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It's Time for Me to Come Clean!

posted 6/10/2010 5:39:50 PM |
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I've got a dirty little secret, it's been wearing on my mind something awful the last few years. I've simply got to share it with someone, and I've chosen you lucky Pervs to be the first to hear it.

I am a Philosoholic. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I have a thinking problem. Stop laughing damnit..

You're thinking it's not really a problem, right? Wrong. I do it all the time. One thought is too often and a thousand is never enough! It's cutting into my working time. My spare time.. hell it's even starting to spill over into my dreams. I catch myself thinking when I first wake up in the morning and just before I go to sleep each night. I even think and drive! Sometimes, I wake myself up from a good dream, thinking. Fuck! When will it end? I think while I'm eating, I think when I drink. I think when I'm in the shower... sometimes I even catch myself thinking when I've zoned out for a while. I turn on the computer and what do I do? I think. That's right.. it's cutting into my life something fierce!

I think about this.. I think about that.. I think when I'm happy, I think when I'm sad. I think all the time!

My partner asks me, "What are you doing?" I say, "thinking" He says, "oh, that again.. it's really becoming a habit with you." See what I mean?

Sometimes I am thinking good things and it's suddenly interrupted by a naughty thought.

How in the hell can I stop this? Is there a 12 step program for this problem?

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Jun 10 @ 5:55PM  
I am a Philosoholic. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I have a thinking problem. Stop laughing damnit.

Sorry!!! I tried!!!

I haven't heard of any 12 step program yet, but when I do, I'll let ya know.

So....whatcha thinking about now?

*leaves a kudo*

Jun 10 @ 7:09PM  
I do the same thing...I even doing during's really frustrating. I was told it's due to having add for me my mind constantly thinks why i have to take sleeping pills at night so I feel your pain.

Jun 10 @ 7:35PM  
I have a thinking problem. Stop laughing damnit..

Don't hate me...but ROFLMFAO!!!

Wait a minute...I think I have that problem too...

How in the hell can I stop this?

You can''re broken!

Thanks for the laugh Sammy girl.

Jun 10 @ 7:37PM  
Oops...I forgot to leave a greenie...I got distracted...cuz I was thinking...

Jun 10 @ 7:39PM  
OMG... that's what's fucking wrong with me! No matter how many times a day I tell myself to STOP... STOP... STOP I can't... it's a compulsive behavior that invades every crevice of my life.

Pleeeze tell me whenever you discover the panecea for this horrendous affliction!!!

A greenie for making me laugh... I love dirty little secrets—LOL!

Jun 10 @ 9:42PM  
That is a problem I can identify with it. And that is precisely the reason I like Kink and BDSM. The distraction of a flogger or a something vibration or thrusting in my pussy. Nipple clamps, blind folds. A firm slap on the the cheeks of my ass or my face. Or tits squeezed and pulled. A light hot breathe in my ear.

If extreme enough, there is subspace and the joyful quiet of nothing, no thoughts , no worries.

You need some loving nipple torture and BDSM play.

Jun 10 @ 9:57PM  
Careful ,we dun take kindlay to yur types 'roun heyre

But seriouslah, don't let it consume you or anything, because strawberry jam will start leaking out of your ears.

Jun 10 @ 10:01PM  
ummm...I wasnt laughing.....really...
Yep,what Aftershox said...Sub-space is the ONLY place my mind is quiet....

Jun 10 @ 11:08PM  


I should have a little of your problem. Let me explain....

Thinking isn't my problem....zoning out is. Today for instance. I'm tearing around town with my lil ta-do list and since my brain is all written out on paper list, I just go by rote.

So...I'm at Wally world and I keep hearing this lil voice...

"Grandma. Grandma. Hey Grandma. Bonnie/Grandma...." It finally penetrates and I look around to see my great grandson!! I am so tickled.... I hardly pay attention to who he's with...everytime I see him he's with step Mama.

Well....I even looked at her then leaned down and said..;."Hey your belly ain't very big"....step mom is pregnant. As I said it I looked at her....REALLY looked at her...


I was so fucking embarrassed!! She took it good but she is one moody woman and I'm betting inside she was seething.

I so seldom see my grandkids...or Zach's SO, let alone Mason's Mama and besides....I was in my zone...I don't think in my zone...obviously.

Jun 11 @ 12:57AM  
"way 2 funny, when ya think about it"
atb= all the best

Jun 11 @ 3:04AM  
I would rather be an over thinker than an under thinker.....

Jun 11 @ 4:15AM  
I have to agree with Bunny. Too many under thinkers in the world.

You know the first step is always admitting to the problem, Sam. Step one complete....

Jun 11 @ 7:05AM  
My thoughts are random & many. My friends can't even keep up.

Jun 11 @ 8:40AM  
Fuck it!!!! Keep on thinking..At least you don't have to go to
all of those silly meetings like confirmed thinkers do

Jun 11 @ 8:53AM  
I think about this.. I think about that.. I think when I'm happy, I think when I'm sad. I think all the time!

I had a comment I was going to make. I found it to be quite a humorous comment, but I anticipate that many people anticipated my comment. So I decided to comment on the comment that I didn't post as a comment.

Hold up, let me if I got the this right...I decided to comment on the comment... Yeah, that's right. It makes sense to me.

Jun 11 @ 10:12AM  
Thinking is a good thing, Until we Over Think things!!!
Most of the women I have dated did this!!! WTF?

Jun 11 @ 2:27PM  
Mmm sub space.. I've not been there in so long I have forgotten who gets tied up!

I'm glad you guys are finding my plight amusing. Too late Luna love.. it's already leaking. Sigh.

I only wanna be a dumb blond.. why can't I get that right?

Jun 11 @ 5:50PM  
Don't think feel

Jun 11 @ 8:59PM  
Ony one question Skwirly my love....Are at least a few of those thoughts about me???????

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It's Time for Me to Come Clean!