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Men and their penis size perception...

posted 5/13/2010 10:55:03 AM |
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This is mostly a RANT, but if you want to comment, then please do, but PLEASE don't be nasty about it or your comment will not be approved and will be deleted.

Is it me or do men HONESTLY think that they have a penis that is bigger than it truly is? I met a guy the other night who I had been communicating with from another adult dating site who made this claim - "My cock is about 8" long but very fat with a big head. It is circumcised and when it is hard it curves up." Well, he must think that Austin women are really stupid because his cock isn't even CLOSE to that. The pic he had posted shows that he MAY have a grower, but it's not that OR a shower. My best guesstimate would be that he was 5 inches erect and about 4 inches around TOPS. I have a dildo that is 9 x 7 and his cock isn't even close to that. Even my last boyfriend's cock was 8.25 x 6.75 - that's big. (I really miss it, but not him.) Big head? I think not. I have TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder and I can't open my mouth very wide - I can't take a normal bite out of a regular hamburger, so this will give you an idea of how big my bite is. I could fit his WHOLE cock in my mouth when it was erect - if it was as big as he professed it to be, this would have been IMPOSSIBLE. I did ask him how big he said that it was and he said "I don't know, what did I say?" I told him "You wrote 8 inches and that it was fat with a big head. I've HAD 8 inches before." I think he realized that I caught him exaggerating about the size of his cock. He also bought condoms that were too big for him because they kept slipping off his cock. Honestly, if he had written that he had a small cock, I wouldn't have given him a 2nd thought because I do like them BIG. I feel like I was deceived and I think that he thinks that women can't tell the difference between a tiny cock and a fat 8 incher. Are men's size perception that bad? Do they think that women are that stupid and can't tell the difference? Needless to say, I WON'T be seeing him again because of this and the fact that I had to tell him what to do and how to do it and this guy is 40 years old! He should know what he's doing and his way around a woman's body at that age. Sheesh!

Also, going off the subject - some idiot on this site's sister site had to make a stupid comment on my essays this morning, so he was fair game and got blocked after I gave him a piece of MY mind. It only goes to show that the idiot can't read and/or comprehend the meaning behind my words. Dumb, dumb, dumb!

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May 13 @ 11:09AM  

my friend says it's not the size of my cock ^^^^ but the clothes it wears that really matter.....was she tellin a fib??

May 13 @ 11:09AM  
I did ask him how big he said that it was and he said "I don't know, what did I say?

Wow..that is really sad. He didn't even remember what size he told you?

Are men's size perception that bad? Do they think that women are that stupid and can't tell the difference?

I'm not going to say that their perception is "that bad", maybe for some, but, I think a lot of it has to do with the second part of the question in that they are hoping the woman they are bragging to doesn't have a clue to what actual size is.

the fact that I had to tell him what to do and how to do it and this guy is 40 years old!

40 years old and had to be told how and what to do? Sounds like you may have had a 40 year old virgin.


May 13 @ 11:29AM  
Yeah Y, it's the clothes that make the lil man.

May 13 @ 12:23PM  
LMAO!!!! I feel your pain sister!!!

May 13 @ 12:54PM  
Nope not an inexperience man at just met up with a selfish man who had an over inflated ideal of his prowess as a in his mind his cock was that big.....and he was a good lover...........he probably got pissed off that you told him what to do during sex cause he thinks he is the best..........selfish to the core...............he probably won't call you back either........not because he lied to you cause in his mind he didn't..........but you didn't live up to his hope of you being grateful and thinking he was the best..............

He probably has a mirror where..objects appear bigger than they really are............


Thank God not all men are like that......

May 13 @ 12:56PM  
I think he flat out lied to reel you in. He probably told so many woman different sizes that he couldn't remember what he said. It really doesn't matter at this point because you saw it. Ya can't back out of that kinda lie. I am just surprised you went along with it despite the lie.
I had a man tell me..."oh baby, my big hard cock is wanting you!". well...the hard part was right. I never saw him again either. I like em big too.

May 13 @ 4:15PM  
Makes mental note.... rules me out...

I think they are afraid that if they say its 5, they will be like you... and not give them a second thought. Maybe they hope that by giving them a second thought due to them lying, you might say, "well, its ok, it's not the size."

Personally, I have found women that say size doesn't matter to your face, and and then ignore you when they find out your not big. So the lies run both ways.

I happen to know that many women aren't great at judging size, but I'm thinking pretty well anyone can tell that my 4 isn't 8. That said, I never lie about my size. I figure there is no point in being with a woman that won't be happy with what I have. Lucky for me, not everyone requires an 8 incher...

So yea, I understand you don't like being tricked by a little dick.

May 13 @ 10:45PM  
So..... is this a one time disappointment..... or has it happened enough to generally lump most men together?
Is it just me or do men ......
Deception is not gender specific. I couldn't tell you how many times I've seen 5 year old glamor shots that bear little resemblance to the lady that sent it.

I guess people are sensitive to their flaws.

May 14 @ 6:46AM  
well men did invent the fishermans ruler.
not to mention the size of the one that got away

hope you've cooled off a lil and am feeling better

May 14 @ 8:07AM  
Yeah Y, it's the clothes that make the lil man

yes and YOU be da one who makes da' clothes

May 14 @ 8:33PM  
For the longest time I really tried to make myself believe the size of a man's cock didn't matter... I was lying to myself. The size of his cock matters and I NEED a big one!!! I also NEED a man who knows how to make love, fuck AND handle me with mastery. Anything else leaves me bored stiff... pun intended!

I recently met a guy... just the right height, great personality, terrific family values, funny, smart, independent and a fabulous kisser. I was a happy camper until we had sex... a much smaller cock than imagined and not assertive in any way. So even though he has a lot to offer, I decided to cut him loose because it wasn't fair to either one of us for me to be dissatisfied and bored in the sex department.

Sometimes the truth SUCKS!!!

May 15 @ 5:16AM  
Sometimes the truth SUCKS!!!

A lot of times it does.... especially if your the guy that found out your too small....


May 15 @ 6:02AM  
Personally I think that Noone should Lie...about anything!!!
Some lie about Dick size..some lie about their Age...Marital Status, Children.. Body Size!!!.....etc.!!!
Deception is not gender specific. I couldn't tell you how many times I've seen 5 year old glamor shots that bear little resemblance to the lady that sent it.
Amen!!!! This is Sooooo True!!!
By the way.....I am average in size (But it really depends on the woman I'm with...Some make me Bigger than others... ).....and have never had any Complaints...but the women I was with NEVER asked my cock size!!!


May 15 @ 7:08AM  
Horny, I JUST HAD to ask him because I wanted to hear what HE said he was then tell him that he's so full of shit. I did in a way by telling him that I've HAD 8 inches...actually more than that. My super-size tampons were bigger that that - okay, I'm exaggerating here, but I was almost laughing when he kept saying he was going to "pound me with his big cock". My last boyfriend was really big and when he entered me the 1st time, we BOTH felt 3 "pops". I guess he popped my big cock cherry that night!


May 15 @ 7:28AM  
AMEN!!! I don't wanna Fall in!!!!

May 15 @ 8:00AM  
I understand your situation. After all size does matter, but I think there is more that goes with it, like heart/mind connection. True a big dick may hit spots that a smaller will not, but with the mind and heart connection, other things come into play. When my partner and I are intune and I can tell what and where she likes it, how hard or soft, how slow or fast, we both get enjoyment.

I think size does matter to a point, but sex is more than just a physical act, there are feeling and desires invovled............being able to determine the other person's is key to enjoyment.

It's like baking bread, you got to preheat the oven before you put it in!

Here is a joke for ya'll.................

A guy pics up a lady in a bar and they go to the motel for some sex. He drops his pants and she sees how little his cock is, and says "who do you plan on pleasing with that little thing"? The guy replies very firmly..........."ME"!

May 15 @ 8:38AM  
Men and their penis size perception...
Women gave that impression to brain dead men years ago about the length of the thingie but that's a whore thing & in reality girth is what a realistic woman wants but if you are under 4 you are shit out of luck. ....

May 15 @ 11:56AM  
Poor guy, I can see his conundrum, if he tells the truth, his options are limited, if he lies he always disappoints.

Better to be honest, and find a lady that likes the little feller.

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Men and their penis size perception...