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Wishin I were a Monkey !

posted 5/16/2010 12:58:16 PM |
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tagged: fun, animals

Makes me want to be a Monkey...and you will too!....what's a monkey chip??? ...and what's it doin in my mouth???

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May 16 @ 1:20PM  
You just want monkey sex.

That was cool though.

May 16 @ 1:25PM figured me out!

May 16 @ 1:30PM  
I love monkey sex...when it's with the right guy.

Cute clip Ms. Bunny.

May 16 @ 1:39PM  
Hiya Kit Kat! ...wishin I was as limber as that there monkey!

May 16 @ 1:44PM  
wishin I was as limber as that there monkey!

I hear ya. Good gosh...he did at least 100 somersaults in that video clip. Yanno...he probably doesn't need anyone to help him get off...if yanno what I mean...

May 16 @ 1:54PM  
I sent you that message in private! ...we all know monkeys are big yankers ...I was just wondering if the monk monk jacked Rosco (the dog) looked like the monk monk was in love love!!!

May 16 @ 2:05PM  
...I was just wondering if the monk monk jacked Rosco (the dog) looked like the monk monk was in love love!!!

Well...I wasn't gonna say anything. I was thinking of Rosco's feelings...and trying not to gossip behind his back.

May 16 @ 2:07PM  
I have no idea how this turned into a sex blog??? I kinda felt sorry for the times he looked a bit man handled! WTF...the elephant didn't get any credit!...he was the one with the large TRUNK!!!!

May 16 @ 2:22PM  
I kinda felt sorry for the times he looked a bit man handled!

LMFAO!! Yep...he was the monkey's bitch alright.

Okay...I'm in a sassy and silly mood today. I didn't mean to take the focus off the elephant and his trunk.

And you're right...the elephant was totally snubbed!

I will behave now...and stop hijacking your blog.

May 16 @ 2:43PM  
There's a little something for everyone in the clip... we each get what we need out of it whether it's an ape, canine, elephantine or human thing... that's it's universal appeal... sex and/or friendship is a beautiful thang!

A greenie 4 U!

May 16 @ 3:04PM  

May 16 @ 3:33PM  
awwww....thanks Miss Peachy! You got it! It is a feel good moment for sure. How could you not love the reasoning behind this clip. It is all about tolerance and understanding that we are all different and have needs. True love of mankind and beast show the best of both worlds. They bring the best out of us and we are so fond of them it makes us show our true feelings.

yO kIT...YOU CAN HIJACK MY BLOG ANY DAY...YOU CRACK ME THE FUCK UP! ...Ooppppsssie...hit the caps lock....

I have to go to work...hugs and kisses you beastiality loving mother fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 16 @ 3:40PM  
Where's Borty???? we need Monkey panties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gonna be fun at work tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my customers to see the lite!!!!!!!!!!! ...being silly...cause I am way toooooo tired to go to work...i think I'll go and get jacked up on espresso....or is it what...I will be the bomb diggity bartender tonight!...where the fuck is that elephant trunk....

May 16 @ 3:40PM  
why don't giraffes talk?????????????????

May 16 @ 4:07PM  
That video is cute

May 16 @ 4:48PM  
That is so cute.

May 16 @ 8:11PM  
See? I've been telling G I needed a monkey.. now I know why.. it's for the dogs!!! yeah.. so they don't be so bored! Right..

that's my new story.

Loved it Ms. Bunny!

May 16 @ 8:12PM  
That was just too cool!

May 16 @ 8:12PM  
Giraffes do talk, it's just that their vocal chords and neck are so long that it takes forever to come out the then it's just a grunty noise.

May 16 @ 8:53PM  
Cute Video!!!!!! Thx For sharing!!!
I want that Dog!!!

May 17 @ 12:32AM  
Giraffes do talk, it's just that their vocal chords and neck are so long that it takes forever to come out the then it's just a grunty noise

Ok skwirl, I'm not buying

But I did like the video.....nice blog bunny.

May 17 @ 2:16AM  
you kids crack me up! Skwirl knew...the giraffe thingy...I knew I should of asked her first...she knows all and is wise...

Horny wants that dog! Who the heck wouldn't...he...cause they kept showing his dog hood...yeah I noticed...was waiting for the monkey to give him a blow job...I mean really...she did everything but...well anyway....

Thanks for the was a cute video...really now I felt like that monkey tonight...I was bar tending and all these men came in and a couple owned a few baseball teams...well at least one was the owner of the st louis cardinals...anywhooooooooo....they were polite and pleasant, but definitely didn't want to talk to I was bored washing and polishing glasses and making drinks and stockin the bar...and when they were just talking to each other and ignoring me I started thinking about that monkey and how she was floppin all over the place...what a hoot! It started cracking me the fuck up cause in my head I was that the end of their drinking scenario they told me it was hard for them to leave cause I was such pleasant company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...really???????...I didn't say a fuckin I slapped them silly with my monkey poo and sent them on their merry way....not really...but that is what I was thinking...thank god they gave me some money...cause this monkey pours a mean drink....more about the monkey.....later.......

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Wishin I were a Monkey !