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posted 1/6/2007 3:20:57 AM |
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and the neighbors dogs are driving me f'n NUTS..... they bark and chase each other and bark some more........... I am at my wits end .......

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Jan 6 @ 4:31AM  
could shoot em......

Jan 6 @ 4:35AM  
Yeah, I have that problem with my neighbors next door too.

Jan 6 @ 5:06AM  

During the day play music so loud they cannot get sleep, forcing them to sleep at night. If the neighbours complain....fuck em!

They cannot control their dogs, they will just suffer with them.

Jan 6 @ 5:23AM  
I know that feeling my neighbours have one dog that used to do that all the time until I threatened to have it shot. Now they don't let it out at unsociable hours.

Jan 6 @ 8:09AM  
rolls over cabs you pull you close and taste your sweet soft kiss turn the radio up and whisper in ear you feel gereat lets do our own barking

Jan 6 @ 10:42AM  
seems 2 choices...or maybe 3..yeah 3...a) ask them to do something bout the dogs....b) call the police...c) irritate the shit out of them during leagal hours as someone else pointed out ....i'd have to try a or b or both first myself.....but..c is a deff option

Jan 6 @ 11:59AM  
I had that problem,,,used diplomacy,,,and looking the way I everytime..

Jan 6 @ 2:02PM  
Give me an address,we have ways to silence them................;o)

Jan 6 @ 2:14PM  
Either call the cops or put sleeping pills in a piece of meat. :)

Jan 6 @ 7:09PM  
although it would take time & effort I would suggest that you go outside every time they pull that crap & spray'em with the garden hose. Over time they'll learn not to. you could even train them to stop with a certain sound much like our good friend Ivan Pavlov

Jan 6 @ 11:28PM  
WELL lemme tell ya I have called the police and thought that they knew I meant business, they put em up during the day , and out at night, right to my window with the damn barking ......... aside from the garbage all over my lawn ......

Jan 7 @ 12:06AM  
find out what your neighbor's phone# is and everytime they start to bark do a *67 then the #. When they answer tell them that you wanted to let them know that the dog is barking and you'll gladly call back and let them know every time from now on. Bet it won't take long for it to stop

Jan 7 @ 12:22PM  
I'm sorry but that just sucks! You need to find someone that can communicate something to thses people that they will clearly understand! Like Weasell said previously, sometimes it's all about how the person or persons present themselves! Like a guy (s) that are huge and carrying weapons may do the trick! If they are the type to retailate then it's time to write the Mayor or your State Senator and say the police are blowing it here!

Jan 7 @ 1:01PM  
Let me tell yall ,the neighbors have only been here about a mth. When they moved in they knew that it was a small community , all houses having children, they proceeded to bring in 4 dogs, all of which stayed inside (a three bedroom house mind you) now these dogs are not tiny, we are talking at least 50 pds each .... well as time progressed, about a week, the dogs came out , not just one but all 4.Now mind you I have 2 cats,well they have spent all thier waking moments making wrecks of my cats, I have had to use devices to protect my cats even when they eat. Adding to this my lawn is now mostly MUD....... and full of small pieces of trash ..... they have found and carried off many small items, ie hats , gloves and such only to rip them to shreds.... so the barking is the rest of the issue and the fact that they entangled and preceeded to knock down a 200 pd man that was in my lawn.......I went right over talked ...... called the police ... they came out .... and since I live in the country we dont have a lease law....all they will do is reinforce the idea that I am irritated..... now as far as a noise ordinance,I am checking into it but I am kinda doubtful........

More thoughts?

Jan 7 @ 1:21PM  
laughing, I was just now able to figure out what lonely knight was saying in his post, now sure about it yet, but kinda funny ....... I think ....

Jan 7 @ 5:12PM  
Well I used to have the same problem with my neighbor's dogs. Then I got some firecrackers; the big cherrybombs and that scared them to being quiet. And after that they stayed being quiet. I had to do it a couple of times.

Jan 8 @ 12:56AM  
hey its midnight and all is quiet........ wish me luck.............

Jan 10 @ 9:40AM  
this same neighbor came over to inquire about someone else's dog, told me how much they were bothering her and how they needed to be controlled, I went into my pitch again about her animals , seemed to fly right over...... some people are just beyond help .......

Jan 11 @ 10:16PM  
well damnit gonna call the dog catcher tomorrow, no way around it , they were out and running amuck all day today ..............

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