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AMD Week in Review

posted 5/16/2010 7:06:41 PM |
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tagged: review

Something all of us have noticed lately is that someone has such a “wonderful” life that they like to hike up the views on blogs. All I’ve got to say to the person(s) doing so is thank you….I sure like that my blogs are so interesting that they get over 500 views. And I’m sure the others love that their blogs are so popular that they get over 500 views too. Isn’t that just so cool that a blog has such profound effect on someone that they have to back over and over and over and over again? (insert sarcasm font….I REALLY wish there was one of those!) So..why bring that up? Views were one of the methods I’ve used in the past to determine whether to put a blog in the Review. For that past few weeks, I have given up on that method. In fact, since the lurker most likely noses in on the Review, I’m not going to say the how’s and why’s a blog makes it or doesn’t.

We will start off with a welcome to another new blogger, angelofdebauchery who asked “How’s your back?” My back is just fine…sometimes it aches…..oh….OOPS!! Should have read the blog more before commenting. That blog was HAWT!

Wordsofwit asked about “Brand loyalty”. I like my Breakfast Blend by Maxwell House, and when it comes to my laundry..Tide only. Now, when it comes to vehicles….as long as it has all 4 tires, runs good, and gets me to work and back…I don’t care if it’s Ford, GM, Chrsyler….. but I do prefer Jeep.

flavorbuster raises the issue of “VEHICLE TELEVISIONS” TV in the front seat area? I can understand it for back seat passengers, but, front seat??? Seems stupid to me.

And this week we see the return of TexasRacer with “cybersex ” Poor WellHung…just can’t win, even in cybersex.

ladybootscooter stopped in to tell us she is “STILL CANCER FREE!!!!!” That is just so GREAT!!!!

RevDocLove told us about “A Little Lost In The Translation???” Yep…”wheelie bin” misinterpreted as “really been”. How can that happen I wonder?

Ynot7769 had “A legal question” Honestly, I don’t know if there is any laws on the books for “statuetory” rape or any “moosedemeanor”. Been trying to find that, but haven’t found it yet. I’ll keep looking, but it’s gonna cost an extra few hundred bucks. (and I ain’t talking about deer either!)

KayJay19 stopped in with “Psychology of Dreams” I’ve often wondered what dreams mean myself. I mean, the one where I hit the mega millions with a jackpot of 1trillion…I would love for that to come true.

TheSkwirl stopped in to say “Happy Mommy’s Day..even to those who aren’t technically mommies” awwww..she can be such a sweet heart!!!! (she told me to say that btw ) Seriously though…she is.


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May 16 @ 7:18PM  
mrknowuwell said “I FINALLY FOUND HER” Careful there …..Ewe_wish might get a little bit jealous . Might not be in your best interest to broadcast that you’ve been sneaking around on her.

RevDocLove said “Fuckin DUH!!!!!” It is a wonder that someone out there is so dumb, they need directions for using car jack that would say “for lifting purposes only”, or, a warning of causing drowsiness on a bottle of Nyquil. C’mon!! The commercial for that stuff says “so you can SLEEP better”! But you know, out there someone had to have done something stupid in order for the stupid warning labels you see.

PinkToeNails wished all mom’s “Happy Mother’s Day!!!” So, I figure, my dogs are my “kids” basically, and believe me..they can act like kids..the two sisters, Princess and Tazz, quarrel. Although…sending them to a corner doesn’t work. They look at me like I’m insane. NO COMMENTS!

whisperingcomet’s blog “Mother’s Day” gave us all a chance to pen a note to our mothers on their special day.

cottoncandydragon stopped in to talk about “Unusual abilities” I have never seen anyone who can stick out their tongue and touch their own ear….I want to see that!!!!

Weylinalastair told us about “Concerning the ecological disaster in The Gulf Coast” Yes, the oil spill is a disaster, there is no denying it. And it will effect us for years to come. Let’s just hope that the clean up moves along swiftly and they find a way to stop that leak soon. Too much has already leaked, and it’s gushing out more each day.

And tassie1 said it for us….”everyones sick of their fkn valentine” Ok tassie……tell us how you really feel now. Well, guess he did because he came back with “ha ha” I think he’s been having fun with someone.

max49 told all about “A Wonderful New Product” BOOK…aka as “Built-in Orderly Organized Knowledge” device. I think I may have a few of those laying around. Ya know…gotta have the “latest thing”.

flavorbuster told us about some “NASTY FUCKERS” EWWWWWWWWWWW….people getting turned on by creepy crawlers crawling all over them????????????? There’s kinky, then there’s gross….and in my opinion…that falls under “gross”!

soft_touc938 came back and told us about the “Bobby Vinton show” she saw. Sure, he’s older, doesn’t look so big anymore, but, by the sounds of it…he still put on a good show. And, she’s going to see The Oak Ridge Boys next. Glad you’re back with us Softie.


May 16 @ 7:24PM  
Ynot7769 asked “Who Wants A Deep Fuckin`?” ummmmmmm….not quite that deep.

onehornytoad69 asks “Why is it….”Well, I would say be open and honest with all the ladies. Lies have a way of biting back.

purplesage stopped in with another of her writings in “Short Story 3” I give her a thumbs up.

Sunshine79 brought “Condoms To Cream” to our attention. No, not the cream you spread on your lovers body to lick off, or shoot onto your lover …a cream that is supposed to replace condoms. Ummm..yeah…no thanks. I’ll stick with the condoms…seems safer to me.

soft_touch938 shared “And so I have…..” A summer time poem about Summer Flowers Beautiful poem..could visualize the flowers. Her little fishies are doing good, and she’s discovered just how greedy those cute little birds can be. Not to mention how they “decorate” a car.

whisperingcomet told us about her “New job” Go comet!!!!!!!!! Hope the new job is working out for you.

RevDocLove gave us “A Couple Of Cuties” No no no…not THAT kind… I’m talking about a couple more stories about Little Johnny. Poor kid thought the UPS guy wanted to buy his mother.

max49 told us about Little Johnny’s escapades in “Most Wanted” Ya know..Johnny had a legitimate question as to why not keeping the person after taking the picture. Oh, don’t know about anyone else, but I loved Johnny’s version of Moses parting the Red Sea.

Straddlemynose came with “Ladies, what did you crave during your pregnancy?” Been having cravings lately? Or does he know of someone having cravings?

Ynot7769 gave us “Part 1 of The Home Cumming” Yes…he is writing some erotica. .and he’s good at it!! Part 2 was pretty good also. I know he said he was working on Part 3...just wondering if the research is taking longer than he anticipated.

RevDocLove ponders “If The World Was Fair”…Imagine….if beer was like Viagra…. wives/girlfriends wouldn’t wear out their toys as quickly………….maybe.


May 16 @ 7:30PM  
SpunkyRed said “Pardon me, while I take a nap” Wow…all those pro’s taking naps while they are supposed to be working. Ya know…been plenty of times at work where I’ve thought it a good idea to take a nap..but… they inspect the rooms. So..gotta wait till I get home.

ThePurpleProphet is back…and in his blog he wanted some feedback on “My third video” PP….please remember Straddle’s thing for women’s feet….

Straddlemynose had back2back blogs in first up, “Arizona gov. signs bill targeting ethnic studies” I can’t help but think if in the public schools that classes cover EVERYONE..there shouldn’t be a need for separate ethnic study classes. WTF do they think the “UNITED” in United States is supposed to mean? Ok, now onto this’s very important.. Ryan Seacrest solves the mystery of Donald Trump’s hair”. Ok…so it’s not a toupe`…it’s still one FUGLY comb over.

Ynot7769 says “so tell me…you can trust me” Earth shattering smooches… something had him feeling cuddly that night. Smooches?

PinkToeNails shared a video “Paparazzi”. No, it wasn’t Lady GaGa, but a kid who I think sang the song better than she does. One talented kid there!

Straddlemynose asks “Who do you think is going to win American Idol?” ummmm…. the person the viewers like the most? I can’t say who because I haven’t watched it.

And we had surv6969 come in with “Password”..Yep, he’s been attacked with that annoying, bored individual who has dedicated his/it’s life to trying to annoy Pervians. the fool has succeeded on some level. But us ladies are the winners here because it brought Surv back.

Wordsofwit gave us “The rest of the story before you read it” Some, if not all, of us are guilty at one time or another of forwarding emails that we think have some merit. I always say….if you really want to know…the internet is a wealth of information.

Texaxtigress stopped in to rant a little in “Men and their penis size perception” Nothing is more annoying than when someone embellishes about themselves, and when it comes to the face to face meeting…the truth comes out. As I’ve always said…stick with the truth…lies are just a waste of time.

Ewe_wish shared some “Alice Cooper’s DNA” No, she’s not giving away anything containing his DNA…. she was telling Pervia about a concert her daughter attended. I found it to be cool that her daughter could get a live recording on a USB flash drive and was able to burn it onto a DVD. So much for the old days of waiting for a live record/cassette/cd coming out!


May 16 @ 7:37PM  
ThePurpleProphet says to “Get them before they’re gone” Yep, he had a sale this week…$9.99 on “real doll” that looks like our very own PurpleProphet. He even says his….errrr…the dolls lips are soft.

SpunkyRed said “Here are some funnies…..Enjoy!!” Ya know…that pirate in the first one, really should have used his good hand when wiping the seagull dropping out of his eye. Then again, maybe he wanted to make his pirate look authentic?

PinkToeNails gave us “Follow up on Frisky’s blog” Ya know…I’ve gotten emails like that…offering to send money if I go on cam and get nekkid. I’ve always thought they were just bullshitting…you mean there is one who would actually send money????????? Ok….all kidding aside, if you’re going to accept money from someone for any reason, don’t broadcast it to a bunch of strangers… you’re not putting a very good image of yourself out there. Unless you’re someone who could care less what others think of you.

onehornytoad69 asks “What’s your….” Favorite movie? I’ve already answered that…oh..wait…he’s talking about adult beverages… (aka booze). Beer is ok…but I’ve always liked the mixed drinks more.

Soft_touch938 says “Pfffftttttttttttt…piece of cake….” Yeah, those digital cameras are easy to figure out.. and once ya do, they’re fun!

KitKat25 shared “Love After Work” HOT!!! That was great! Hope she will be sharing some more stories. How about it Kit?

RevDocLove warned us about a virus in “Warning: Virus” WORK…so, that’s what happened to my party life. I think maybe it’s time to get to the doctors. I’ve tried the home remedy, the bar with a couple of friends…didn’t help any. Might need something stronger.

And KitKat25 asked us to come up with a list of guests for A Famous Dinner Party. Would need a football stadium for sure….could you imagine the Three Stooges in a house?

flavorbuster exclaimed “THEY ACT LIKE THEY WANT TO START ANOTHER WAR” Yep, some more insanity in the world… as if there isn’t enough already. I will say this, RJ had a REALLY good point in learning the “Native Language ”……stop and think about it folks…English is not the “original’ language here.

Ynot7769 says this is “MY Thought For The Day…And Night…” Melting ice cream? Ok. I just never pictured Ynot as melting ice cream.


May 16 @ 7:44PM  
PeechyKeen gave us “Semantics: Want vs. Need” It truly is amazing how our wants and needs can change over time. What I used to want in a man 20 years ago is so different in what I want today.

onehornytoad69 asked “Toys……Your thoughts?” Toys are fun. Simple enough. Seriously…some toys are great to use with a partner…. of course, every person has their favorites.

RevDocLove gave us “Top 11 Dog & Cat Characeteristics” Yeah, it’s pretty good…. I’ve got to show this list to my dogs and cats… cause they have a couple of these things a little backwards.

Sunshine79 brought up “Uniforms in Public Schools” Should they or shouldn’t they? I’d say, in today’s world…it would most likely be best for the kids. Of course, if I were still in school..I’d say no way!

soft_touch938 told us “How I spent my Friday” She and her sister went to look at gorgeous guys…errrr.. ok, fireplaces. The gorgeous guy came into the picture when he first sold Softie an electric fireplace, then later tried helping her sis decide on which fireplace she wanted. Good thing sis had Softie with her…watching out for her.

RevDocLove said “Welcome Back”…awwww….Rev is being nice. He must be in a good mood.

RJ53 in her blog “Childhood TV Shows” wanted all to share our favorite non cartoon shows and then favorite Saturday morning cartoons. Anyone remember H.R. Puffinstuff? Or Lidsville? I used to LOVE those shows when I was a kid. There are some cute shows on today..but they don’t compare to those golden oldies.

And RJ’s blog inspired a series of childhood memory blogs. Next came Wordsofwit with “A Rainy Weekend….What Did You Do?” Well….that would have depended on if Mom could have kept us kids in the house in the first place. Then it is onto PinkToeNails blog “I guess it’s flashback night!” She asked what we did on warm sunny days as kids…..Ya know… I should ask Mom if she would like for my sisters and I to be kids again. Ok, next in line is KitKat25 asking “Who Was Your Favorite Childhood Crush?” I gotta say… was a fun night looking back. I remember being a kid wanting to hurry and grow up and Mom always saying..”enjoy it now because you’re a kid for such a short time”. She was right!

RJ53 asked about “Biography Title” My biography title? I think it would be something like “Rock N Roll All Night”. Because I’ve always loved my rock music, and up until a few years ago…I loved partying. I remember plenty of times going to work just a little hung over.

And we will wrap up this one with a blog by Straddlemynose “Ladies, have you or would you ever try Ben-Wa Balls”. Ok….I had never heard of these..seriously. Now I’m curious about the things.

And that will wrap it up for this week. At least Straddle got a “normal” blog in. Well, normal for Straddle that is.

May 16 @ 8:03PM  
Thank you once again for including my blog in your AMD week in review. I'm enjoying being here and reading everyone's blogs. I don't always have time to comment on all of them. You are doing a wonderful job!

May 16 @ 8:16PM  
The check is in the mail Sugar

You done good gurrrrly!

May 16 @ 8:41PM  
Great review

May 16 @ 9:29PM  
Very good review as usual, Dawn! Kudo!

May 16 @ 9:33PM  
Ok Sugar...Im ok with not being mentioned this week. Mostly cuz I didn't write anything, but also just cuz I feel like being reasonable. Dont worry...Im sure it will pass!



May 16 @ 9:41PM  
As usual Sugar...this review rocked!

Thanks for the mention...and for all your hard work.

This standing O is for you.


May 16 @ 9:47PM  
I had your kudo in my hand and I walked right out the door and forgot to give it to you.

Leaves a kudo on her way out the door.

May 16 @ 10:10PM  
I actually look forward to the WIR. I think if you miss one we'll have to wrestle.

May 16 @ 11:34PM  

May 17 @ 4:15AM  
a fabulous week in review!.........I really need to visit blogland much more often......I had no idea I was missing out on so much ......thank you for the mention of my very first blog as do wonderful work.....kudo's to you

May 17 @ 5:00AM  
hmm, nice view down here looking up ^^

I got a mention

not once but twice

me? having fun with someone.
I can request,request, request too...

f#ck 'em, give em as good as they dish out

p.s, i like your 200 views too.

May 17 @ 5:14AM  
Awesome Job lady!!!!
You put a lot of time into it!!!
A Greenie is the Best I can do!!!! Sorry!!!
But here's a Little Sugar...Sugar!!

May 17 @ 6:43AM  
This gal does a great job on her weekly reviews! We appreciate you for all your hard work on this and your great sense of humor!!

Thanks Dawn!!!


May 17 @ 11:15AM  
Just so ya know....I came (no pun intended)....I read....I liked and left a trail of kudos....but rules say you can only choose one but it'll be the best one for an awesome week in review...

May 17 @ 12:09PM  
WHAT?? You're not reviewing all of the blogs??? I am shocked, I am outraged..........I am totally amused................

Thanks for the mentions sweetie.............and as usually JOB WELL DONE!!! Kudos..

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