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Thinking of quitting? I am.....

posted 5/20/2010 5:12:25 PM |
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And maybe this can help! If anyone wants to try to kick the habit with me, I'll try to find a link into your area where they might be doing this research study.


Wow... I've never had 2 blogs in a row on the main page! lol

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May 20 @ 5:44PM  
Hell, I need to move to Tennessee. I have COPD and I am killing myself with cigarette smoking. My doctor asked me a couple of years ago, "When are you going to stop smoking?" I replied, "About 45 minutes after the incinerator in the crematorium is turned off."

May 20 @ 5:48PM  
When I am with my sister or my boyfriend..........neither of them smoke.........I can go hours without a cigerette and not even miss it and then i come home and its smoke smoke I get a cold and I am down to 3 cigs a day and they hurt like hell..........I start to feel better and its smoke smoke my plan is this..........I am going on a trip with my two sisters and visit relatives in Missiouri and than stay with my son and his family in KS we will be gone about 11 days.......none of these ppl smoke..........I am leaving my cigerettes and lighter at home.........While I am gone my daughter is going to go thru the house get rid of all the ashtrays........clean and she will start smoking out side.............I plan on coming home with 11 days of non smoking and I am not going to pick up another one of those things...................this is all in theory but I am hoping that I can do this..............

May 20 @ 5:51PM  
Dayna, I wish you great success!! It's going to be tough but being around the non-smokers will help! And I have faith in you that you can do it! Please try to check in and let us know how you're doing!!!

Bruce..... You're so funny! Better quit man! I'm going to end up with COPD or worse if I don't stop soon! And think of the money saved!!!

May 20 @ 5:54PM  
My oldest son quit smoking, finally, after the doctor asked him if he had his will made out yet when he is only 32. I think he is finally getting it through his head in the last couple of months that some things have to change.

May 20 @ 5:56PM  
2 days in the hospital with a nasty bout of bronchitis and no insurance was very convincing for me. Irony is....I had just gotten the Nicoderm CQ patches a week before. Luckily, my employer has a smoking cessation thing going on, and when they heard about this..they actually reimbursed me for the patches. Too bad I couldn't have convinced them to help me with the hospital bills.

May 20 @ 6:06PM  
Bruce, I dont want to bring anyone down, but my friend do anything you need to do to quit smoking..........of all the problems that Gary had it was the COPD that did the worse harm and made life so damn miserable. I will not go into details because for one thing even to this day it tears me apart to remember him struggling for air........the things we couldn't do because of him not being able to breath, having the Oxygen tanks to deal with was probably the easier part...........but the second reason I wont go into detail is because you probably already know what lies ahead for you if you don't quit smoking now..........I know its tough, I have smoked for 34 years and I am sure you have smoked even longer...........but I want to keep you around if nothing more than to irritate the shit out of us and keep us on our toes...........

May 20 @ 6:12PM  
Bruce..... You're so funny!

Thank you very kindly. I try to live up to my screen name though many have suggested that Turdsofshit would be more appropriate.

I get a cold and I am down to 3 cigs a day and they hurt like hell..........I start to feel better and its smoke smoke smoke.

That's me!! Hell, that is this week!!!

I don't have time to look it up so somebody is free to correct me, but, off the top of my head, I believe it was Mark Twain that said, "Giving up smoking is easy, I've done it hundreds of times."

May 20 @ 6:14PM  
Here's your Mark Twain quote Bruce:

Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times.
Mark Twain


May 20 @ 6:26PM  
We do what we wanna...If we really wanted to Quit... I'm sure we would!!! No Drugs...or other BS is gonna Make us Quit..Except.."Want too"!!!
I really Don't Want too!!!
I quit several years ago....for several weeks....but went back to smoking...Because I wanted too!!! I didn't do it because of the Addiction....but because I simply wanted too!!!
To each their own!!!

May 20 @ 6:27PM  
Yes, Ewe, you are correct. I need to deal with this yesterday, last week, last month, last year, last decade, last century, if not sooner.

I read a report on the CNN site citing COPD as the number five killer. There is no cure for this condition, but there are things that slow it down and giving up smoking is by far and away number one.

Due to family issues, I spoke with ex earlier this week for the first time in months (we have a positive relationship). She asked me about smoking as she had successfully quit six years ago. She asked me, "If you don't quit, you're going to die. Then what?" I replied, "Well, if somebody doesn't bury or cremate me, I'll probably start stinking." She didn't find that funny.

I am procrastinating until after Memorial Day, because I will take a five day vacation to the coast to be with my family by choice going back 35 years, of partying and everyone smokes. After that, no reasons or excuses.

May 20 @ 6:29PM  
Here's your Mark Twain quote Bruce:
Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times.
Mark Twain

Thank you very kindly!

May 20 @ 6:48PM  
I've never smoked...but I've seen countless friends struggle with this addiction. I wish you all the very best of luck...and I will be on standby as your cheerleader if you need a bit of moral support.


Kick it in the knee.


Kick it in the ass!


May 20 @ 6:57PM  
could teach ya'll an easy way but none will belive it works OR do what it takes to make it work

May 20 @ 7:43PM  
Well if I croak, actually not if, but when, you can go into my blogs and repost them. Over some formula that I am unable to ascertain, the results over time on this minor stage will encompass my 15 minutes of fame.

But I will leave you with my blog archives as a community service that include about 2,000 jokes including complete sets, that are actually funny, Many not seen on this site in over a year! WoW approved...yeah,


May 20 @ 8:11PM  
I don't smoke, but offer encouragement to my friends

May 20 @ 11:46PM  
"How Quickly Do the Benefits of Quitting Start?"

* "Just 20 minutes after your last cigarette, your blood pressure and
pulse rate drop to normal and the body temperature of your hands and
feet increases to normal."

* "A mere 8 hours after your last smoke, the carbon monoxide level
decreases and the oxygen level in your blood increases to normal."

* "Just 24 hours after your last cigarette, you substantially lessen
your chances of having a heart attack."

* "Two days after your last cigarette, you will notice that your
ability to taste and smell is enhanced."

* "Three days later, your breathing should be noticeably better
because your lung capacity will be greater."

* "Your circulation will improve and your lung functioning will
increase up to 30% within two weeks to three months after quitting."

* "Between one month and nine months, the cilia in your lungs will
regenerate, allowing your body to clean your lungs and reduce

* "One year after quitting, your risk of coronary heart disease is
half that of a smoker."

* "Five years after quitting, your risk of stroke is reduced to that
of a nonsmoker."

* "Ten years after quitting, the lung cancer death rate is about half
that of a continuing smokers. The risk of cancer of the mouth, throat,
esophagus, bladder, kidney and pancreas decreases."

* "Fifteen years after quitting, your risk of coronary heart disease
is that of a nonsmokers.

(U.S. Surgeon General's Reports (1988, 1990)


quit 3+ packs a day, 18 years ago,,, and still get an urge, now / then.

when you try quitting, but start back up,,, think of it as a practise for the time you will succede.

good luck all.

May 21 @ 1:04AM  
Last Sunday was my 6 month anniversary of my quit date. I occasionally have the urge...not a need or desire but the urge which is connected to the act of smoking, not the nicotine but I so grew to hate my clothes/hair/car/house....everything smelling like a dirty ashtray and that was the catalyst to make me not only quit but stick to it. I'd quit for 16 yrs before a long time ago then I picked it up again by thinking I could smoke just ONE

This time when those "I can smoke just one" thoughts ran through my head, I KNEW BETTER!! I soon learned everytime I wanted a cigarette, if I just waited out FIVE minutes, the urge would leave. It may have hit me several times an hour but I just resisted, found something to occupy my hands and it would go away. Those urges real soon began to get farther and farther apart.

From what I hear from long time ex-smokers the urge never totally goes away so I just accept that and I will choose NOT to smoke no matter how many times it hits me. This freedom from cigarettes is one of the most awesome feelings there is. I control me, not sticks of nicotine.

Good luck to all of you...

May 21 @ 5:37AM  
$24.95 for a packet of 50's...and I don't even smoke !!!

by the time I buy my wifes who can afford to ??

May 21 @ 9:30AM  
I quit cold turkey back in September. I have smoked a cigarette here and there when I've been out with friends drinking, but the last couple of times it actually make me sick to my stomach, so they really don't even interest me anymore. My sense of smell and taste has increased dramatically.

The only motivation I needed was for the price of a pack of cigarettes to get hiked up to $6/pack. Just wasn't worth it to me anymore.

If anybody is thinking of quitting, the first couple weeks are the absolute hardest. You just have to constantly talk to yourself and tell yourself that you do not want to smoke!!! I know it's easier said than done, but you can do it if you really want to!!!

May 21 @ 9:36AM  
Ynot has always told me that quitting smoking is like quitting day at a don't tell yourself that you can never smoke just choose not to smoke at this moment........and the next moment........and the following moment.........

I agree with what he is saying.........if you tell me I can never do anything again.........thats when I am more likely to want to do I have set a date June 10 cause thats the day I am taking off on my trip and I am choosing not to smoke.........

May 22 @ 2:37PM  
I need to quit! I waited on a man the other night and he was smoking an electric cigarette that is smokeless and you only receive the nicotine as you inhale. You can smoke it anywhere. The site is WWW.LITECIGUSA.NET...They have alot of products to choose from, but I am not sure which product he used/ It looked like the M31, but I didn't have time to discuss with him further. I wrote a message to the people on the site about my needs and am waiting for them to write me back about what product I should use and the necessary accessories to go along with such product. I will let you kids know if you are interested.

Jun 4 @ 9:54AM  
Ive smoked for years...I am getting pretty tired of it.Oddly enough I can go for hours w/o smoking,even quit during all 3 of my pregnancies,so I guess I need to figure out what my triggers are....
I know a big one is the one or two beers I enjoy in the evening,relaxing w/my guy in our really ver nice backyard......
Nope,just dont think Im quit ready yet...getting there though
"About 45 minutes after the incinerator in the crematorium is turned off

I used to drink my coffee.....Since Ive been here Ive learned to sip it,simply for the reason that I may read something thats strikes me as funny & actually laugh.......

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Thinking of quitting? I am.....