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What is CFNM?

posted 5/18/2010 5:36:47 AM |
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The term CFNM originally was coined in the UK, but I'm not 100% sure of this. It was to describe the type of men and women, that liked to be in situations where the woman liked being fully dressed, in their normal everyday clothing, and the men liked being completely nude, while they where around each other.
This was generally situations like male nude contest for women, male strippers for women only parties, nude male models for woman's art classes, men that had a clothing fetish that liked the feel of a woman's clothes against their bare skin, and similar situations.

Eventually the term CFNM made it onto the Internet and the first couple of sites, that where related to this, struggled to find suitable images form Movies, or real life situations that depicted any of these situations. So they posted just about any situation they found, in some movie, etc., that had a situation that was close enough.

As the term caught on and other CFNM related websites started popping up, on the internet, a lot of the other major sites that never had mentioned anything about CFNM, decided that there was enough interest in this to try to cash in on that term too. So you ended up with Cockold, S&M, BDSM, Hand job, etc. sites across the whole spectrum now claiming that you could find CFNM material on their sites. As you can guess, their content hadn't changed any, only they found a few pictures or videos that at least briefly had a woman fully or partially dressed, while the man just happened to be nude, and highlighted those as their CFNM content.

I wrote to one CBT site and asked them how they could claim that any of their content was CFNM, when it was all the same old stuff they always had and the women where very rarely fully dressed. The reply I got back, was that, the definition doesn't say Fully Dressed, or Fully Dressed All The Time, and the males are tied up and nude, so we don't see anything wrong with calling it CFNM. While that may be fine for them and false advertising to me, it was still not CFNM, no matter what they claimed, in my mind.

Another classic example of this, is fairly famous Cockold site, that is about a couple that are into the Cockold practice. That site had never showed more of the man, then his genitals. That is until the term CFNM gained attention, on the Internet. Soon I saw ads from this sit claiming that they where a CFNM site too. Curious as to how they could also claim this, I took another look at their site. What I found is that now they had started showing full pictures of the husband, completely nude, in the photo shots and in their videos. The wife had changed nothing about how she was dressed or shown. This was still very close to being faults advertising again, in my mind, since it was still the same old Cockold site that it always was, but unlike the majority of sites, at least they where making some effort to make their sited as much CFNM like as they could, while still maintaining it as their same old Cockold site.

Enough said about that past stuff, now onto the present time. It seems to have stuck that just about any site with any kind of fetish, is now claiming CFNM. It has become routine for BDSM sites to now claim that CFNM is part of BDSM. This is all fine, and I don't really mind that much. I'm not a strict CFNM person myself and tend to have a desire to be sexually submissive and sexually used by woman that are fully dressed, in their normal everyday clothes, while I'm nude for them. So, you see, I too am a little outside the basic/original definition or usage of the term CFNM.

One other thing that I would like to bring up. I find it quite humorous for sites that use terms like CFNM Humiliation, or similar. You can't really claim, that someone like me, that likes the idea being asked to strip off my clothes in front of some women and masturbate for them, is humiliation/humiliating. I'd love to be in a situation like that. It can only be humiliating, if the person is being asked to do something that they would feel humiliated by doing, not something that they would love to be asked or told to do. About all you could really claim for some of those sites and scenes that they come up with, is that they are doing nothing more then promoting the rape and or molestation of non-consenting men by women. This isn't to say that they don't have some scenes where the man is coaxed into willingly removing his cloths and allowing the women to manhandle him, but the percentage of those is small compared to the rest of the scenarios, on those sites.

So my basic point is, that now, on the bulk of Adult Internet sites, the term CFNM has involved to mean just about any situation where the woman is at least partially covered by anything for at least the briefest moment and the man, incidentally, happens to be nude. To me, this has completely ruined what CFNM really was and all for the sake of trying to bring more people to their sites to try to make more money, off of the increased traffic.

Updated to correct the wrong word use to false. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

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What is CFNM?


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May 18 @ 6:08AM  
Well, it's better than most of the blogs that are posted, well written, (faults should be false). Not my choice of topics but it beats Ben Wa balls, the terminally ill, and dying dogs who can't crawl through doors.....*S*

May 18 @ 6:41AM  
Druader this has nothing to do with you.



and i dont want to hear a word about feeding the trolls...sometimes a woman has to say what a woman has to say!


May 18 @ 11:11AM  
Good blog, Yeah , this is a little known fetish that has blown up.

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What is CFNM?