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Name Something About Yourself That Other People Might Be Surprised To Know...

posted 5/20/2010 9:23:39 PM |
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tagged: people, life

We all have a few things in our lives that other people might be surprised to know. So is show and tell day.

Name something about yourself that other people might be surprised to know.

- I once won "Athlete of the Year" for 3 consecutive years when I was in school.

- I once wrote several award-winning speeches.

- I'm American...not Canadian.

Your turn...

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May 20 @ 9:44PM  
Name something about yourself that other people might be surprised to know

For a very brief time I was enlisted in the United States Air Force
(during the 1/4 mile jog, my knee gave out..bum discharged)

This fall I'm planning on going back to college to finish my degree. (one person here does know of that)


May 20 @ 9:52PM  
I'm writing my comment while nude.

I'm in my 12th season coaching soccer. Little league up to high school.

I had a try out with the San Fransisco 49ers.

I sell sports cards on ebay.

May 20 @ 9:52PM  
I once won "Athlete of the Year" for 3 consecutive years when I was in school.

- I once wrote several award-winning speeches.

- I'm American...not Canadian.

Based upon what you previously written and perceiving you to be an honest person, none of that surprises me. But my question is how many kids were in your graduating class. I feel I missed a lot of opportunities because my high school was huge with a graduating class of almost 1,900, second largest in the state of California.

Okay, back to the question.

Name something about yourself that other people might be surprised to know.

In the mid eighties I caught the second largest red snapper in Texas waters, over 22 pounds.

As a job counsellor for the state of Texas for over six years, I have won five recognized statewide awards for my performance.

My online professional writings have been read over three million times.

May 20 @ 10:12PM  
I'm a three time chili cook-off champion (2000, 2001 and 2003)

I won the top honor art award in high school, earned an art scholarship for college and I am the only professional artist in my graduating class.

I can wiggle my nose, write backwards and a winner of a hog calling contest.

May 20 @ 10:18PM  
My first poem was published when I was 12 in a literary journal when my English teacher sent it in without telling them my age.

At NYU I was the head of the cultural committee my senior year.

I went to finishing school. (Not my idea)

I leanred how to breathe fire way back when. Not something from the past I have any interest in doing now and wonder what was I thinking?

I thought of a few things like I am pagan and played drums in a rock band for 6 years but I think everyone pretty much knew all of that anyway.

May 20 @ 10:45PM  
Surprised about? Hmm what doesn't everyone know?

Did anyone know that I used to teach sunday school in a Christian Church?

(thinks that should rattle some cages)

May 20 @ 10:57PM  
Surprised about? Hmm what doesn't everyone know?

Did anyone know that I used to teach sunday school in a Christian Church?
I did that...
Hell,... yall know the rest...

May 21 @ 12:41AM  
I was the organist for my church for 10 yrs....through most of the '90's.

My name was drawn to be on the Hoosier lottery TV show back in 1992. I won a trip to the Bahama's which I turned in for the cash so altogether I won right at $8000.00.

Like RJ, I too can write backwards.

I didn't attend beauty college until I was 40 yrs. old and I was nearly a straight A student.

May 21 @ 12:48AM  

Was scouted by the Sox in the 50's

Won 7 scholorships in art, and turned down a job offer as a cartoonist for the Walt Disney Studios. Late 50's

Carried a Badge and Gun for a while in L.A. County.

Went on my first date when I was 29 yrs old.

May 21 @ 2:00AM can't beat any of youins...but that isn't the point is it???

I can write backwards with both hands...and forwards too.
I have a really big tongue....
I was a Girl Scout which means I was a Brownie too.
I had a paper route and went from 75 papers to 225 and bought a 300.00 racing bike with my money. My Dad made me start saving for college right after that purchase.
I Anything athletic I have always been great at and won ribbons and patches, but my fav is dancing and I was a decent ballerina.
I love to skate...roller or ice.
I taught pre-school at Sunday school on crutches cause I broke my ankle roller skating drunk with a spring break wet t shirt contest t shirt on and I was supposed to be at my Uncles for Dad made me pay the hospital bill, but the morphine and demerol was worth it.
I still have my first Shwinn.
I have seen Brad Pitt naked.
I had to cover up Samantha Mathis's pubic hair cause it was showing thru her costume on Super Mario Brothers movie...while I was workin on it.
I cussed out a producer cause all their LA employees were cuntards...
I used to win awards for diving...
I fucked the whole wrestlin team at UTK.
geeezzzzzzzzz...I married a man I knew for 6 years and I still love him, even though we are divorced and he sends me pig stuff for holidays.
I can make really cool pig noises...but I never won a hog callin contest.
I play the piano.
I hocked my guitar to go on spring break in 1979 to Panama City Fla.
I hitched hicked form Scottsdale. AZ to Pasadena when I was 15 to see...gee I just forgot who I went to see at the Rose parents got really made a me...oh yeah...Led Zepplin...must have been the dope...
oh lord...hmmmm....never had sex with an animal. but for some reason I wish I had been the chick that died fuckin that horse...wasn't she a queen or something???
I have more...but I have to go nighty Mom loves me and I love her and I think I am the luckiest girl in the world if for no other skating outfit she made me was pink...and so were my bunny balls on top of my skates!!!!


May 21 @ 2:24AM  
oh...ha! said Surprised to Know...what they hey...
Blog Hog Here!
I was employee of the month for a whole year at the first Wendy's in Jackson TN...I got 25 bucks each time and a plake hung on the wall. They thought it was called Murphey's by the end of the year.
I worked at my Aunt Peggy's Baskin Robbins and one Sunday her precher came in and saw me crying. My Mom had just called and told me our weenie dog Gretel had died. I told him and he said I should take one of the ice cream buckets home and bury her in it...needless to say I told him where he could stick the bucket...I got fired...but she is still my Aunt Peggy...
there was somethingelse...hmmm....
Oh yeah...I got my first bartending job at 17 in a bar at UTK...cause I had a fake ID and didn't know how to Dad was a salesman...he taught me how to sell myself.... ...that sounded kinda hookerish didn't it..... took me 3 years in college to get my first A in writing classes...
and I read for the blind to help pay for my edumacation! an A in Economics cause of that guy and I folded his socks to match...cause he couldn't see.

May 21 @ 5:23AM  
am really proud of 1bunnys acheviements

alls I got is... i try to be the best lover to my darlin wife and the best father to both our kids an the ones we look after....even when it may look like I fail dismally.

May 21 @ 7:25AM  
I slept with Tiger Woods!

I'm a strong swimmer & used to be on a swim team.
I also used to play soccer.
I can sing & play hand bells.
I can speak a little Spanish, Mandarin & Cambodian.
I once got fired from a job because of Evil Knievel.

May 21 @ 8:44AM  
As a junior in High School I was the only player on the Baseball team to get State Honors, it was for Pitching Varsity. I had 8 wins with 1 lose and pitched a 1 hit shut out. I was then cut my Senior year.


May 21 @ 9:22AM  
I'm not near as interesting, but here goes....

I am one of 22 kids, born to my natural mother

I was once on TV

Told ya I wasn't!!

May 21 @ 9:29AM  
If I told you, I'd have to kill you..And I really hate killing friends
Unless, of course, the price is right

May 21 @ 9:31AM  
Well some of this people here probably already know pretty much an open book but lets see.........

I have been a widow twice
I have 2 AAS degrees one in accounting and one in paramedics
I once worked in a funeral home doing the hair and make up on dead people
My children like to make me watch Old Yeller cause I always cry through it.
I was a boy scout. (our community was too small to have enough kids for either girl scouts or boy scouts so we all joined the boy scouts.........
I just celebrated 6 years of Sobriety last Saturday.


May 21 @ 10:24AM  
Something about me that people might be surprised to know? I really can't think of anything that interesting to be honest, but I'll try

I graduated with honors from college with a 4.0 GPA.

I write poetry (or I used to - the last poem I wrote was in 2004).

I don't like to cry openly and cry a lot when I'm alone (which is actually a lot of the time) and even though I might seem like a cold-hearted bitch, deep down I'm a very compassionate and caring person.

That last one wasn't easy to admit. That's it....I'm overall rather boring, I think.

May 21 @ 2:42PM  
Thanks Tassie...I have more, but....should I be embarassed????

May 21 @ 9:29PM  
I used to be a liberal hippy...

....J/K I hope some of you didn't pass out after reading that.


I used to play baseball through school
I had two majors in college
I graduated from the police academy years ago

That's just to name a few...

May 21 @ 10:02PM  
A few more of mine but I confess that I forgot to add a kudo for an excellent blog.

I think bunny is the winner of most interesting accomplishments and experiences:

But here are some more of mine:

I was on the UTK wrestling team when bunny rewarded us. I got in line three times (JK).

I wave worked with presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W, Bush (when he was governor).

I have done stand up comedy professionally.

I have been a radio disk jockey.

I portrayed Dave Lennox at a trade show.

I have sold jokes to Gallagher in the late eighties. One was when the Cowboys were bad before Jerry Jones bought them, but it was well known that they were up for sale: "Did you hear that there are two groups interested in buying the Cowboys and both are foreign? The sticking point is both want to change the team's name. One is in Tokyo and the other from the Philippines. If the group from Tokyo gets them, the name will be the Jap Zeros. If group from the Philippines prevails, they will become the Manila Folders.

May 21 @ 10:45PM  
Well Damn.... I had a fish hook Removed from the Palm of my hand Someone who was....a Presidents Secretary... retired! (Johnson's)!
Bunny Rocks!!! I Really Want to taste That!!!! (Bunny!)

May 22 @ 12:32AM  
I thought I might add a few more tidbits...

- I once performed medical chart auditing at several Oklahoma City hospitals.

- For a while, I worked as a workers' compensation insurance adjuster.

- I was a Camp Fire Girl when I was age 11 and 12.

- I once caught an 8 pound fish on a snoopy fishing pole.

- I once turned down a 4-year theatre scholarship to college.

- I once had hand surgery...and then caught a plane to Europe the very next day.

- I use to ride on a church bus called the "Joy Bus" and I would teach Sunday school on the way to church. I was 17 at the time.

- I helped develop a specialized audit software to be used in hospitals and served as technical support for this software.

Thanks so much for all your great comments. I really enjoyed learning a little bit more about you.

May 22 @ 1:15AM  
Damn, how could I forget... I have been paid for writing several articles on relationships, specifically divorce!!!

May 22 @ 2:25AM  
When I was reconstructing my house I squatted really low and fell back on a nail that stuck in my as and I had to ask a carpenter dude who was there helping me to pull it wasn't in my actually booty hole...but a bit to the side. A piese of lathing was stuck to it...lathing helps support plaster and I was knocking it all out
to prepare for sheetrock...ouch...
another house I was reconstructing, I was working in it all alone and didn't lock the door. 3 kids came in on me and made me get down on my knees and shot me in the head. The gun I am not dead....

May 22 @ 4:20AM  
When I was born, on Halloween night, I was not technically alive. Lack of blood-oxygen had caused me to be born anoxic. This was further complicated because my body started rejecting the transfusions they were giving me.

I was raised in an abusive household, and I tried to commit suicide twice. Both times the family covered it up.

I have three college degrees. An associates' in computer programming, a B.A. in Behavioral Psychology, and an M.ed. They are cum laude, magna cum laude, and suma cum laude, respectively.

While I've been in my share of brawls, the only person I ever seriously hurt in one was my own brother. I would have hurt the guy that hit me in the head with a hammer worse, but the little shrimp outran me.

I used to be a hacker. My specialties included exploiting flaws in Apple programs and systems and altering magnetic media.

One year, I managed to read 250 books.

I worked as a troubleshooting legal-medical liaison for a major insurance company, helping to manage one of their most successful east-coast departments.

While I've had multiple simultaneous partners, group sex situations, and polyamorous relationships I have never cheated on anyone.

May 22 @ 4:23AM  
And my legs reeeealy hurt right now.

May 22 @ 1:58PM  
I was adopted on Halloween! parents used to call me their little spook!

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