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So, if I were to post 10 blogs.......

posted 5/17/2010 11:45:58 AM |
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tagged: humor

One after all would tell me I'm rude?

Well, dang!!! Now I've gotta save all of these blogs I've written out for today because I might get told I'm rude. Ya know..I've got tender feelers....I just might have to get even with all of you by.........................I don't know..................gonna have to think on that. Can't do the password requests...that is so lame. And I'm just not that bored that I'd live my day to do that to others.

I know! I'll just post endless blogs about my dogs exploits!

Ok...I'm gonna put the smart assed side of me away for the day. Sorry it slipped out. NOT

*This blog was intended for chuckles, grins, etc...any bitching will result in the comment being blown up*

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May 17 @ 11:54AM  
You could post blog after blog about politics

May 17 @ 11:54AM  
No takes even less than that for me to inform you of your rudeness.............

Maybe I should have specified to the fact.......if a person writes 10 blogs that don't get a comment they should understand one of two things.................A: No one gives a fuck or B: No one gives a fuck..............and maybe start writing less blogs............Yep I am for censoring the number of blogs each person can have.........never thought I would get to that point...........but I am sure I am not the only one tired of sorting through dozens of bullshit blogs that no one reads to get to the decent one.........Hmmmm excuse me...... perhaps need to go take my anti bitch pills..........

May 17 @ 11:56AM  
No takes even less than that for me to inform you of your rudeness.............
That quick huh?

In all seriousness.....I totally agree with everyone.

May 17 @ 11:58AM  
You could post blog after blog about politics

Oh if I want to do that....I can go over to the vanilla site. They are nuts over there with the political blogs.


May 17 @ 11:58AM  
Fuck that shit! Be all kinds of rude then if thats what they wanna call it! Us writers call it prolific, baby! Besides, Id rather U post something actually worth reading than have 2 face reading another blog by...well...shit!

U know, my mom always said if U have nothing nice 2 say...


May 17 @ 12:00PM  

Good Grief, am I really posting that often.

May 17 @ 12:18PM  
I don't really get into this stuff on a personal level, but when I see zero comments repeatedly I realize others are avoiding those blogs. There's usually a good reason why that happens, but I think for myself, so I'll read the blog, but won't comment when I see it isn't worthwhile.

Some bloggers are prolific which is fine, but I don't have too much time to write. Plus not all of my blogs will be popular because I don't write for the masses. It's great for those who do, but I don't blog to be popular or to stroke my ego... and I'm NOT implying that others do, but it's clear to see who has a following and who does not... it's the way of the world and I choose not to take it personally.

May 17 @ 12:46PM  
You could always set the browser to reiterate views...oh shit, already been done, lame rerun policy, sorry. It is so damned difficult to attempt to relate to the mind set of the cyber kamikaze.

I guess you could always speak your mind unabashedly and get blocked or bitched at like I do. That type of sociopath would probably cream their jeans in delight. I am just too content with my identity and ignore it. Gee, I miss out on so much fun by my attitude combined with laziness,

I could just spend my time turning my puter loose on password requests or running up views to those who resent my mindless drivel that nobody gives a rat's fuck about. But I can't because my posts, and others, get comments from other members.

Logical and emotional thinking can be such an impediment to enjoying the simple pleasures of life afforded by cyber space. There is so much potential to being the center of attention in being a sociopath. How else could anyone so lacking in socially redeeming value get this attention to fill the void in their real life?

May 17 @ 1:06PM  

Bring anyone to mind?

May 17 @ 1:34PM  
This just really tickled MY funnybone:

I guess you could always speak your mind unabashedly and get blocked or bitched at like I do. That type of sociopath would probably cream their jeans in delight.


May 17 @ 1:57PM  

And there's my 2 cents worth.....

May 17 @ 2:06PM  
Is the ten blog thing a challenge? cuz I can do that.

May 17 @ 2:54PM  
Is the ten blog thing a challenge? cuz I can do that.

So can I. I will just post endless political blogs quoting MSNBC. Might was well even things out since a certain person like to quote that other network all the time.

May 17 @ 2:59PM  
I have a shit load of them that I can repost! Reruns? Hell yeah. Stale? probably. Lame? Never. One out of three over the course of the season will get you in the running for the MLB batting title.

May 17 @ 3:20PM  
I could post the lame email forwards I get on a daily basis....even the ones about sending to 10 people within a certain amount of minutes or you will have bad luck or whatever the case may be......

May 17 @ 3:27PM  
Surely this will set off several more pastes from FAUX News
But I guess when you Know All, ya' just gotta' share it

May 17 @ 6:20PM  

Just hi-jackin'......anybody wanna???

May 17 @ 6:37PM  
yes yes it I do!

May 17 @ 8:38PM  
In all seriousness.....I totally agree with everyone

And that's what makes you boring!
That's really going to put you on cloud nine in here.

May 18 @ 9:17AM  
Two comments were deleted because there will be NO antagonizing or harassing on my blogs.

May 18 @ 10:29PM  
Really? Mr. Identity crisis? Miss your mind much? What's it take for you to get a damned hint? The mods don't want you causing trouble. Go play in traffic or something else intelligent would you?

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So, if I were to post 10 blogs.......