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Love After Work...

posted 5/14/2010 6:31:45 AM |
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tagged: sex, love, couples, story

She was waiting in his bedroom when he got home from work. She was wearing a black see through nightie and nothing else…just the way he liked it.

She slowly crossed the distance between them…walking with such deliberate care that he couldn't take his eyes off her. She reached up and put her arms around his neck…pulling him down into a kiss. He gave no resistance…still too lost in the moment to really analyze what he was doing. Her tongue danced in his mouth slowly and drowned out all other sensations. When they came up for air…he blinked his eyes in surprise… looking down at her lazy smile.

“I've never been this horny… I need you…I need you so bad."

She began to slowly strip his clothes off.

"I'll tell you what," he said, stopping her busy hands from making much progress, "How about I sit here on the bed while you stand over there and take off your nightie…slowly?"

He lay back on the bed and licked his lips when he saw her tits spilling out when she took her nightie off. He locked eyes with her and smiled. She revealed heavy breasts, definitely a size DD. Each breast was capped with a pink colored areola…the size of a silver dollar. Her lust was obvious as her nipples were hard and stuck out at least a half inch. She reached up and cupped her breasts…squeezing them the way she wanted him to squeeze them. She closed her eyes in anticipation.

He walked slowly towards her and brought his hands underneath and cupped a full breast in each hand. He gently locked his mouth over her right nipple and sucked it into his mouth. Her back arched and she gasped, clenching his head firmly to her breast…trying to force the nipple deeper into his sucking kiss. He slid his hand up to replace hers…and began pinching the left nipple by firmly rolling it between his thumb and forefinger.

"Oh god," she screamed and hugged his hand to her breast once more, "Yeah, just like that.”

With that he pushed her back onto the bed and slid his hands up her thighs. He gently pushed her knees apart and gazed down at her beautiful pussy. Her lips were swollen…and her upper thighs glistened with her wetness. A single droplet of honey rolled slowly down from her pussy… it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

He reached out a single finger and dragged it across the large hardened nub of her clit…which was now protruding from its hood. He brought his wet finger to his lips and sucked the sweet honey from it.

He bent and planted his face firmly between her thighs. His tongue traveled up and down her slit…while scooping out her wetness as he went along. He dragged his tongue back and forth across the swollen lips of her pussy…sucking each one into his mouth and nibbling on them as he went along.

She gasped and grabbed his head...crushing him to her pussy…trying to push his tongue deeper inside. He gasped for air…but kept fucking her with his tongue. He firmly ran his tongue over her entire pussy. Finally…he slid his hands under her to cup her round ass cheeks… massaging them as he continued to lick her slit. Her hips began to buck and she started to moan wildly. When he began to flick her clit with his tongue…she completely lost it.

"Oh yes" she moaned, "Oh fuck I like that Baby. Faster!"

He licked her clit as fast as he could…and looked up to see her gazing down at him. Before she could say anything else…he clamped his mouth over her clit and sucked it hard into his mouth.

"Oh yeeeeessssss!" she screamed. "Don't stop Baby…please don't stop!" With another scream, she came again. He opened his mouth wider…and sucked her lips into his mouth…along with her clit…and let his tongue trace over everything. Her thighs clamped down around his head…and her legs crossed behind him to hold him into place as she rode his tongue through a seemingly endless orgasm. When she finally released him…he collapsed onto the bed…completely drained and oxygen deprived. He laid there…his face and chest completely covered in her honey. He had never been with a woman who came so much! He looked up at her as she lay back on the bed…cupping her breasts…her hands lightly caressing her tits.

"Now," she said, "I want you in me…deep inside me."

"Oh Baby…you’ve got me so fucking wet. Do you want to feel how wet I am?"

She leaned back and spread her legs so he could see her plunging two fingers deep into her pussy. Her wet lips made a squishing sound as she slowly plunged her pussy a few times…and then began to slowly rub her pussy with her whole palm. He kissed her passionately and slid his hand down between her legs. He slowly slid a finger over her engorged clit…sliding his hand lower…he slid a finger between her thick pussy lips. She was so hot and wet that it felt as though they were floating in hot oil. He easily slid a finger inside her and gently explored her pussy before adding another finger and exploring even deeper. She moaned into his mouth. Finally…she laid back…with her legs spread far apart.

"Take me now," she commanded. He slid forward between her knees…and she lifted her legs wrapping them tightly around his waist…and pulling him forward.

He looked down into her eyes and slid forward with a single thrust…entering her smoothly and slowly. She was so wet that his cock slid easily all the way in…until he was completely buried inside her.

Continued in the comments...

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May 14 @ 6:34AM  
She let out a moan as he filled her pussy with his cock. He began to move in and out of her…surprised at the tightness of her. He increased his pace just a bit and smiled at the wet squishing sound her pussy made with each thrust. "Baby, you are so wet."

"Sorry…I can't help it. I hope we don't ruin your bedding."

"Fuck the bedding…I think it's completely sexy and amazing!"

All of a sudden…with one quick motion…he pulled out of her pussy and slid down her body to bury his tongue deep inside her pussy.

“What the fuck?!" she squealed.

"I'm proving to you exactly how much I love eating your pussy," he said.

With his hands behind her knees…he pinned her legs up and apart…and attacked her dripping pussy with a ferocity he had not displayed the first time he had gone down on her. He licked and sucked her very swollen lips into his mouth. She began to buck underneath him…and grab the back of his head. In seconds she exploded…coming louder and harder than she ever had before. He continued to gently lick her until she caught her breath.

"Satisfied now?" he asked.

"Hardly," she said huskily.

"Now lay back," she said as she pushed him down firmly onto the bed. "It’s my turn to be in charge."

May 14 @ 7:04AM  
mmm good morning

May 14 @ 7:26AM  
great story...... deff kudo worthy .....

All of a sudden…with one quick motion…he pulled out of her pussy and slid down her body to bury his tongue deep inside her pussy.

“What the fuck?!" she squealed.

now i seen this . yup ..even might have done it a time or ............4....

May 14 @ 7:44AM  
Those who can do....those who can't preach.......please pardon the alteration of the metaphor, but it seemed appropriate.

May 14 @ 9:37AM  
OMG and it ain't even Saturday yet!!

Well Kat...thank you very much...I've had my brain so de-sensitized to sex and was doing just look what you went 'n I gotta start all over again...(hands on hips 'n tappin' my toe) It's still early, I'll just slip back in bed and reach for my friend..........



May 14 @ 10:16AM  
Wow Kit!!! That was good!!!


May 14 @ 11:23AM  
Mmmmm...I hardly read or ever get turned on my eroticia on here by people who do them, but I have to say, I find yours to be so refreshing, and the absolute best I have seen in a very long time on here. If I could, I would give you two kudos.

May 14 @ 1:13PM  

May 14 @ 2:36PM  

hot story kitkat .......just the pick me up I needed while trying working.... lol

May 15 @ 5:31AM  
I'll have what hes having!!!

May 15 @ 9:50AM  
That's real inspiration... and here's a greenie!

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Love After Work...