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AMD Week in Review

posted 5/23/2010 9:55:01 PM |
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Well this past week saw a troll try twice to invade Pervia. Now, I’m all for new bloggers, just not too keen on the ones whose only purpose is to put down others. Blogging should be fun, informative, sharing, and interesting. It shouldn’t be used to harass and put down others. I’ll never understand the reasoning behind why one would want to be so nasty to others having a good time. And realistically, we all know that it will be back..if not the same one, it will be a different one. Trolls are just one of the hazards of the internet. They are all over the place. Just like in real life..there are trolls…they drive these fancy cars with pretty lights on top…. .just kidding! Sort of. Oh yeah…this is a Review, better get started.

PinkToeNails starts it off with “I’m off to work!!” Skwirl had the best comment on that blog when she said “Work is a 4 letter word!”

straddlemynose said “Ya gotta love cats” and shared a cute video of a cat with a very active tongue. OK….get your minds outta the gutter… it wasn’t THAT kind of video!!! I know..hard to believe huh?

soft_touch938 told us about her “Sunday morning comin down….” Nope, no drinking as she pointed out. Sounds like she spent her Sunday snuggled under the blankets watching some old movies. Ya know..that sounds like a good idea…I’m gonna have to try that some day.

And we have PeechyKeenDelving into the Crevasse of Creativity” Talking about exploring our own sexuality. What we’ve learned, expect, etc….Having Johnny Depp all to myself would complete me. Just saying.

And we have 1bunny629 saying “Wishin I were a Monkey!” NO!! We like our Bunny!!!!! I did love that video though.

KitKat25 asked “If You Could Remake A Song…Which One Would You Choose?” None, my own singing scares even me. Oh, wait…ok…

And on a music note…PinkToeNails shared some sad news in “Ronnie James Dio passed away today” Metal has lost one of it’s Metal Gods….RIP Ronnie.

mrknowuwell is talking about “Penis Size……. Yep, he gave us all a lesson in metrics…say’s his is only a 12.…………………………….......................millimeter. Yeah right! And the moon is purple too. That was a cute one! Thanks for the chuckle.


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May 23 @ 10:00PM  
Wordsofwit blogged about “Terminally Ill” This blog raised a good question…how would fellow Pervians handle sharing the news of a terminal illness. Like I said, I think I’d be one to post a bulletin for my friends. And, I’d give my id and password to one of my sisters to come on here to inform my friends on my condition/passing. I wouldn’t leave my friends hanging. Just not in me to do that.

NightofOld shared one of his poems with us “ABOUT WOMEN” I just want to say I’m so glad to see him back sharing his lovely poetry again.

Ewe_wish is “Cranky and Irritated” Alright…none of that allowed missy!!!! I’ll let that one slide… but ya can’t be doing that anymore…..ya know we’re all supposed to be putting forth a happy face here….. Yeah, I know…I’m full of it. Of course, I know about nosey neighbors who have nothing better to do than bitch about things that are none of their business.

theSkwirl showed up to give us 2 in a row with “A revised repost….” I’ve had those days myself. Slow descent into insanity? Guess that would depend on one’s experiences and perceptions. Ok, now onto “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…repost” Oh yes…I remember that story!

ShadowMale let us know that “People make me laugh, even when they don’t know it…” I guess he’s easily amused… found the whole “password request” thing funny. He does have a point, it’s so pathetic….one can’t help but laugh at the immaturity of someone who thinks they’re “pulling one” on everyone. Whatever.

And theSkwirl is back with “Knew a Farmer Had a Dog…” She started on her quest to post 10 blogs within 24 hours. Don’t know where she could have gotten that idea from.

ShadowMale is back with “A penis size blog with a solution” Interesting title…. and even more intersesting idea on settling the age old “does size matter” question. Wonder if he was able to conduct his study?

And theSkwirl is trudging along with “Numero Four-o Cuz I can O… ” She’s made it to 4! Ewe handle the complaint department? I didn’t even know we had a complaint department!!!!!!


May 23 @ 10:06PM  
And FINALLY…soft_touch938 is writing a great mystery, her first chapter begins in “I feel like a story…a mystery” This Greymarre is indeed mysterious….it has me hooked. And I’m so happy to be able to read another of Softie’s writings. Wish Dionne was here…she would have loved this one.

And theSkwirl has made it to the “Halfway Point”…So…this how to get Skwirl blogging… give her a challenge. Going to have to remember that . Cause honestly…trying to steal her nuts to get her blogging can get a little painful.

Ewe_wish gave us a “Pervian Fairy Tale” Fairy Moderator saves the day? Ok……so who wants to tell the Mod that he is now a “Fairy Moderator”? That was a well written fairy tale Ewe…thanks!

Which made room for theSkwirl to say “Six in a row….how far will she go?” Yep, she is still working on her 10 blog posts in 24 hours.

ThePurpleProphet asked “Is there a product you are loyal to?” Yeah….U.S. Treasury notes… they help keep my bills paid. Ok..seriously….the one I truly stay loyal to is Tide laundry detergent.

RevDocLove shared “5 Things Women Will Never Understand” Yep…he’s right. I’ll just never understand all of that. Especially fixing things. C’mon, it’s not so hard to fix something…put it back in the order you took it apart.

chuck111 stopped in to say “hello all” He had a birthday…he’s a whole 71 yrs young!

flavorbuster asked about “LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU PARANOID?” Paranoid? Me? Nah!!!! Just keep those flying insects away…ya know, the ones that sting..bee’s, hornets……..

theSwirl has made it up to “7..and I..” Yeah, admitting………….WHAT???? Defeat???? Skwirl???? I didn’t think that word was in your vocabulary. Ok, I see….like the rest of us, ya have a life outside of AMD, and just can’t post 10 nonsense blogs in one day. Gotcha!

But, theSkwirl did give it one last effort with “For Alybai…who’s counting? She shared a “romantic” day she had with her partner.

Lunanegra has returned and wrote “Because I’m not an unfunny pseudo-intellectual cowardly douchebag” Ok Luna, now tell us how you really feel. But, she sure hit that nail on the head.


May 23 @ 10:14PM  
Max49 entertained us with “Potato Sacks” Birds need potholders to pull worms out of the ground in Florida? Them is some talented birds!!!!!!

Ewe_wish asked “Did Anyone Else Get This Email?” Ya know, just cause I ain’t wearing the sexy red heels doesn’t mean I shoulda been ignored….. I knew about the fucktard being back too. I feel so overlooked and underappreciated. NOT!!!!!

SpunkyRed shared “Some thoughts from your dog” Now I’ve learned I have to not only keep the phone up out of reach when I’m not home, now I’ve got to hide the computer from dogs. Those brats going around talking to anyone who will listen.

shyguy140 stopped in to tell us about “The Penis Wants A Raise” Well, I’m sure with proper care, and preperation, one can get a raise. Then again….it really should work a little more, and take more initiative.

RevDocLove shared”To Women From A Guy” So, you’re saying we shouldn’t ask questions? OOPS! Wait, just asked a question… forget it. Btw…I only have 2 pairs of shoes. My dog Buddy ate…errr..chewed up the others.

B9CC1D blogged about “Shopping for Love. Are There Discounts?” Discounts? Shopping for love? You mean there are discounts for that? And no one told me till now???? Wonder if I can get “retro” discounts going as far back as 10 years?

Ynot7769 asked “This Is Summer?” Well, you’re gonna have to check his profile pics to see the bikini.

1bunny629 said “Meet me in 30 years….” And she also advices to “pee before you watch”. That video was cute!!!

soft_touch938 popped in to say “No story chapter today” What???? No chapter???? That just wasn’t fair!!!!! Well, in all fairness, she had a busy day scheduled, some sister time, theatre. Life is all about living and enjoying it.

Ynot7769 said “It Could Have Happened……” And presented a “factoid” about where the Lo, Norm, Hi, and Max on our a/c controls in our cars came from. Guess we should thank Lowell, NORMan, Hiram, and MAX, for their “contribution”.


May 23 @ 10:19PM  
ThePurpleProphet talked about “Landis accuses Lance Armstrong of doping” I guess if Landis is going down, he’s dragging Armstrong with him. Then again, if they were using performance enhancing drugs for something other than great sex…shame on them!

B9CC1D asked “Are you pure” Are you a pervert?” That is one LONG test!!! I got a 56% on it. I guess that puts me “average”. I can live with that!

PinkToeNails exclaimed “In-fucking-sane!” Yeah, the Prez in Mexico came to D.C. to “talk” about immigration. I still like Bruce’s idea of taking care of illegal immigration..makes a lot of sense.

Ok, and PintToeNails followed that up with “Thinking of quitting? I am….” Yep, she’s thinking of giving up the cigarettes! Yay!!!! Seriously, the best time to quit, is when you WANT to. Not because you “think” it’s time…you have to “know” it’s time.

onehornytoad69 brought up “Phobias” I’ve already said what my phobias are….stinging, flying insects . Can’t stand them.

KitKat25 asked “If Your “Present” Self Could Go Back 20+ Years…” I think I’d party down again!!! Well…like I said, I’d take up my parents offer to help pay for college.

Then KitKat25 went onto say”Name Something About Yourself That Other People Might Be Surprised To Know…”I’m secretly a billionaire! Yeah, I am, in my dreams!

angelofdebauchery talked about “the importance of outer beauty” Basically, to me at least, it’s an added “bonus” , but, I’m more interested in what a person has to offer rather than what they look like.
And, angelofdebauchery wished our very own Ynot7769 a “Happy Birthday Ynot!!!! Which is followed up by PinkToenailsBirthday!!! Birthday!!! Birthday….s?” It so happens that not only was it Ynot’s birthday, it was also Surv6969’s birthday also!!!

Sunshine79 stopped in to let us know “It’s Friday” And of course she asked “Anyone wanna fuck?"


May 23 @ 10:23PM  
max49 said “It’s A Sad Day For Me” He lost his best pal of 17 years, his Lab. Losing a pet is always hard. Especially one that has been in your life for 17 years. Hugs max.

ThePurpleProphet said “I have to know” Ok, one of the lines had a typo…which, knowing Prophet is a warm hearted guy, I figured it was a typo… the reason I put the “karate kitten” in my reply. Which led to his next blog, “I have to make an apology” Prophet….we love ya here…..we knew better.

Sunshine79 told us about “A Brunette, A Redhead, and A Blonde” Ok…..drop the blanket and move away? And she will jump from that roof. OOOOOOK!!!!!!!

onehornytoad69 blogged about “Smiles” Ya ever notice some people’s smiles look like they’ve been caught with something nasty tasting in their mouth? Or that some smiles are so forced, you want to look behind them for whatever is poking them in the back…(get serious now…no thinking like that!)

Wordsofwit asked about “Stand Up Comedians” Like I said…I would love to see a live skit of Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s On First?” I’ve always loved that one.

Speaking of Wordsofwith…PinkToeNails shared “Imagine that. ANOTHER birthday!!!!” And this time it was WoW’s big day!!!!

Wordsofwit brought to our attention in “Feds Ban US Postal Service From Shipping Cigarettes” Yeah, leave it to the Feds to figure out a way to prevent citizens from saving a little money.

And that will bring this week’s Review to an end. Why? Cause I’m tired! Looks like it’s finally going to pick back up at work…I’m actually getting 5 days of work in this week!!!

May 23 @ 10:27PM  
You are freakin amazing.

May 23 @ 10:30PM  
You are freakin amazing

You're right! She most certainly is!!

Great week in review girl!!! Lots of talk about penis's this week huh?!?! LOL

I feel like quite the blog whore this week!!!

Thank you once again Dawn!! You are the best!!

May 23 @ 10:40PM  
You continue getting better and better every week at this...

May 23 @ 10:41PM  
I forgot to give you a kudo

May 23 @ 10:42PM  
I forgot to give you a kudo, so here it is, Dawn!

May 23 @ 10:55PM  
kudos for another great review

May 23 @ 11:00PM  
Thanks everyone! I'm glad you enjoy them.

May 23 @ 11:06PM  
Wow have some mad talent...cuz your weekly reviews rock!

Leaving you a green cookie, a standing O...and a great big thank you.


May 23 @ 11:25PM  
I cannot imagine doing a weekly review. The time it would take alone is mind boggling. You do an awesome job of it and I'm so proud of you!!

I can only give you one kudo but I have a semi full of 'em on its way to ur garage door please.....

May 23 @ 11:46PM  

You always do a great job.

May 23 @ 11:46PM  
Wonder if he was able to conduct his study?

Well you could have signed up. Admission was free...

May 24 @ 12:55AM  
I would ask if ya wanted to fuck...but I Know you are too tired!!!!!
Thanks for your time..!!!

May 24 @ 1:28AM  
I wrote 3 blogs? Wow...........I need to rest now............. Thanks for the mention.........and keep up the great just get better and better!! Kudos

May 24 @ 3:20AM  
another wonderful week in review .....I look forward to these....thank you for all your great work!


May 24 @ 8:20AM  
Sugar for Sugar

May 24 @ 8:30AM  
I am so honored. Almost up to 500 views.

May 24 @ 8:46AM  
better me late then never lol....i sure do dig the week in review.......

hmm 500 views? bet i can fix this

May 24 @ 9:32AM  
Greenie Lady, Great Job!!

May 24 @ 2:37PM  
Skwirls appreciate Sugar! We gives her kudzoooooo!

May 24 @ 11:39PM  
I was a Monkey last night...hangin at The Blue Monkey for a friends charitable event...ya can't get in unless you're a monkey!

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