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I guess it's flashback night!!

posted 5/15/2010 9:38:38 PM |
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Bruce gave us memories of rainy days spent as a kid but what did you do on warm, sunny days?

We used to do all kinds of shit!! There was a house in the neighborhood that had a big hill and a concrete wall. We'd wear capes and run down that hill and pummel ourselves off that wall and hoped we landed on two feet, that didn't always happen! lol
We all had skateboards. We'd get about 18 of us, sitting face to face on our boards, feet on the board of the one in front of us, lock arms and ride down thie curved hill fast as we could. And yeah... we crashed a time or two... but we got up and shook that shit off and did it again! We used to have this thing called a Flying Turtle! That thing was awesome!!!!!!!!!
We used to do gymnastics on a concrete wall we had in our yard. And alot of times we'd sing and dance on it. I remember distinctly singing Freak Out by Le Chic....LOL
Oh and you couldn't keep me out of the pine trees in our back yard... I would climb as far up as I could go and just stay for a while!!

I loved my childhood.... we always had fun!

What did you do for fun as a kid?

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May 15 @ 9:48PM  
There were probably 15 guys on our block within three years of me and we all got into sports. Well, everybody but Tommy. So it was football, then basketball, then baseball depending on the season. That pretty much sums it up.

Now when I got to be around ten, my mom learned to drive and we got a second car. So, in the summer, she would take us to the beach that was about five miles away quite frequently in the summer.

May 15 @ 9:49PM  
Like I said in Bruce's Mom always complained that she couldn't keep my sister's and me in the house.

Warm and sunny days were spent out riding bikes, skateboards, playing with friends, flying kites, climbing trees, falling out of them (not fun), but getting back up in them anyway much to Mom's dismay. There are fields and woods by where I grew up, and my sisters and I were out in them all day. We would bring home snakes, crayfish/crawdads, and other bugs and what all...much to our Mom's dismay...again. I remember a few times her saying that with 3 girls, why couldn't at least one of us act like a girl. And one of the neighborhood kid's had a motorcycle he would give us rides on...Mom wasn't too happy with that either. And on those hot summer parents would let my sisters and I "camp out" in the backyard.

And we always knew it was time to go home when the street lights started coming on.

May 15 @ 10:03PM  
- I used to ride my bike everywhere...and I could beat every neighborhood boy if we had a bike race.

- We would make up obstacle courses and challenge each other to complete the course. It was some really insane shit too. Like sing a song...while walking across the flowerbed curb...with your arms extended out...and your eyes closed. Yeah...we were kind of bored some days.

- Swimming all day if it was summertime.

- Movies, bowling and rollar skating were also popular.

May 15 @ 10:05PM  
I can't believe I forgot to mention climbing trees and basketball at the park. Those two activities were always so much fun...and huge favorites of mine.

May 15 @ 10:34PM  
If I was not pulling weeds out of the garden or helping my grandmother feed the people who worked on the farm during tobacco season I was out riding horses or painting under the oak tree in the back yard or feeding the livestock on my grandfather's farm.

May 15 @ 10:38PM  
Went out and played baseball and football

May 16 @ 5:32AM  
We had an odd school system. We went for 45 days then were off for 15 all year round. So alot of the time in the summer we were in school due to over crowding. But when I was off alot of times we spent it at our summer house and had lake Michigan right across the street. It was a private beach so anything goes. I was young but I saw alot

May 16 @ 7:43AM  
Swim, fish, play Tarzan in a grove in the middle of a field..
My uncle was a horsetrader so my cousin and I got to break
some horses and of course ride..
My childhood was in the 40's so we played soldiers/war, cowboys and indians,
And sneak my big bros. Doodlebug motor scooter out of the basement to ride to the gravel pit to swim..
Thanks for the memories

May 16 @ 8:34AM  
We had enough kids in the Neighborhood to play Ball....Football, and Baseball,and Basketball....!! Grandfather had a 3 Acre lake..that was a Mile away....!!! Walking was NP !!!
We would Fish..every chance we got!!! The lake had Leaches....after a few experiences of pulling them off..we gave up the idea...of Swimming there...

May 16 @ 8:56AM  
I rode my bike a lot. There was a park by my house so me and the neighborhood kids would ride our bikes there a lot. That's where I smoked my first cigarette

I played softball with the neighborhood kids a lot (the family that lived across the street from me had 12 kids and 4 of them were close around my age that I played with. The older ones babysat me sometimes). We also liked to jump rope, play hide and seek, and swimming in the summer (they had a pool...I didn't).

May 16 @ 9:00AM  
And we always knew it was time to go home when the street lights started coming on.

Same here

May 16 @ 6:17PM  
I was a very solitary child. What? hard to believe now? But yes, I was.. very shy and inward. Books were my best friends. I spent most of my time wandering the hills and learning about herbs and edible plants. I built a hiding place in a thicket of plum trees and that's where I kept my 'treasures'. I swam in the pond, I rode the horses.. I spent a lot of time in the barn with the critters. I gardened and well pretty much it was all me.. I had friends at school but home was a different place for me at that time. Not so happy things going on and I would not bring my friends into that environment.

May 17 @ 12:56PM  
I was raised on a farm...........there was work to be done whether rain or shine............but when I could get away I rode horse alot......never mattered to me whether it was raining or not.........if the weather was really bad.........we read a lot..........TV was for evenings.......once in a while if we could get mom to sit for a few minutes we played cards..........God my childhood sounds so boring and yet there was always stuff to do.

May 17 @ 1:25PM  
And we always knew it was time to go home when the street lights started coming on.

Yes, and we HAD to be home when they came on. We had a street light across the street. If the light was on and you weren't home, it was your ass and the old man was home to take it...not pretty. He would open the door, point to the shining light and ask the obvious question. Depending on how late you were, determined how many "licks" you got with the belt.

In the summer that was not so risky as you had gone back out after dinner. But in the late spring or early fall, if dinner was waiting on you, he put a bit more swing into that belt as upsetting or disrespecting your mother (not being home when dinner was served) was a felony.

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I guess it's flashback night!!