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AMD Week in Review

posted 6/7/2010 9:38:17 PM |
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tagged: review
  sugarnspice005 it is...finally. Yeah yeah..I know.."about time"

Yep, here we are, another 2 weeks gone by. Gotta say, it was pleasantly quiet. Unless you’re in my house…I dare anyone of you to tell me a house with 5 dogs in it can be quiet! Try it, and I’ll tell ya you’re full of shit! With the nice weather, I’ve had my windows open, which, after being closed up for the last 5 ½ months….I now have to get my dogs used to the fact they are in the city, and they don’t need to bark at every little noise they hear. Tazz is my “tough” one…she will bark at anything she hears so she’s been the fun one. With my dogs, if one barks, the others bark, even if they don’t know wtf they are barking about. Why the little story about dogs…well, it has to do with the first blog on the Review this week.

Sunshine79 starts off with “Cat Vs. Dog (Men Vs Women) Now I understand why some would call women “catty” and men “dogs”. That cleared it up. Thanks Sunshine.

chuck111 stopped in with “sorrow” He lost his german shepherd to cancer. That is so sad to lose a beloved pet.

B9CC1D told us “What God Says” Yeah, I took this little quiz…usually I do pretty good with multiple choice..when I know the subject. Needless to say..I didn’t do so well with this one.

RevDocLove gave us “Today’s Lesson” wtf???? Two lesson blogs in a row???? Wtf is this? Pervia or school? Anyway…moral of Rev’s blog….trying to please everyone, you may as well kiss your ass goodbye.

Ynott7769 asked “Should a Child Witness Childbirth?” Well, gotta love a 3 year old’s logic. If you missed the blog…you’re gonna have to find it and read it.

Wait, who’s this? Someone we haven’t seen in a while…it’s Somnium! Who admits “Yup…haven’t been here much.” Well, where the hell have ya been? Oh..guess I should read the blog? He’s been busy with work, and he stopped in to share a short commercial with a “familiar extra” in the background.

Onehornytoad69 blogged about Trolls….And Regulars…and wants to know if Pervians can tell them apart. Yeah..trolls thrive on negativity, start up trouble..etc…but usually waste away when starved.

And this week saw the return of a regular who took some time off….let’s give a warm welcome back to LadyDarkStarr who asked “Am I welcome back in Pervia?! HI GUYS”

casuallyLooking stopped in to ask “Is Emotional Attachment Cheating?” Don’t know… gonna have to look it up on Wiki Answers. I’ll get back to ya on that.

KitKat25 wants to “Name A Favorite Childhood Memory…”There are so many…my Dad stopping at a place selling bunnies on the Friday before Easter to let me choose my own “Easter Bunny”. I chose a black and white bunny, named him Patches. That is one that stands out.


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Jun 7 @ 9:44PM  
Sunshine79 asked “Should Teachers Have To Speak PERFECT English?”Well, I know they shouldn’t speak Spanish, Chinese, Japanes, Arabic, and such cause most kids speak English. Oh..wait…I think this is more of a grammer type thing? Yes? No? Maybe?

Ynot7769 blogged “Just Something Creative…Beats SOME Of The SHIT Here…” WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all see that dog in that picture????? Would make my dogs look like puppies. WOW!!!!!

Wordsowit told about “Photoshopping” NO…he isn’t talking about shopping for pictures… he was referencing the picture of the dog in Ynot’s blog. Wait….you mean that dog isn’t really that big? It’s been photoshopped? And to think, I was going to reply to that ad and have that big doggie in my backyard…my nieghbors would have had a heart attack seeing something that size in my backyard!

RevDocLove said “Going Along With “Wouldn’t It Be Nice?” Yeah, would be nice if ALL people get along. Even in the blogs. Also…I agree with the gist of the “letter”…if one is going to move to a different country, they shouldn’t be expecting a whole nation to “change their ways” for just one individual.

Ynot7769 says “CAUSE I CAN” and then asks “where the fuck did everyone go? I dunno…he got 30 posts on that blog…and over 800 views on it….guess some folks were around.

LadieDarkStarr blogged about “Cheating…”I dunno… the whole scenario…way I interpreted it, trust was lost..and that is one of the hardest things to rebuild in a relationship.

Ynot7769 asked “Ynot???” Exercising??? Well..I guess so..but at 5:30am?? I’m sleeping at that time, not up till at the least 7:30am. I gotta sleep in ya know. And to think…”sleeping in” when I was in my teens meant getting up at noon or 2pm the latest. Oh wait…maybe he’s talking 5:30 pm. Sore? Hmmmmmmm

tassie1 compared “good versus boring” Wonder if he ever got the 800 views he was demanding?

KitKat25 said “It’s A Four Letter Word…”Sex is a four letter word? Where’s the 4th letter? OH!!! LOL! She was talking about toys and used sex to get everyone’s attention. Got it.

PinkToeNails said “I just love castles” and shared a link to a castle. I love castles too…would love to see one someday.


Jun 7 @ 9:53PM  
lunanegra informed us in her blog “Youtube and you” that Youtube is now 5 years old. I don’t really subscribe to anything there…I usually go there to check out music videos. Although…looking at the titles that luna provided, they sound cute. I’ll probably check them out.

B9CC1D gave us “Wind in the Willows: Fart Guide” I was chuckling while reading the list, and then came “Taco Hell” OMG!!!!! Mick used to call Taco Bell "Taco Smell".... and it never failed...if he ate anything from gave him the farts...and he would call them, "Taco Hell". What a coincidence!

soft_touch938This could be funny….”Yeah, remember something that would embarrass us now. Like cutting “bush”, or, pants down around ankles and covered in mud…………or telling your first boyfriend you know how to French kiss…and yet, never had…

B9CC1D asked “Would You If You Could?” What I’d get if money were no object? First of all, I donate millions to organizations like the ASPCA to help animals that have been neglected and/or abused, I’d be donating millions to help children that need it, then I’d get my own island in the Caribbean, build me a place like the one Richard Branson has, and if anyone ever saw the episode of MTV Cribs when his Island house was on…you will know what I mean! An outdoor shower and outdoor tub would be just awesome!!!

casuallylooking asked “Is Disappointing Sex A Deal Breaker?” Ya know… I saw a couple answers of “bad sex is better than no sex”… Then again, I also saw too that communication is key. I would have to agree with the communication. When having sex for the first time…communicate what it is that turns you on. Let your partner know.

Ynot7769 asked “Remember Peanuts?” Well, I always knew those kids were some horny little buggars.

Straddlemynose told us about “Walmart worker fired for stopping shoplifter” Helluva a way for Wal Mart to say “thank you”! Seriously though, a lot of stores/gas stations have in their employee handbooks/manuals that if the store is being held up, or shoplifting is observed, do not try to stop the criminal…leave it to those trained to handle crimes to stop them. No life is worth the price of what is being stolen. And… is up to the company to make sure employees are made aware of such a policy. They can do so by saying it during an orientation, by having employees read the handbook, or even going over the handbook with the employee.


Jun 7 @ 9:59PM  
ThePurpleProphet said “Wow,I’m feeling great!” His doctor gave him the go ahead to go back to work! Hope his job hunting is going good for him!

Somnium stopped in to tell us “TV’s ‘People Are Funny’ host Art Linkletter dies” Ya know….maybe it’s me, but, it seems like a lot of celebrities seem to be dying. Art Linkletter, Dennis Hopper Gary Coleman, Rue McCalahan, Sophia Loren Paul Dedrick Gray (bassist for Slipknot), Ronnie James Dio, Corey Haim, Lynn Redgrave….wow!!!! 2010 is not the year for celebrities.

Wordsofwit wrote “This,that, and whatever” Still got a picture in my mind of that neighbor found in a tree after his house exploded. What an awful way to go. Ok, and yes, WoW did make a comment about “boring blogs”. Way I look at it…it’s all in how one perceives things.

B9CC1D wrote about “Just Another Dead Girl” So sad about his friend. Even sadder, the kids she left behind.

LadieDarkStarr said “I…MISS…SEX!” Sex? What’s that? I’ve forgotten what it is.

RevDocLove told us “How To Solve Your Mid Life Crisis” Yep, just tell that woman you’ve been married to for over 44 years that she isn’t “holding up” her end of the bargain, and she will let you know that you can go back to dating a hot 25 yr old woman and live in a cheap apartment with a black and white tv.

Soft_touch938 said “Nuttin’ Honey….” Boring blog? No, I didn’t think so. Sharing? Yeah, that seems more of what it was. Sleeping in till noon? I would love to be able to do that..but my dogs insist on getting up and out the door at 7:30am…8am the latest.

Wordsofwit wrote “Mean spirited, outspoken or beyond our view?” Blogs are blogs….some will bore others, some will cause others to have fun, let their hair down..whatever. Sometimes a comment will be made that will set off others….just let it go. Can’t please everyone…just remember that.

And we got a new blogger, Angelasmiles2u with her 2 blogs, “Hott or Outragious?” Sex on the table in a library? Fun to fantasize about, but would never do it. Just don’t want to do time in jail for it. I like being free a little too much. Now onto “Mid life Crisis or Lacking something in life?” If a friend of mine was going through guys like water…I’d tell her to slow it down…get to know a guy. Never know…that “boring” guy a few dates ago could have been Mr. Right and you passed him by.

And….WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!! whisperingcomet came back!!!!! And she even has a sexy new pic! She came back saying “Hello fellow pervs!” Yep, she found that revolving door! I say we lock it so she can’t leave us again.


Jun 7 @ 10:04PM  
KitKat25 gave us “Blast From the Past” We’re getting a chance to look back on a favorite time. It’s always so fun to look back. It was fun to read the comments. And seeing the pics was cool. I’m still trying to find mine. And, my sister has a scanner…so…whenever I can find mine…even though it’s late, I’m still gonna get it posted here.

lunanegra blogged about “Ennui and summer shyness” Yep, I remember the days of being shy and awkward. I grew out of it eventually. I realized I’m happy being me…and that I don’t need to worry about an entire world of people out there who are just strangers passing by on this path called life.

Sunshine79 talked about “Blast From The Past Messages” Guess some have been getting a few more comments since posting their “blast from the past” pics. And poor Ewe…all those lonely sheep herders….NOT!

theSkwirl told us about “A Quiet Little Voice” No, don’t make the mistake our beloved Skwirl is “shy”… she is quite the opposite..outspoken. One of the traits I admire…tells it how it is..doesn’t sugar coat. Instead…if you’re acting like a fool…she’s going to tell you, and not mince words.

KitKat25 talked about “I Got This Email The Other Day” I guess I would say the person who sent it was having a bad day? OMG! Just thought of this…what if they had meant to send it to someone else and sent it to the wrong email?

Ewe_wish told us about “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds 2” She had read an article about how Julian Lennon did a remake of the Beatles song, “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”. Watching that video was almost like a trip back in time…he reminded me so much of his father, John.

Lisa46 stopped by with “What a morning” Yep, she was complaining about how sweaty she was, and how sweat was getting under her bewbies and………………………………. oh come on now!!! She had just finished mowing the lawn. What did you think she was talking about?

casuallylooking talked about “Gays Being Open In The Military” in the blog, she said she was pissed off..guess one could say she “yelled” that day. But seriously….wtf is the deal with not letting them serve in the military? I say let them serve, it’s their country also..and if they want to defend it..more power to them. We’re ALL Americans here.

B9CC1D told us about “Roger. Over, and Out” Apparently, Roger likes guns, and one day, he used one of his guns to attempt to stop a crook. Yeah, Roger meant well, but, he didn’t stop to think of the potential for an innocent person getting hit by one of those bullets.


Jun 7 @ 10:10PM  
Soft_touch938 stopped by to say “Happy Holiday and yes….I wanna…” She stopped in to ramble, tell us she feels so good that she would fuck herself and eat her own pussy if she could. Bet ya thought I forgot that comment huh?

ThePurpleProphet has an idea, “A virtual birthday party” Yep…he wants to throw virtual birthday parties. And it was off to a good start…with Ewe_wish, then RJ, then WoW..and then it stalled because of the last party…whose name will not be mentioned. Now what?

lunanegra shared some food creativity in “Food on the Fly” Amazing what one can come up with when food gets low in the pantry.

casuallylooking followed luna’s blog with “Where Do You Allow Food In Your House?” ummm…in the refridgerator? Actually, since it’s just me here…I’ll plop down on my couch with my dinner. My kitchen table has other stuff on it….like my old computer.

And I can’t believe I missed this one by RJ53The craziest thing you ever did as a kid” Reading some of the comments had me laughing my ass off. To add my own…my younger sister and I, when I was 4 and she would have been 2, got the bright idea to “fly” out of the upstairs window. Yeah…didn’t realize you need feathers for flying, nor did we count on the fact that Mom was looking out the living room at the right time to see her two daughters drop down. The jump didn’t hurt…but getting our asses whooped did!

JsGirl69 sings “lalalaaaaa……doooodiidooooooo….” She was patiently, so she would have us believe, waiting for her pic to be approved. I guess patience paid off…her pic is up for all to see..and she’s a lovely lady.

lunanegra asked “See any new movies lately?” She is turning to fellow Pervians for ideas for summer viewing.

casuallylooking is “Running Away To Assisted Living” Well, announcing she’s moving in with Griz is hardly “running away” . Ok…so, she hasn’t moved in yet.

soft_touch938 said “Well do tell….” Yep, she’s discovered something cool about being gold…. she can see who has viewed her..and she said it was a lot of dicks.

Cootiesprayer wants to share “Funniest come ons you’ve ever had” Like bunny…I’ve seen my fair share of the “if I lived closer……..” Although…I’ve never heard the “I have a dime, can I get 2 nipples” That one is funny!


Jun 7 @ 10:16PM  
Sunshine79 had a “Sunshine Rant” What???? Sunshine did a rant??????? Well, guess I’d rant too if my paycheck was cut almost in half because of taxes. I’d be calling the government back telling them I want my money back cause they’re broke, they don’t work right. Think it would work? No? Neither did I.

theSkwirl said “Since Monday…”She said “nothing of great importance ” Are ya kidding? Her kitty had kittens..that is important!! Congrats on the little fur balls…Oh yeah..and she was lucky that morning too…had morning sex.

straddlemynose told us about “Tree-huggers forced oil drillers to go deep” Interesting article. And so many issues. It’s an unfortunate catch22...whether drilling on dry land, or out in the ocean bed…the chance of an oil spill is there. The incident in the Gulf right now..there is plenty of blame to go around.

And straddlemynose is on a roll with “Where do you store your junk?” Junk? Me? I don’t have junk…. Just don’t look in my spare bedroom. OOPS! Gave it away I guess.

LadieDarkStarr talks about “Priorities…”Yeah…dang it all……responsibilities can get in the way of sex…… bummer! Whoever came up with this system of money, buying goods and stuff….need to come to the present so as we can kick them in the ass. I mean, how dare they? I mean, make us have to work in order to get money to buy things…when it would be so much nicer to just be able to have sex all the time.

Wordsofwit talked about “Hiemlich Manuver” Yep…one of his pups got a little greedy, started choking, and WoW jumped to the rescue giving his pooch the Heimlich Manuver. Dogs…..gotta love em. Even when they scare the bejeebus out of ya.

straddlemynose told us about “Rue McClanahan (Golden Girls fame) dies of massive stroke. RIP Rue, aka, Blanche. She was my favorite out of the Golden Girls…and Sophia. Loved both of them.

somnium stopped by to tell us “Get your binoculars out and look northwest to west” A planet triple play! Yep, for those who like to stare up at the stars….the planets Mars, Venus, and Saturn were lined up in the night sky.

ThePurpleProphet says “I just got done crying like a baby” His son has done him proud…Best senior athlete, Athlete of the year, and a Presidential Award forAcademic Acheivement signed by the President of the United States. Now THAT is an honor. Gotta say…I’d be bawling like a baby too if I were in Prophets shoes that day. Congrats to both him and his son!


Jun 7 @ 10:20PM  
JsGirl69 shared something “Purely for your amusement” Now imgaine that…not knowing how to operate a book. Then again……with the way technology is going…books may become obsolete and future generations will see one and not know what to do with it. Neve know.

RevDocLove gave us some “FUNNY QUOTES ABOUT DRINKING AND DRUGS” Rodney Dangerfield…always got a kick out of him, “"I drink too much. The last time I gave a urine sample it had an olive in it. " Yep……leave it to Rodney.

PinkToeNails shared a link that showed “State Flowers” Thanks Pink!!!

Sunshine79 shared a “Birthday Numerology (Is It Right?)” I don’t know.. I’m a 30, and have yet to master a creative skill…hmmmmm…guess I’ll have to keep trying.

shyguy140 asked “How many states have you visited?” Myself…only 2 states. And we have a winner!! Griz has been to all 50 states!!

soft_touch938 says “Every woman should at least have one…” Yep, self confidence in ourselves is a wonderful thing.

And on that note…that will bring this review to a close. Sorry it’s a couple of days late…I had a busy weekend and was just too tired to work on it over the weekend. And…I tried to combine last week and the week before into this one. Ain’t never gonna do that AGAIN! Thank you all for your patience. Now…I’m gonna get me a beer and relax….wait…can’t do that tonight. I got to work tomorrow. Oh well!

Jun 7 @ 10:43PM  
Great job on the review, Dawn. Kudo!

Jun 7 @ 11:08PM  
Thank you for the compliment...& thank you for the Time & Attn doing the week in Review must take! Its a must read for me,I enjoy it so much.....

Jun 8 @ 12:04AM  
All I have to say is............

Great review yet again Dawn!! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this for us!!


Jun 8 @ 12:36AM  
Another great job sugar....ya got more energy than I do for sure! Here's a kudo...multiply it a hundred times over for just being you.

Jun 8 @ 1:15AM  
Great review as usual. KUDOS

Jun 8 @ 8:29AM  
You so good girl

Jun 8 @ 10:22AM  
Great review, Sweety.
I evidently was bored and wrote more blogs than I realized.... lol

BTW, yes I'm here with my Griz, but not moved in yet /
Seems like just about anything that could go wrong to get in the way of the move has......including, but not limited to..... both of us being too broke.

Thanks for another great job and all the time it takes to do it.

Jun 8 @ 12:33PM  
You rawk!

Jun 8 @ 12:36PM  
I just gave my first Kudo!
& dont worry softie....I had a beer in your name.....

Jun 8 @ 1:14PM  
I'm just popping in to leave you a cookie

Jun 8 @ 6:38PM  
I still don't know how you do it, but I wish I could give you a hug for it.

Jun 11 @ 12:05AM  
Your reviews just keep getting better and better. Great job Sugar!

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