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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night... repost

posted 5/17/2010 6:36:12 PM |
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tagged: fuck, sex, story

(how many remember this story?)

Ok so it was a bright, sunny afternoon.. but somehow that doesn't seem to set the mood for what I want to convey here, so .. It was a dark and stormy night.

I entered the room, just itching for a fight. It had been one of those weeks, you know the ones? Where everything that could go wrong, went.. and dragged everything that could NOT go wrong along with it? Yeah.. that kind of week. I was ready for some knuckle dragger to step over the line.. ready? hell, I was begging for it.

I walked up to the bar and ordered a shot of 'bullet proof'.. that's takillya for those less learned in barroom linguistics. That one was so good I ordered me a couple more. Mmmm.. nothing like my good friend Jose to make the world a much nicer place.

Ahh now I am feeling a bit calmer. I survey the barroom, just a casual looksee to see who might be within harm's way should I get what I was after. Couple of suits at the table next to the jukebox. Three ol' vets at another table downing boilermakers and sharing war stories. Nope, none of them would do for what I wanted tonight.

I climbed up onto a barstool (remember I'm short.. it's a long way up there)and crossed my legs so that the skirt I was wearing would slide down my thigh just enough to get attention. Under the Boardwalk came on the juke.. that's one of my all time fave songs.. and since I can carry a tune I start singing along. That grabs the attention of the two suits. Oh great, here comes one of them. "Whatcha drinking?" Yeah.. that line never fails. "Bullet Proof, two down and three to go before I reach my self imposed limit, why? You buyin?"

Ahh here it comes.. I can see it bubblin under the surface.. his face goes that blotchy shade of red they get when they can smell what's cookin. "Depends, you dancin with me?" Hmmm, I never saw that comin did I? "Maybe, you puttin somethin slow and grindy on the box?" Dumb look.... pregnant pause... yeah baby pedal faster I got your number. "Yeah!", says he. "Well arright then. Let's get to it."

Mr. Suit's wedding ring is glitterin in my eyes as I lead him out on the dance floor. "So, you are married then?" "Yeah, but she doesn't understand me." Riiiight.. keep em comin big boy.. this is all new to me. Watch my wide eyed wonder as I look into your eyes and say... "I'd understand you baby." You bet I would.. I already know how this is gonna go.

Nice slow song comes on, something bluesy. I wasn't particularly paying attention to the song. I slide my arms up over his shoulders and wiggle in close. Hah.. fool is already hard and droolin in his nice grey suit. "So, you come here often?" Oh ... hah.. hmmm how should I answer that one? "Nope sunshine, I'm just here for the day... leavin at first light tomorrow." (Oh he KNOWS he has a live one now.) He doesn't need to know that the barkeep knows my address right?

"So, what's your name?" shit.. think up somethin quick... "Melissa." "Well Melissa it's nice to meet you, I'm... " I put my finger against his lips.. I don't wanna know your name baby.. that way I can't look you up later."

The door opens and HE walks in. His eyes immediately find me snuggled up nice and close with Mr. Suit.. wigglin my money maker and whispering in his ears. I know what HE is thinking.. damn.. there she goes again...

"So, honey, you feel like getting up close and personal with me?" "You know it baby doll." "Well .. arright' I say.. 'let's get out of here." I take his soft business man hand and stroll right on out the door with Mr. Suit. As we pass HIM, I toss my hair and give a little wink. Ohh.. I'll be seein YOU later honey.. and YOU had better be riled up.

We stumble across the parking lot to the hotel next door. "What room are you in Melissa?" , asks Suit. "Nope darlin, can't go there, my mom is sleepin.. let's go to your room. I don't care if your friend finds out."

Room 125... it's the business suite at the Holiday Inn... you know the one.. adjoining rooms with a door that locks from both sides? yeah that room. I notice that he pauses just before he opens the door.. guilty conscience? Yeah probably. So I bump up against his back.. making sure he feels my big soft boobs press against him. That speeds him back up! We are inside and alone at last.

I move with him toward the bed.. peeling his jacket off and tugging on his tie. "What's your hurry baby?", says he. "Come on darlin I just can't wait to get you naked.", says I.

I am NOT in the mood for niceties at this time.. I want it now.. I want it hard and I want it fast. I want to leave him laying in a puddle of his own sweat wondering what hit him. That's the plan..

And what a plan it is.. He isn't bad looking under all that polyester. Some nice broad shoulders.. a firm chest and just a hint of belly. Oh but look there.. a nice chubby bit of meat just begging to be rode hard and put away wet. I aim to please!

Back onto the bed I push Mr. Suit. He sprawls out.. pulling me along with him.. his hands grasp for my boobs so nicely filling out my top. I don't even bother with undoing my bra.. just pop them free. Under my tiny skirt I am wearing only what the Goddess graced me with.. so that's not an issue. I lean forward and nip his chest.. to get his attention. "Honey I... " shhhhh.. I don't want you to talk.

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May 17 @ 6:36PM  
. I don't want you to matter. I reach in my little pocket and pull out the rubber I had 'just in case'. Yeah.. Just in case... riiiiiiight.

Hey.. they do it to us don't they? I mean, it is alright for us to get even now and then right? I mean.. Right?

I cover his hot and throbbing member and then climb aboard cowgirl style. "Hey, aren't you even going to kiss me?", he manages to gasp between grunts. No way in hell I am kissing this man.. no way.. he is just a ride. I don't answer.. just reach down and pinch both of his nipples and continue riding. Faster and faster my ass bounces on his thighs.. I can feel his release starting to build.. he is getting even stiffer than before. I let go my own of those short, concise.. that was nice kinds. Nothing worth writing home for.. wait for his.. yeah, I will give him that much... That much and no more.. "Come on.. cum for me honey", I say.. and he does. I can see that he is feeling a bit overwhelmed.. just a touch. Good.. I told you I was itchin for a fight. This was the next best thing..

I crawl off him... adjust my skirt, pop my boobs back inside my bra and top... throw a five on the bed.. "Nice to meetcha Mr. Suit." And leave.

After leaving the hotel I stopped by the bar for one more shot of courage.

I had never pushed HIM quite this far before and I was a bit trepidatious as to what might happen when I got home. My mind started making up tomorrow's headlines. 'Local Woman Beaten to Death... News at 6' I mean, I knew that he had supreme self-control, but my head was going 99 miles an hour.

As I walked the six blocks to home, what moisture was left over on my thighs from my last encounter dried up. Hell my mouth dried up. Every little noise had me nearly jumping out of my skin.

But, as I neared the house, the anger returned. WTF? The lights were all out... what?... Did he just come home and go to sleep? Did I go too far and he didn't even come home?

I unlocked the door and stepped inside, kicked off my shoes without turning on the lights. I know my way around. I pushed the door shut and clicked the lock. I never realized he was behind me til I felt his hand in my hair as he spun me around and slammed me up against the door.

"You little whore! Did you really think you could play this game and I would do nothing?" I felt a sharp edge of fear , a thrill, run through my body. He grabbed the front of my shirt and ripped it and my bra from my body.. my skirt soon suffered the same fate. That's one outfit I won't be wearing again. But Oh MY GAWD... I was so incredibly turned on by this edge of violence. "Here it comes, I thought, HE is gonna lose some of that infernal cool of his!"

And then, then.. the bastard turned and walked away! WTF? Oh NO YOU DON'T!!

"Pussy boy", I muttered under my breath. "What did you fucking say bitch?" I knew I should have shut up then but my mouth evidently wasn't getting the messages from my brain. "Pussy boy!"

"You are just beggin for me to treat you like the whore you are, aren't you slut?" (oh gawd yes.. duh.. what the hell do you think this is all about.. but all I said was.. ) "Pussy boy!"

He grabbed me by both arms and literally dragged me to the bedroom where he threw me.. not at all gently onto the bed. Before I could catch my breath he had ripped my legs apart and slapped me sharply on the puss. Oh shit that stung! But I liked it.. heaven help me, I liked it. He reached in the drawer and pulled out the manacles. Oh yeah.. the manacles! Quite efficiently and coldly he jerked them onto my ankles and then hooked them to the hooks on the foot board. I couldn't help it.. I started shivering all over. "What are you afraid of bitch?, he said, this is what you wanted from me isn't it?" (Oh hell yeah) But I said.. nothing.

He continued tying and trussing me up til I was spread out on the bed like a sacrifice. Then he tied a blindfold over my eyes so that I couldn't see what he was going to do... hell I half expected him to just walk away and leave me all trussed up for the cops to find in a week or so when I had been missed. Luckily that's not what happened.

He jerked my hips up off the mattress and pushed a big foam pillow under my ass..I know this left me all spread open and many vulnerable bits exposed. I didn't care. I wanted it!

Snap! I felt the sting of the flogger over my exposed and very tender flesh.. snap again. Damn.. that stung! He must have noticed my mewling under my breath because he stopped. DAMN! Wait.. what was that noise? Did he leave? Shit.. oh shit... no.. He can't leave me like this.. can he? I mean.. can he?

I know an hour passed.. maybe two before he came back in. In reality it was probably only ten minutes but.. it seemed like forever. OH. That was cold, what was that? ice?? No! Oh No! He wouldn't.. But he did.. oh gawd.. he did.. Evidently he had come straight home and put that dildo in the freezer because as he parted my ass cheeks with it.. it almost burned it was so cold! Luckily there was a little bit of residual moisture left.. because he unceremoniously plunged it into my tight little butt hole. I couldn't help it.. I shrieked!

"NO, you fucking bastard.. You can't do this to me... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

He just chuckled and twisted my nipples hard. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuugh! I must have levitated on my head and tip toes as my body arched involuntarily.

"Remember, you wanted to play this game slut!" he said. At that moment I honestly couldn't remember my own name let alone whether or not I wanted to play this game. But He wasn't finished yet. Not by a long shot.

I felt him get on the bed, his weight shifted the mattress slightly so that the freezing dildo pressed hard against the membrane between ass and pussy. I thought it was gonna break! He positioned himself between my legs and slammed his rock hard and overheated cock deep inside me. No warning.. just slam.. I couldn't help it. I swear I couldn't. I shrieked again!

"This is what you were begging me for all night, isn't it?", He asked. I didn't answer so he grabbed a handful of my hair and asked again... "Isn't IT??"

"Yes... oh god YEEEESSSSSSS!

He fucked me so hard.. his cock pressing against that cold dildo through only a very thin layer of flesh. The sensation was too much! I came.. I came so hard I thought I was going to break. I didn't cum a little, I could feel it flowing over my ass cheeks and warming the end of the dildo a little bit. I could

May 17 @ 7:02PM  
Well crap crap THAT'S a story!!! Gaud I like sex like the game, alittle rough stuff..... Mmmm hmmmmm.....yes I do....sigh....

Slippin a kudo under ur mattress....

May 17 @ 7:13PM  
(Um...I don't think she's done yet, Softie. That was only TWO...!!!)

May 17 @ 7:28PM  
well shit just realized the last of the story is gone.

I couldn't stop cumming!

He fucked me til he was almost ready to cum.. then he pulled out.. moved over to the top of the bed and must have stroked his cock til the cum spurted.. I felt the first blast hit my cheek. "Catch it you slut.. come on you little whore, eat my cum!" I tried.. but I was blindfolded so I couldn't really see where it was going. I ended up with cum everywhere.. all over me. And I LOVED it!

He moved again.. and pulled the dildo out of my still spasming ass. smacked me lightly on the pussy and then started undoing the bonds.

He gathered me in his arms and whispered... "That was a fun game.. when can we do it again?" Then he kissed me and snuggled me up close. "I love you, you crazy woman." " I love you too baby!"


May 17 @ 8:12PM  
*a black velvet glove emerges out of the shadow, places a Kudo of real emerald on your desk, then disappears*


May 17 @ 8:43PM  
I have not been here at AMD for awhile , you Ravishing Rodent , but....
if this blog does not deserve a kudo, I just do not begin to understand one that does ....have mine and enjoy !!!

May 17 @ 9:10PM  

Leaving my nuts on the bed for you too.

May 17 @ 10:17PM  
mmmmmm Yes I do remember this one............

Kudo for you..............

May 18 @ 12:48AM  
Whew dark and Stormy favorite kind!!!! Shiny green thingie!!!!

May 18 @ 1:18AM  
Damn Skwirl that was a long read but I like you so I read it. Why didn't you just say it was a dark & stormy night when I got fucked in the ass.

May 18 @ 3:44AM  
I don't remember this story because I've never seen it before.....but I'll sure as hell never forget it now!!

fabulous!!!!!!! ....kudos...skwirly girl

May 18 @ 5:44AM  
Why didn't you just say it was a dark & stormy night when I got fucked in the ass.

Pure class.

May 18 @ 9:04AM  
I remember this story!

Leaving a kudo for the repost.

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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night... repost