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I Got This Email The Other Day...

posted 5/28/2010 6:12:26 PM |
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tagged: advice, help, amd

And I’m not sure what the sender meant by it. I did ask the sender for clarification twice…but I have yet to get an answer to my question…or an explanation as to what they meant by these particular words. So…I thought you peeps could help me out.

Here’s the email…

If you are real....You don't have a clue!

I would love an explanation because I’m thinking I was being called clueless...or a fake…and I have no idea why someone would want to call me this…or anything else negative for that matter. you know what the sender meant by these particular words?

Now this email really upset me because I was told it was “me” who misunderstood them...and what they were saying to me in this email. But I was left without any type of resolution. I truly believe if you state something…and your tone is wrong…or you mess up on your words…or you leave a word out…then you’re responsible for your words. You did say it after-all right?

With that being said…I wish people would step up to the plate and validate a person’s feelings when they are upset about something they caused. Words can hurt a lot. And a back-handed apology with a bunch of emoticons thrown in just doesn’t cut it either. It simply adds insult to injury because they purposely omitted answering your original question.

Why can’t we be adults when someone comes to us and asks…”What did you mean by that”?

Why can’t we step back and look at it from their perspective...and just answer their question honestly?

Helpful comments are appreciated, as I really want to learn from this situation.

Thanks for your time!

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May 28 @ 6:22PM  
If that is all I have to go by.....maybe the sender is confused by the pictures? Or got pissed off over thinking they were being rejected for some reason? Or just some idiot out to see if they can get someone riled? I wouldn't worry about it. I'd just delete it and move on.

May 28 @ 6:27PM  
Confucius say he who present enigma needs enema

May 28 @ 6:27PM  
That statement could be read more than one way. I used to say to my kids are you for real? when they did something or said something I could not believe came from them. Or someone could mean you are a fake. without an explanation it is hard to read. How much something would hurt would be according to how well we knew each other. If it was a casual aquaintacce, I would probably just tell them flat out they did not know me well enough to be making any assumption about me.

May 28 @ 6:53PM  
Perhaps what the sender meant was that by your essay you say you are only here looking for friends...........many people are still under the impression this is just a sex site............just here for easy hook ups and that's all............Maybe he is saying that there is no chance you are going to find friends on a sex site............

I don't know but I sure wouldn't let it bother you.............If you are real...............pinch yourself........if it hurts..........You're real!!! And when they tell dont have a clue............tell them yes you do..........its a board game you got at Walmart for $9.99..........

May 28 @ 7:26PM  
Didn't this "Person" tell you that they were just joking around? Just asking?

May 28 @ 7:37PM  
And when they tell dont have a clue............tell them yes you do..........its a board game you got at Walmart for $9.99..

LMAO @ Ewe! I've got that game it would be the truth.

Further clarification: I do know this person and we have talked. They are actually very nice...which is why their words hurt...and why I wrote this blog.

Didn't this "Person" tell you that they were just joking around? Just asking?

They sent me this...

I'm very sorry if you took the My comment the Wrong Way!!!

Thus the reason for my blog. I did not write this comment...they did. When I asked what they meant by their ORIGINAL comment. They refused to answer. Is it right to disguise something hurtful as a joke? Why not just answer the question?

Thanks for the helpful advice peeps.

May 28 @ 8:13PM  
It' probably just some idiot being an idiot. He obviously doesn't know you, or else he wouldn't have said that.

May 28 @ 10:31PM  
Darling, it's just another idiot who was rejected by his own right hand. Ignore .. ignore.. ignore.. and block.. he/she/it was not worth the sweat off your left labia.

May 28 @ 10:32PM  
Sounds to me as if you said something that rubbed the other person the wrong way.

However, until you know what it is that you said, there's nothing that can be done.

I have a good friend that does this to me, except that she will say something about a subject that we aren't even talking about - then get mad at me because I don't know what she's talking about!!!


May 28 @ 10:33PM  
Wait, this is someone you have conversed with regularly? If so ask em if they are off Their meds.. who capitalizes like that? Hmmm.... I know... and there's no excuse for him to be saying that to you.

May 28 @ 11:05PM  
No Miss Skwirl.... I have no Meds!!! Wanna hook a bro up?

May 28 @ 11:38PM  
Just someone who likes to play games! ! I wouldn't waste your time worrying about it- you have better things to do! We all know you're a kool kat- that's all you need to know!


May 29 @ 3:15AM  
You're the best! Fuck all the rest! I work with someone I can't figure out. She makes my life miserable. I have no clue how to make it better. I stil try and no results. Makes me want to quit my job.
I am not sure what it is you are asking, other than a boo zo here being a dip shit, but we all have them in our live. I let it are to precious to be bothered by some random bull shit!... have a great weekend and don't give it a thought!

May 29 @ 7:04AM  
I see your dilemma and my answer would have to be; its just cos. thats it.
ain't no more to add to it..

so just deal with it and get your room cleaned up like you were told to three damn hours ago ! ...

oop's, my bad, school horror days..ya' know how it is.

May 29 @ 10:01AM  
forced to use some assumptions.....i'm assuming you've never had any conversation with this person ..means he's MAD he can't curry your attention and is lashing out...blow it off..block him n move on...clueless?? YOU?? yea right

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I Got This Email The Other Day...