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Pervian Fairy Tale

posted 5/18/2010 1:52:17 PM |
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Once upon a time in the land of pervia there lived a sheep. Oh she was not a pretty sheep nor was she ugly. She was just a sheep. She was not a real smart sheep nor was she a dumb sheep. She was just a sheep. She was not always in Pervia sometimes she took mini vacations into the offline world. Sometimes she was funny, sometimes she was not.........she was a sheep who unlike many sheep really didn't need to follow any herd.

Now like any other sheep, she was accused of being a herd follower. See, as a sheep, she was never given the credit that at times when she seemed like she was following the herd......she was just agreeing with what the herd said........because that is what she believed in. In truth, there was no such thing as a herd in Pervia........there were a group of people who many times had the same ideas and opinions. A true herd would always follow the same path and have the same ideas. Anyone who visited Pervia knew that that was not the case. Many times the "sheep" of pervia disagreed on different subjects and had different opinons. In truth, if they were really sheep.......they sucked at it.

One day the big bad mouse came to Pervia. It is recognized that nomally in fairy tales it would be the big bad wolf, but in all reality the cloud of doom was no more of danger than a mouse, he could shit on things you had and he could try to chew holes in things you believed in, but he was of no danger to anyone. But like any normal household mouse...he could be a royal pain in the ass.

The sheep (or since proven....the nonsheep) of Pervia tended to ignore the mouse, and just step over the little mouse droppings. The shit he dropped was of real no consequence and although once in a while he got a rise out of some of the nonsheep of Pervia, it wasn't that he was right........just sometimes the nonsheep got tired of picking shit out of their shoes.

The nonsheep of pervia would have had theskwirl go after him cause they all knew that Skwirls could kill a mouse..........but she wouldn't do it........said that mouse nuts tend to be wrinkled and sour........and in some cases nonexistant......

One day the fairy Moderator came to Pervia. The Fairy Moderator looked around at all the nonsheep who were doing their very best to tip toe around to avoid stepping on mouse shit. The Fairy Moderator had a sad look on her face. (May have been a him but its really fucking hard to tell the sex of a Fairy Moderator in the clothes they wore) The Fairy Moderator looked around Pervia and saw that the nonsheep were not happy and the flowers were drooping..........You would think will all the mouse shit they would thrive on the fertilizer but apparently the Big bad mouse wasn't even good at giving decent shit........

So the Fairy Moderator waved his/her magic keyboard and hit delete. In a dark cloud of dust the Big Bad mouse disappeared. The Nonsheep of pervia danced in the streets of blogland because once again the blogs were void of shit. They knew like every other fairy tale that some time in the future they would once again be invaded by another big bad mouse or the same big bad mouse.........but for now the land of Pervia was able to walk without stepping in any of it......

And the moral of the story is a quote:

"Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."
— G.K. Chesterton

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May 18 @ 2:03PM  
Leaving a kudo for this one.

Thanks for writing such a lovely fairy tale.

May 18 @ 2:20PM  
Maybe Pervia needs to get a big old cat that likes to chase mice.

Kudos that is cute.

May 18 @ 2:51PM  
Long live non-sheep.

May 18 @ 2:53PM  
That's bully Wooly
Big ol' kudo for my fave lambykin

May 18 @ 2:59PM  

Uh; What's a sheep ? And where's Pervia ?
I'm just a Pilgram passing through.

May 18 @ 3:01PM  
The sad part is that once you have a mouse.. you've always got a mouse.. you may not see it for a while.. but it will be back.

And yeah.. mouse nuts.. ewwwwww.

May 18 @ 3:12PM  
The sad part is that once you have a mouse.. you've always got a mouse.. you may not see it for a while.. but it will be back

My dog Tazz welcome that. The only mouse I ever saw in my house she snapped it up.

May 18 @ 3:49PM  
I herd all that Ewe and here's your kudo.

May 18 @ 3:59PM  
...... Ewe got the power.

May 18 @ 4:17PM  
Are you certain that what you took to be a very large mouse was not a small rat instead?

May 18 @ 4:31PM  
Are you certain that what you took to be a very large mouse was not a small rat instead?
Yeah, I would have to ask that as well.

May 18 @ 11:07PM  
In truth, neither mouse nor rat, but I believe it's rather a fucking cockroach, as they are the only living creature that can survive even the damn freeze out around here equal only to the ice age! And sadly enough, some other site will exterminate and the little bastard will come crawling out of the woodwork here again.

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Pervian Fairy Tale