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Stand Up Comedians

posted 5/21/2010 10:25:58 PM |
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If you could see a live performance by any stand up comedian or comedy team, living or dead, do a routine in their prime that you had not seen performed before, who would it be? I am trying to submit something interesting as Pervia has been so damned boring lately

It was a damned hard decision for me, but I concluded that it would be Richard Pryor.

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May 21 @ 10:38PM  
I'd have to say, it would have to be Robin Williams for me.. he's the only one who ever made me laugh til I cried on a regular basis. Though, Bill Engval is a close second for me.

May 21 @ 11:00PM  
My honorable mentions would be Abbott & Costello, and Redd Fox.

May 21 @ 11:16PM  
I wanna see Robin Williams before he- I mean I die.

I think Chris Rock is touring again, so him too, and Russel Peters.

May 21 @ 11:24PM  
Dean Martin or Richard Pryor.

May 21 @ 11:26PM  
Robin Williams would be my first choice hands down. This guy gets me laughing so hard at times...that I find it difficult to stop laughing...or even be able to catch my breath. On a few rare occasions...I have actually realized that if I didn't stop laughing at that very moment...I was gonna pee my pants. Now that's talent.

Honerable Mentions

Bill Cosby
Billy Connolly
Ellen DeGeneres
Bill Engvall
Kathy Griffin
Flip Wilson

May 21 @ 11:42PM  
Buddy Hacket un censored

May 22 @ 12:37AM  
Well... hard to pick a favorite....

If I had to pick just one? Probably Richard Pryor. Him telling the story of freebasing and setting his hair on fire was just to hilarious.

But I would have loved to have seen Andy Kaufman back in the day. That man was incapable of being serious.

May 22 @ 12:46AM  
It would have to be Lenny Bruce I think.

May 22 @ 1:34AM  
Hands down, the late ,great, George Carlin, he was taken from us far too soon.In my view he was the best.His routines were hilarious.I laughed til i cried. I loved his HBO specials.Two of my favorites were the one about Laura Ingalls, and pincones.The other the one about automobile accidents , and people stopping to look.Great blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A gren kudo to you

May 22 @ 1:41AM  
Lenny Bruce

For those who are not too familiar with him.

May 22 @ 1:52AM  
My, my, 1248 views in three hours. I am flattered. Perhaps, we have a wanna be comedian that nobody cited? Oh well, in order to be cited in this post, I would tend to think that being funny might be a prerequisite.

Anyway, in making lemonade out of lemons, I wonder about what old time comedians could do today. I mean, many were confined by the Hays code and we never got to see them unleash their creativity. There also was not a Las Vegas to perform in. It makes me wonder.

May 22 @ 2:18AM  
George Carlin...hands Foxx would be great too...but I really love all comedians. I could go on and on and on...there is one, but I forget his name that makes me crazy...oh yeah eddie Izzard! there is a man that dresses up like a woman that cracks me the fuck up...but I forget her name...oh yeah...Dame Edna...anywhoo....Jonny carson, Robin Williams...yep them too...I saw Steve Martin live at UTK in 78 ...but he passe was hot. I want to be a comedian when I grow up...but actually I have done stand up with my fav musician backing me up cause he had no choice...Jimmy Davis from the old Riverbluff Clan here in Memphis let me interupt his show at The pinch and I kicked ass, took names and if it ever happens again...I might a comedian....

May 22 @ 2:36AM  
Larry the Cable Guy....Carlin,Pryer, Foxx,Ron White....There's so many.... I cant Pick just One!!!!
But..... I'm sure my answers will be Boring as hell to You!!!

May 22 @ 2:47AM  
2139 View's ..Bro!!! You are Good!!!!!

May 22 @ 3:02AM  
Oh geeezuzs...god damn...mother fuckin christ...I swear if I could be a female Ron White I would be the happiest mother fuckin bitch ever!... smokin...drinkin scotch..and talkin about the squirrel in YNOTS pants...whatelse could anyone ask for?????????????

May 22 @ 3:59AM  
Let's try by decade:

1910's: W.C. Fields (A Philly boy.)

1920's: Laurel and Hardy

1930's: Groucho Marx (Also local...from NYC.)

1940's: Abbot and Costello (Also local...Jersey boys.)

1950's: Lenny Bruce (Another NYC resident.)

1960's: Phyllis Diller

1970's: George Carlin (Yet another NYC kid.)

1980's: Bill Cosby (Back to Philly again, yo.)

1990's: Gabriel Iglesias (Finally a West-side representing.)

2000's: John Stewart (Hell, I'd STILL love to go to one of his shows.)

2010's: Demetri Martin (Guess what...NYC.)

I guess if we didn't have so many problems in the North East we wouldn't need to have so many comedians.

And don't even get me started on comedic writers!

May 22 @ 8:27AM  
#1..Ron White

I guess I'm too old and jaded to pick any alternatives..
I liked most of the ones mentioned..
It just takes a really great comedian, or anything else,
to impress me anymore

May 22 @ 8:35AM  
I have never had comedy cross my mind.

May 22 @ 11:04AM  
I would have to say Robin Williams and Bill Cosby...

Please delete my previous comment. It had a typo in it...

May 22 @ 11:49AM  
Me Oh yeah Dean Martin, Phyliss Diller, Tom Conway, Carol Burnett! When comedy was so funny I think I was born to late in life

May 22 @ 1:34PM  
many were confined by the Hays code and we never got to see them unleash their creativity.

I'll say. This Hays guy had quite the stick up his ass. I would love to see some films pre-Hays Code, would be awesome I bet.

May 22 @ 2:05PM  
I am NOT.. repeat.. NOT in Ynots pants.. not cuz I haven't tried.. just cuz his pants are too far away.

May 22 @ 6:28PM  
I would love to see Abbott and Costello do their classic, "Who's On First". I still howl with laughter when I see that skit.

May 22 @ 6:56PM  
From the past............Red Skeleton...........gosh I use to just love him.........

Now .........Robin Williams, Paula Poundstone (i have seen her......she was awesome), Ron White, Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Enval, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Cosby,

I guess there is quite a few...........but Robin Williams would be my first pick.........that man makes me the point of almost wetting my pants..........I have seen some of his stand ups on HBO.......and I think he is hysterical.

Jun 5 @ 2:54AM  

Hi Niranjan Mallick

I have never had comedy cross my mind.

gofor it=0-- ( ,


Jun 5 @ 4:16PM  
Ive never seen any comedian live.....except maybe on HBO....George Carlin wouldve been my first choice....absolutely
Robin Williams
Tater Salad (Ron White)

Jun 5 @ 4:25PM  
I am NOT.. repeat.. NOT in Ynots pants.. not cuz I haven't tried.. just cuz his pants are too far away

Jun 14 @ 3:11PM  
All the one's mentioned are great,but I would like to see John Pinette ,if you are not familiar with his comedy check out some of the clips that have been posted on and there are plenty.I have seen an entire show of his and it was great.

Jun 15 @ 5:12AM  
Richard Pryor king of the motherfucker

Jun 17 @ 7:18PM  
george carlin would be my pick

Jun 17 @ 8:33PM  
I'm surprised no one mentioned Eddie Murphy (unless I missed it)... I think he is funnier than hell!!

Lisa46 said Carol Burnett!!! I just love her!!!! I would go see her in a heartbeat!!! She has always cracked me up!!!

Good blog Bruce... took me forever didn't it?!?! After over 2000 views!!

Needs more than 3 kudos so here, you can have one of mine tonight....

Jun 18 @ 6:59AM  
As an addendum to my post, I'd like to add a couple
of whom I've seen their show live..

Redd Fox in Las Vegas when he headlined the old Thunderbird doing his
"Wash Ya' Ass" routine during a live taping for an album entitled the same


Rusty Warren in a hotel lounge on N. Central in Phoenix during a live taping of
one of her albums
(mind fart, I can't remember the name of the hotel )

Jun 18 @ 8:37AM  
I've seen Robin Williams do his show back in the 80's....he was amazing. I just saw Ben Bailey (Cash Cab) a few months ago....he was pretty funny. Last Friday, I saw Aisha Tyler ....she was pretty good!!!

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