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Where Do You Allow Food In Your House?

posted 5/30/2010 1:28:11 AM |
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I have a friend whose children eat all over the house. Whether it's a meal that has been prepared or just something they went in and grabbed.
If you go to their house you will find dishes, fastfood wappers and cups, glasses and pop cans in the living room, the computer room, their bedrooms, etc. Until she gets upset and sends them on a scavenger hunt for all of her dishes and glasses.

I'm one of these people who likes having meals at the dinning room table. Grabbing a plate and heading into the living room (pizza or such) when something is on that everyone wants to watch is okay...every now and then.

But all dishes go back to the kitchen when you are finished.
It doesn't bother me if there is a drink glass as long as it's in use. And I will admit that I always have a water glass sitting somewhere.
Very very rarely that it is ever in my bedroom. If I'm sick, have a migraine or such , then it's possible.
I'm not sure why but I just do not like any type of food or dishes in my bedroom.

Just another one of my qwirks, I guess. I swear I think I'm beginning to feel more and more sorry for Griz.
I couldn't live wth me if I didn't have to, I'm a bitch!

There are days that I really wish I could be more at ease and relaxed with things like this, but I just can't seem to make myself do it.
Although I'm not nearly as bad as I used to be.Once upon a time I had an anxiety attack because my daughter didn't put the nail polish and remover back where they belonged from the night before. And I have been known to actually bring someone a clean ashtray and take theirs, empty and wash it while they were using it.
I ran the sweeper, swept the kitchen and bathroom and dusted everyday. Mopped the kitchen and bathroom usually twice a week.
Damn, I'm glad I've given up being that anal.

Now if the house gets a little dusty, cluttered or messed up I can live with it without freaking out on people. lol
As long as I can't smell the dust......and I said a little.. But the dishes thing still gets to me bad.

What about you? Are you a grab your plate and eat anywhere or at the table type of person? Do you take dishes, glasses or drinks in the bedroom?

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May 30 @ 2:13AM  
For the most part, we just throw the food on the floor around here and root around whenever we are hungry.

Do you take dishes, glasses or drinks in the bedroom?

Oh, we allow food in the bedroom but not like that.

But all dishes go back to the kitchen when you are finished.

Oddly, I'm fond of using the big plastic quart soup containers one gets from Chinese takeout as drinking vessels. I just re-use them 'til they break then throw them out. But if I'm done with one (but will probably use it later) I pop it in the freezer with the last bit of drink in it. That way no need for ice cubes when I pull it out a few hours afterwards.

May 30 @ 2:26AM  
uh oh.....

May 30 @ 2:27AM  
For years we did not have a dining room in the small apartment my kids and I were living in. The dining table was a large coffee table in the living room with pillows on the floor to sit on. It used to freak my mother out when she visited because she could no imagine eating while sitting on the floor. LOL I bought a tv tray for her when she visited. But we all ate together and the dishes went back into the kitchen after meals.

May 30 @ 2:57AM  
Oddly, I'm fond of using the big plastic quart soup containers one gets from Chinese takeout as drinking vessels. I just re-use them 'til they break then throw them out.

Dude...that's me right down to putting them in the fridge. I got one of iced tea with the lid on in the ice box right now.

Reminds me of visiting my grandma's house and drinking from mayonnaise and jelly jars.

Back to the topic, we never ate at the dinner table- now a days its rare to know any family who does. I always took my meals in my room, but made sure the dishes were out for washing or there when it was my sis's turn in the kitchen.

May 30 @ 2:59AM  
I am single and Free.... I eat where I wanna!!!!!! Though I choose not to eat in the Bathroom!!!
For the most part I eat at the Kitchen table...If I am watching a Movie...or something on the Tube...I have a TV tray...that I use in my Living room!!!
But all dishes go back to the kitchen when you are finished
Do you take dishes, glasses or drinks in the bedroom?
If I have Special Company...and we ummmmm take a break...., more times than Not Bottles, or Glasses will be in the bedroom...!!! But if its just me...No..I don't take any food or beverages to the BR!

May 30 @ 6:45AM  
Oh, we allow food in the bedroom but not like that.
Oh, that's definitely allowed. It's considered couples fantasy desert, not food.

uh oh.....
lol...cute Murph..

For years we did not have a dining room
When I was growing up I recall us always having a table, but I don't remember ever sitting there as a family and having meals. Maybe that's why I do it now. It's time together without any phones including texting, computers, usually the tv and anything else distracting.

BTW, this is not saying I think there is anything wrong with not eating at a table, or at least together, it's just the way I like it.


May 30 @ 7:53AM  
growing up it was at the kitchen table. NO dishes were allowed anywhere. Now I eat in the living room on a TV tray or at the kitchen table (which you know is perfect I can see the tv) but dishes gotta get done before going to bed. I use one glass all day long unless I drink milk then I switch

May 30 @ 9:15AM  
I'm beginning to feel more and more sorry for Griz.
Ya think??? I feel more sorry for the girls ...

Damn, I'm glad I've given up being that anal.
So am I darlin, so am I ..

And I will admit that I always have a water glass sitting somewhere.
And yes, there were times it was more than one

May 30 @ 9:42AM  
preferably the fridge .... but all kidding a side you should be able to eat where you want to.

May 30 @ 9:55AM  
We eat wherever there is a flat surface and sometimes even there isn't. Drop something or leave trash behind and all hell breaks loose.

May 30 @ 11:13AM  
For the 30 yrs. I was married to Wayne I can probably count on both hands the times we ate at the kitchen table. He always ate on a tv tray in front of the tv...we both did. I grew to think the kitchen table was there just to hold junk until it could be put away.

I eat now sometimes at my table since my kitchen and living room are one big room but more often I use a lap tray and sit in my rocker to eat. Occasionally I eat sitting at my computer but that's rare.

It's the coffee cups.... I have two coffee mugs that are identical and you can bet they're both in use and most of the time one or both of them are sitting here on Zelda's desk when I forget I already have a cup I'm using and get the clean one down.

I'm not as anal about a clean house either as I use to be but I still keep it pretty spotless....I just like it that way and there's no man around to bitch about it one way or the other.

May 30 @ 12:02PM  
As the mother of 3,I have a hard limit on where food is allowed.....Never,Never,Never in the bedrooms....
I was more mellow on that point,until I found Macaroni & Cheese w/Grey hair in my Almost teen childs space

May 30 @ 12:21PM  
Well when Gary was alive the only time we ate at the dining room table was holidays and special events.........such as anniversary or birthday.......

When I moved back here we got into the habit of always eating at the table cause of my granddaughter............but when I got sick and it became really painful to sit any where by my recliner........we kinda got into the habit of eating in front of the living room..........I am hoping that is a habit that I can now break since I am feeling somewhat granddaughter however wants to eat our evening meal in front of the tv but prefers to sit at the table for breakfast and lunch.........go figure LOL

May 30 @ 12:43PM  
hey, if griz cant take it, come stay with me for a few days, ever how long you think it will take to get this place whipped into shape.

i eat or drink anywhere i happen to land, usully with my laptop and tv in sight

May 30 @ 1:45PM  
All I can say is.. CL .. don't come to my house.. I don't wanna be responsible for the panic attack that ensues.

May 30 @ 2:08PM  
When I was growing up I recall us always having a table

That was not by choice. It was myself and two teenagers living in a tiny two bedroom apartment. The kids each had a small bedroom, I had a sleeper sofa in the living room. There was nowhere for a table so the coffee table doubled for that.

May 30 @ 2:33PM  
Me??? ha ha ha ha ANYWHERE i want it...

May 31 @ 8:36PM  
Usually, I grab my plate and sit on the couch eating dinner while watching tv....but, dirty dishes go straight to the dishwasher..I don't like seeing them laying around. When I let my sister stay with me a few years back...we went the rounds because she leaves dishes laying around.

As for the sweeping/dusting/vacuuming....I do that on a regular basis because with 5 dogs..especially right now with them shedding, if I don't, I'll have wall to wall dog hair on my floors.

I like to keep the house tidy. And I normally do not take any dishes in my bedroom.

May 31 @ 10:46PM  
I had time to think about this question...most would say...keep it where it belongs...but do they say that about sex???...if ya do it on the dinning room table or sprawled over the stove or ya ever eat there again???...I mean dinner...not pussy...or cock....

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