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Name A Favorite Childhood Memory...

posted 5/24/2010 6:55:20 AM |
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We all have them...those magical moments when everything is just perfect...and time seems to stand still. C'mon peeps...let's reminisce in Pervia today.

Name a favorite childhood memory.

I have a few favorite memories...but the one that jumped into my mind while I was writing this blog took place back when I was 15-years-old. It was the evening of a special year-end banquet held by my school drama department. This banquet was quite different from any other banquet I had ever attended. It wasn't stuffy or too long...and it wasn't filled with people constantly checking their watches for the right time to escape. It was a simple affair...with a small gathering of about 20 kids and 3 adults...who were all close to each other...and who were all playing dress-up for the evening. We laughed...we cried...we performed silly skits...we reminisced...and we applauded each other's theatre achievements. In the end...I was presented with an award for Best Female Drama Student. This award was completely unexpected...and truly cherished. Since that evening...I have never been to another banquet where I had so much fun...and felt so completely at home...and so completely accepted. It was a truly magical evening for me.

Your turn...

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May 24 @ 7:40AM  
I used to get my cousin to help me get my big brother's Doodlebug
motor scooter out of the basement where he kept it so
I'd have an easy ride of about 15 mph to the gravel pit
so we could go swimmin'
Everybody else had to walk or ride their bikes..

May 24 @ 8:10AM  
My senior year in high school I was driving a '69 Buick Skylark w/350 motor. I had a blast with that car. Anyway, about Mid May, high school seniors "paint" their cars with catch phrases my one sister and 2 of our friends spent a whole day painting up that car and we had a blast. Dad even took a picture of us with our "masterpiece".

Christmas Eve's when I was kid always hold a special spot in my heart because every year, at 6pm on Christmas Eve, Dad would pack us all up into the car with the presents, head over to his parent's house first, give them their gifts, us kids would sit by Grandpa's rocking chair while he smoked a pipe and entertain us with some silly tale. Dad and his brothers/brothers in law would be sitting around, drinking a beer, talking sports, and Grandma, Mom, and Aunts would be in the kitchen playing Yahtzee. After a couple of hours, it was back in the car, across town to my Mom's parents, where Grandpa was the constant comedy act, and us kids would be playing and I remember the dog they had, a Basenji named Chamaka...she would be all over the place, she thought it was party time.

Finally, there was the one family vacation where my Mom's parents joined us at Dad's cottage up north. Dad went fishing with his brothers and Grandpa loaded my sisters and I, along with Grandma and our Mom in his van and we went for a long ride. I remember a Marty Robbins song playing and Grandpa "jamming out" while driving...and my sisters and I laughing our asses off. That was Grandpa...anything to make the kids laugh.

May 24 @ 8:23AM  
Here are some.

May 24 @ 11:43AM  
I would have to say it would be the times I danced at the pow wows when I was a kid. I was a jingle dancer and loved doing that.

May 24 @ 12:56PM  
I'd have to say it was the hours and hours we spent in the boy scout woods or at Craig's gravel pits or walking the railroad tracks on long lazy summer days.

It was the weenie roast 'n bonfires and hayrides in the fall and the holidays were magical times. And one winter we had a really bad ice storm and I remember putting on the ice skates I'd gotten for Christmas and skating all over town on the streets. The ice was a good inch thick and back then ya didn't have salt trucks to spoil the fun.

May 24 @ 1:01PM  
Where as most people will have a story to tell..........I can't recall one childhood event that sticks don't get me childhood wasn't laden with sadness but we were poor.........we stayed home and worked our horse farm...took care of our larger garden............but there are little things to this day that bring back such happy thoughts..........I hope you don't mind me sharing these instead.........

The smell of the caramel rolls my mom made......
Holding hands with my dad when walking back from the horse barn at 6 yrs old.....
Sitting on grandpa Joe's lap while sitting around the bond fire.......hearing the way of the Ojibwe Indians.
Jumping log piles with my Thoroughbred Race horse at 15.
Drinking tea with my mom.......from the special "talk" teapot.
Watching the pow wows on the reservation we lived on as a child.
Picking dandelions for our Mailman cause you know he needed to have some flowers .............I was 4. lol
Driving my neighbors corvette when I was 14..........with His permission LOL
Sitting by a river with a line in the water.........but not really caring if I caught a fish.........just enjoying the sound of the river and the birds..........

Those are some of the best memories of my childhood. Thanks for making me take a moment to remember them.


May 24 @ 1:10PM  
Actually, my favorite is a "Tommy Tale" I haven't written about on here before...The gunning down of tumbleweed Tom.

May 24 @ 2:32PM  
I suppose when the bartenders lifted up the palettes at the Elks Lodge where my parents were a member of to let me have all the change that was dropped on the floor. In addition when the drunks dropped wads of cash on the floor that I found wasn't claimed by anyone it was all mine. The other members kids & I played pool all the time there. When they had a big cook off there I was allowed in the kitchen where I fooled with the crab that was still alive they had on ice. A friend & members parents from there always invited & took me to hockey games.

May 24 @ 2:54PM  
I was an abnormal child. Especially around Christmas time.

One year my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas. My brother had submitted his usual list-o-glut that had the most highly advertised, high cost plastic fads of the day. Everything from hand-held Tiger electronic games to the years hot console-game-and-cartridges. The neighborhood hooligans wanted BB guns to shoot at animals, each other, and various things that would break.

I asked for a copy of "The Hobbit".

My parents stared blankly. "Did you want a special version of it or something." No. The $5 paperback would be fine. Anything else they got me would be appreciated, but that's the one thing I wanted. And I knew of at least five places that were stocked with plenty of copies.

When Christmas morning came, my brother launched into the usual tirade of celebration and lamentation -shrilly- upon opening each gift. When I opened the copy of the book I wanted I just smiled and thanked them politely. I was completely happy. Like I said: I wasn't normal.

The next year was just the same. Except I asked for the Lord of the Rings.

May 24 @ 3:21PM  
My best friend and I were rather precocious.. one of my fave memories was of us under the bridge reading stolen playboys and penthouse magazines at about the ripe old age of 8 or so.. or maybe when we went in to clean her parent's "PassTime" bar.

I've lost a lot of my memories due to PTSD.. but I still recall the smell, the sounds, the fear and the jubilation.. and then the pain of stealing watermelons out of Old Man Smith's garden. Rock salt in a shot gun STINGS for weeks. What really stung though was mom laughing at us when we hobbled home.. that melon was divine though!!!

May 24 @ 5:19PM  
My Dad used to take us to our Uncle Billy's cabin near the river and me and my brother would walk to the creek below the cabin to catch minnows or throw stones and walk barefoot thru the water. We could smell the food that was cooking on the grill and go back up for dinner. I always played with Aunt Franci's make up in the bathroom. I could stay in there for hours and no one would bother me while they played cards. The boat trips were divine, especially when I started to learn to ski.
My favorite part of the trip wass when we got close and the roads were like rollercoasters. my Dad would drive real fast and we would fly over the tops of the hills and My Mom would hold on for dear life while we laughed!
My Favorite time was always late night after everyone went to bed. Dad would get up cause he couldn't sleep and let me sneek into the tv room to watch late night westerns or war movies with him and we would make something delicious to snack on. I loved my Dad!

May 24 @ 11:12PM  
I have a few of them when I was between 12-15 like going up to my grandma's house on Friday nights and staying the night with her and my two great aunts. We used to watch the Dukes of Hazzard, The Incredable Hulk, and Dallas on on that night every week on prime time tv. My sister would stay with them on Saturday nights. I had the best night.

I also used to bat rocks when I was young. Sounds kind of boring I know, but with an imagination and all, I made it pretty fun to do.

After the age of 16, good memories of hanging out with some girlfriends over the next 5 years...

I had some really great memories of a few of my cats I had at the time.

May 26 @ 2:19AM  
Kinda late but...

The county fairs with funnel cakes and all-day wristbands to any ride you wanted.

UF Homecoming Days; it'd be a city-wide holiday with a parade- always a hassle to find a decent spot to see it, also it was still hot in autumn but seeing some of the marching bands get down to the song they were playing was always fun.

Picking azaleas and yellow jasmines on the way home from school. Jumping into other people's yard to pick loquats from their trees.

Going for BBQs at the lake, springs, beaches in the summer and bringing home seashells...and sandy bathingsuits.

Feeding stray kitties milk and tuna when they wandered on my front porch.

Going to my uncle's house "in the country" and avoiding the brambles and snakes to pick some of the biggest, fattest and sweetest blackberries you ever seen.

Getting on charter buses and traveling to out of state family reunions.

Reading Elfquest hardback graphic novels all summer long...just reading a lot in general as a little girl and teenager.

Being dropped off at my old friend's house and walking to mall to see whatever movie he was into, then coming home with blisters on my feet and jellybeans.

Big family Christmases and Thanksgivings at my late grandma's house...*sigh* :(

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