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Settle down now

posted 5/14/2010 11:17:04 AM |
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tagged: thoughts

Some people I swear act like they are the ONLY person on the entire planet entitled to anything and everything. Yesterday I want to my banks ATM to deposit a check. Did you all know you can actually have too much in escrow and that the mortgage company will actually refund that to you? That was nice little discovery this week. I actually had to call them to make sure this was indeed from them. In the whole time I've had this mortgage, this is the first time I got this. Anyway...back to the ATM. I already had my deposit slip filled out before walking out the door. So, when pulling up to the ATM to make my deposit...all I had to do was pop my card in, punch in my PIN, hit deposit, punch in the amount, say yes to needing a deposit envelope, get said envelope, put check and deposit slip in it, put it back in the machine and get my receipt. Whole transaction may have taken all of 1, maybe 2, minutes....and I have some impatient asshole behind blowing his horn, and I could see he was yelling. WTF???????? Someone needs to chill out before he gives himself a stroke.......and not the pleasurable kind either!

Wow...whatever happened to courtesy? Patience? Like I said, that whole transaction may have taken a whole 2 minutes. It isn't like the world is going to end in that time. Well, I guess it could, and if would it matter then? I've also seen this at drive thru's. People getting worked up and acting like total fools. And over what? A value meal that probably costs them a whole whopping $5? Yes, I've been there....having to wait for a few minutes...usually because the establishment is BUSY. does happen sometimes, Micky D's can get swamped and fall a bit behind even in the drive thru. Yet, people will go ballistic if they have to wait a couple of minutes. Now, if one is going through a drive thru, and it's slow, and they are made to wait over 5 minutes while the crew inside is just goofing off, I can see getting pissed off. But when you can obviously see they are swamped and doing their best...relax!

And oh yeah...where I work, check in is guaranteed at 4pm...NOT before. Unless when the customer, while making the reservation informs the person they are talking too that they intend to arrive at a certain time. They let us know that room is requested for that time and we TRY to get it done by then. Can't predict when the current guest is going to leave, or what kind of mess they will leave. But...those showing up well before check in...and demanding that room "right now"....I'd like to see some of them try that job for a week.

I admit to being a tad impatient myself...especially at the check out in the grocery store when I have 3 items in the express lane that says "20 or less items" and it never fails..there is always the one with a full grocery cart well over the 20 item limit who thinks they can go through the express line. And then have the nerve to actually stand there and argue with the cashier when the cashier informs them that they should use the other lane.

Yep...I'll say it. It's become a "me only" world out there. People are always in a rush...and sometimes I wonder if they even know why they are so rushed. Well...I'll be heading out in a bit into the "rush" of today. I need to go dust off my suit of armor.

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May 14 @ 11:27AM  
Now Dawn, Ya know it's really all about me me me!


May 14 @ 12:12PM  
I ran into one today in a small grocery store (Aldis). Once you enter the store, you have go down this one aisle before it opens up to the rest of the store. There was a woman in a wheelchair that I guess to be in her sixties stopped in the middle of the aisle effective blocking it. She was pointing to items on the shelf that another woman was getting for her. I waited for a few moments and she didn't move and people were lining up behind me. So I went up to her.

"Excuse me, could you please move over a little one way or another so we can get by?"

She gave me a dirty look and said, "You have your nerve!" Then she moved her wheelchair over about a foot.

As I passed I said, "Yeah I have my nerve. If they sell manners here, I suggest that you buy some." She just gave me the dirty look again. Where is a fart when you need one?

May 14 @ 12:15PM  
As I passed I said, "Yeah I have my nerve. If they sell manners here, I suggest that you buy some." She just gave me the dirty look again. Where is a fart when you need one?

That is a great comeback!

May 14 @ 12:28PM  
You know I'm also in "customer service" so when i am in public I always try to be polite. YET when I see stupidity I usually have to say something Then they can see what an ass they were being

May 14 @ 1:49PM  
I am just patient. If the lady in the wheel chair was in the way of everyone getting by, I would have said...excuse me Mam. I realize you searching for items in this area. but if you would just let us squeeze by to get to the area we need items from, it sure would be appreciated. Ya maybe some people are oblivious to others needs, but if you start with a negative you will receive a negative and it could upset more than one party. I practice this politeness where I work and outside with the basic public. It works for me and for those that get pushy or impatient with me I ignore, but never retaliate. I don't do the drama.

May 14 @ 2:06PM  
"Excuse me, could you please move over a little one way or another so we can get by?"

Nine out of ten people or more will not see this as anything more than a polite request. The vast majority will apologize.

I don't think that this woman would have responded any differently no matter how you worded the request. With or without a wheelchair, the woman was a self centered bitch. If more people asserted themselves, perhaps she would be less likely to initiate rudeness.

If someone shows their ass, don't expect for me to kiss it.

May 14 @ 2:50PM  
you handle yourself however you want to, but 2 negatives don't make a positive. I'd rather kiss ass than look like one...just my way of doing things. Sometimes the honey makes the less sweet look at things differently.

May 14 @ 3:28PM  
I have been in the same situation at the drive-up ATM. What did I do, I completed my transaction took the card, and pretended to check the balance on several other cards. The guy behind my was furious, but he couldn't leave because there were cars behind him. All in all, I think I checked my balance about 7 or 8 times before leaving.

May 14 @ 6:49PM  
Ok I'm the first one to move out the way for other people.. but I'm also a shit disturber.. if there's no real reason that I can see for them being impatient I'm likely to take four times as long as I need to to finish a transaction. I also say hi to my checkers and wait persons.. ask about their day.. give em a smile.. but don't push me.. cuz I will be a regular pain in your ass if you do.

May 15 @ 11:55AM  
Don't get me started with the rudeness in people. It seems since 9-11 people have been alot more meaner. Figured it would bring us closer together as a country, but turns out we all hate so much. It's sad.

May 15 @ 3:17PM  
Damn folks, ya'll all need to pack up and move to KY....people dont act that away here... it somebody here honks behiind you, and you take a peek in your mirror, all you would get would be an "oops" sorry....or they would be needing help with something, and i would get out of my truck and help them.

I went to watch my "little boys" play socceer again to, and there sat a pickup with the tail gate down, and fresh strawberries sitting there, with a box for the money and a small sign stating his prices.

Of course, lots of folk around here carry guns, and you never know who is armed and who isnt, so i guess thats why we dont fuck with each other.

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