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Fuck story yeah!! Part 2 the real deal

posted 1/5/2007 3:22:54 PM |
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tagged: sex, orgasm, fucking, fantasy, story

Red marks trailed down his face where the tears had fallen. Such sadness filled Mary’s heart making it heavy and full. Sitting on the bead looking more like a small boy then a man Mary took his coat off and was unbuttoning his shirt. The warm fire was already dispelling the harshest of the cold. In the closet Mary found some hangers and she hung both hers and his jackets up. Placing his shirt folded on the nearby dresser she bent down and took off his shoes. David laid back in the bed and Mary felt his belt and undid it in one quick movement. Undoing his pant’s Mary grabbed them and started to pull but stopped and thinking better of it grabbed his underwear as well. The clothes slid down his legs with ease. No movement or protesting was heard as he lay naked on the bed. His muscles shone in the flickering light. Mary was somewhat surprised to feel arousal. She opened the covers and slid him in between the silk sheets. As soon as he was covered he curled pushing he legs up towards his chest. The pain of seeing David so sad was agonizing. Gazing down her mind struggled with what to do. It seemed so pathetic to simply tuck him in and leave. Having a deep understanding of being a woman, she knew she had it in her power to comfort him and give him what he needed. Words would never do maybe tomorrow but not tonight. Glen she knew would approve but not of her methods so it would be her secret and David‘s. She would at least keep him company and if he wanted more then more it would be. She slid free from her clothes feeling the warm heat of the fireplace on her tight belly. The shadows of her breasts danced and swayed on the walls. David had his face towards the corner as she climbed in between the sheets. Sliding moving her body to the contours of his she pushed her ample bosoms against his back and poked her shaved pussy against his butt. The shared heat was comforting and David responded slightly by pushing himself more snuggle against Mary. She was glad he had responded and rested her head on his shoulder. It was not long before she felt him move as David began to cry. A small weeping sound emanated from his lips. Mary pressed even closer and whispered soothing words into his ears but, he still was in pain and small tears slid down his masculine face. Moving her hands down his leg she reached lower and lower finally finding him. He was small and soft so she cupped him with her hand stroking gently, as she moved her breasts ever so slowly up and down his back. It was not long before that part of David responded, it was more instinctual then anything as he slowly grew and became more rigid. The man however still laid unaffected. Her hand slid up and down, down and up and soon he was bigger and firmer. The weeping sound was replaced by a moan here and there as her hand teased out a response. David was getting firmer but she knew what to do to finish the job. With the covers thrown back she moved David gently, onto his back. She filled her mouth with his cock sucking it. At first Mary was surprised at how big David had grown. Opening her mouth wider she slid his cock down her throat pumping up and down. The tip of her tongue tingled with precum and she felt her own pussy responding. She felt David’s hand on her head pushing her making her take his huge cock. It pleased her beyond words to be helping David, to be used by him. On her last pump he pulled her head up and pushed her down softly. The heat from the fireplace warmed her belly as she bent her knees getting ready to accept David. As he grew near she grabbed him feeling his hardness, and slid it into her softness. Her pussy tingled as he pushed in she could feel him sinking. He lay on top of her and she held him. A silky smooth sensation ran down her neck as it became wet with tears. “Shush baby it’s ok” she said whispering into his ears. The motion of his sex moved her body as he thrust in and out. The movement was rhythmic though slow, causing her to ach for the next thrust. All of his weight was on top of her as she held him bringing comfort. The fucking was maddeningly slow creating overwhelming desire in Mary. Her pussy literally throbbed to cum. It was like the tide coming in, every wave would reach higher and higher. Her mind filled with sexual tension. Each time he thrust down she was sure she would burst and cum, and she knew when she did it would be cosmic. The breath from David was quickening and gaining in force. Undulations of her body became more rapid as David fucked her. The tide was coming in and soon everything would be covered, swamped. David put his arms around her shoulders using it as a platform to batter her, gone now was the slow rhythmic fuck. This was animalistic this was about putting cum in a fucking pussy. One quick thought flashed through her mind. Glen and her were trying to have another baby and she was off birth control. She thought about asking David to pull out but she wanted it she wanted to feel the tide. It was large and swarming and god help her she wanted it. The wave was coming rolling in, huge crests formed with gale wind ferocity. And then the storm hit and she was covered and drenched by the deluge and her mind rocked and battered exploded and she yelled biting down hard on his shoulder. Her pussy was covered a washed in David’s cum as she felt him grunting, pumping out the last of it. Mary felt David pull out and she rolled him onto his side holding him. It was not long before he was asleep and this time a little more peacefully.

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Jan 5 @ 4:42PM  
I enjoyed reading your story, but there is just one thing, I didn't really care for the fact that this woman actually has sex (takes advantage) with a man who has lost his wife suddenly only hours before, something wrong with that pic. Sorry about that, but it is a good story.


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Fuck story yeah!! Part 2 the real deal