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posted 6/2/2010 8:36:20 AM |
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It's no secret that I'm a single mom. I work as a waitress, I run a Pure Romance business, I go to school (though I'm on a summer break) and raise my son all on my own. I am absolutely NOT complaining. I LOVE MY LIFE


Yesterday, after my son got on the bus I had a whole THREE HOURS to myself before I had to leave for work. I decided this would be the PERFECT time to....

CLEAN!!! I haven't been home enough to clean in probably two weeks and my house is SCREAMING for it.

While working through some dishes and sweeping, I got a text from a FWB down the road. He had a day off and wanted to come over.

I, who JUST complained about missing sex, declined.


Apparently, cleaning my house was more important than getting off. What the hell. LoL

He was extremely discouraged, I doubt I hear from him again.

Do your priorities often get in the way of your desires as well?

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Jun 2 @ 10:08AM  
I feel ya. I just had to change the oil in the car instead of going to the Playboy bunny ranch.

Jun 2 @ 11:47AM  
Yeah LDS life sometimes takes presidence over relief.

And I'm glad to see you back

Jun 2 @ 1:52PM  
As the mother of 3....Absolutely....all the time.
It's no secret that I'm a single mom.
Lots of love & respect to you...been there....
Moms rock

Jun 2 @ 1:59PM  
Yes dammit!!! Bills don't pay themselves...have to go to work to earn the money.


Jun 2 @ 2:12PM  
Sadly, yeah, life does get in the way of fun all too often.

Jun 2 @ 4:41PM  
Just another reason I respect you so much. Well. That and your amazing breasts.

Jun 2 @ 7:43PM  
Yes it gets in the way but that is just life. When it does not get in the way I double check to make sure the family members are all ok.

Jun 3 @ 1:34AM  
hmmm...........spank my monkey..............again............or clean house......there is a cobweb in the corner

Jun 3 @ 4:05AM  
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