and accidentally flirt with the cute guy that I find out later is gay cause he is flirting with the gay waiter...I hate when that happens ...oh, Ha! Now I am thinking too much...skwirly huh???,,,so....
Wednesday night, chicky mommas band is staying at the the hell is she anyway...never heard of I Goggled her when I got home after her band and entourage came into the bar, late and I wanted to close and they looked weird, but I wanted to accommodate them cause ya just don't ever know who the hell you're going to run into and it is nice to take care of those in need of adult
HA!...I need to get to the point. It was the band, the stage manager, the sound guy. the lighting crew...and some others that could have been he chef and manager...yep, I had a full bar. It's time to go home but hey...I m up for a couple of more rounds till I get the bar clean. You know what it is like to have a job and to be proud of it...don't ya! ...Ya...I fuckin rock...cause I like to take care of
They all had a great time, they are lovin me, and ask me where they can go hang since we were closing up. Of course I send them to Bar Dogs down the alley to the next street. Love it there. they ask me to join them and I went. I had a great time and we...the three guys and I really connected. We had a kissing contest...I swear I didn't start it....after three beers and 2 crowns.... Everyone kissing me and I get to judge who is best...well dredlock mother fucker won...but still...I can't go back to his room at the hotel and fuck him cause it isn't appropriate and I would loose my job....if caught ....OMG!!! soft velvet lips Noonie wanted him. ...I got over it and came home...drunk...and god slightly hung over this
Go to work, enjoy being there, make new friends, and love life....I do!!!

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Jun 11 @ 4:07AM  
Murph, I'm glad you had a good night and are safe because you don't ever know.

I hope your hang over is cured soon and life continues to be good for you.

A kissing contest huh? Those can always prove to be interesting.....ummm, so I've heard of course.

Jun 11 @ 7:01AM  
Love your work stories. You do get alot of great & famous faces where you're at. And your right, you never know who your waiting on. It's like going to the Bike Week in Daytona. People come from all over to enjoy and I've had the pleasure of running into a few great people. Never know til ya open your mouth & start talking.

Glad you had an awesome nite!!

Jun 11 @ 7:49AM  
Did someone say kissing contest? I LOVE kissing contests!

I love your work stories Murph...thanks for sharing.

Jun 11 @ 8:10AM  
I'm glad to hear that you had a fun evening.

Jun 11 @ 8:54AM  
Great story Murph
Bartending is the most fun job I've ever had
What?? You've never heard of Erykah???
She was in Blues Brother 2000, among others..Great movie..

Jun 11 @ 9:32AM  
Sounds like someone had a fun evening.

Jun 11 @ 11:21AM  
It's one of those moments you can't make just pops up and surprises us and it's a wow kind of night. Glad ya had a good one and sorry your noonie had to be neglected... Ur too funny!!

Kudo kiddo....

Jun 11 @ 2:34PM  
Wait.. what? You can get fired for banging a patron? Hell.. I'da gived him my number and said.. don't stop by the restaurant next time you come to town.. just call me.

Jun 11 @ 2:42PM  
HA!...looks like I said Goggled instead of Googled...that's funny! ...

First thing I want to know is ...what the hell was Casual doing up a 3 am makin comments on my blog???? ...think that might be past her bed time, but I was glad to hear from her. Casual...did you get a night job??? Oh, my hang over was more of a I didn't get enough sleep than one of those god awful trama to the head hangovers... Thanks for worrying about me, but the bar I hangout in, is less than a block from work, and everyone knows my name and I take a cab home. Hugs, for looking out for me!

To Sunshine, Bruce, Doc, Kit katty, Sugar bear, and Soft as a bunnies butt...HA! I always have fun at work, somehow someway. This scenario is just one night and I have some story that could be told to you kids from every night I work. I just don't always have it in me to write.
I don't know why, but I bring out the personalities in people and they seem to warm up to me quicker than bees to wood...that would be carpenter bees... ....I like bartending and serving, I even like In Room Dinning when I have to be scheduled for that. You would not believe what people feel they can wear or not wear when answering the door of their hotel rooms while I am trying not to notice...the bukges.... ...
Thanks everyone for commenting cause you know a blog can't be successful without all of you kids participating!


Jun 11 @ 2:48PM  
Hey Skwirly girlie! ...I must have been commenting when you commented cause I sure wouldn't have left you out of my comment that I was making on others comments.... ...Yep...I wouldn't mount a customer that was staying at the hotel. He wanted me to go back to his room. What??? is he going to pay my insurance when I get fired??? Yes...he has my number and called me when he got back to his room...I was home at that point.
It takes alot for me to be attracted to a man. He needs substance. In the short time I talked to the lighting guy for the band I could tell he understood life and saw it the way I do. That doesn't mean anything, but we had a good time and yes...his soft, full, velvety lips and tongue were made for kissing. Maybe again sometime, but I am assuring you that I am not waiting for the call....have a great day...I am taking a day off....

Jun 11 @ 11:11PM  
Glad you had fun...!!!
But I could not have took part of that threesome!!! (Swapping spit.... right?)

Jun 11 @ 11:22PM  
I don't know how you kiss...but my threesome wasn't spitty!

Jun 11 @ 11:55PM  

Jun 12 @ 12:01AM  

Jun 12 @ 1:25AM  
Unfortunately I am up quite often at 3 am. I wish I could be sleeping instead, especially now that I could be cuddled up in his arms.
But as tired as I am , I'm in too much pain to be able to sleep and my percocet hasn't taken effect yet. It will and I'll go slide back in bed wih Griz.

Jun 12 @ 2:09PM  
I love your work stories Murph...thanks for sharing.
I agree with Kat, I enjoy them too from time to time.

Jun 12 @ 3:43PM  
well thank you...I just post from time to ya don't get boggled down by my life...I mean really??? Who's that interested????

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