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Why is it....

posted 5/10/2010 9:36:39 PM |
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tagged: question, help

I can go months without getting any Emails... from here or that Fishy Place!!!....
But all of a Sudden......I have 5 Different ladies..wanting to chat!!! The hell of it is...all of them are Close!!!
I will fuck myself in the End!! I always do!!!
See...I try to be open and honest ....If I am talking to one Lady....I will let the others Know!!!
Is that Wrong?

I have one that is a few years Younger (7)...shes my Fav., and I have not even seen a pic of her yet!!!...That's prolly a big Mistake right there...ya think?
But she likes to Hunt and Fish!!!!
But there's another...9 years older than I am...that owns land...that has... Deer, Bear and Turkey....on it!!!!
and there's one...that's the same age as my daughter..(33) that likes to fish..and Cook!!!
there's another..that just wants to Fuck..I think...but I have not checked that one out to close...(yeah I'm horny..and don't wanna think with the wrong head!!)
And there's that one from here...I'll not talk about..I'm sure she is reading this.... (No, she does not Blog!!! ) (yet!! )
Whats a Guy to do?

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May 10 @ 9:39PM  
And no they are all reading this and you may have queered the deal.

May 10 @ 9:42PM  
And no they are all reading this and you may have queered the deal.
Ummm with all the views..already..I'd say you were right man!!!

May 10 @ 9:43PM  
It's spring, the mating season and everyone is horny?

I would say pick one and go for it. And now we know if you complain about not getting laid it is your choice.

May 10 @ 9:47PM  
And now we know if you complain about not getting laid it is your choice.
Anyone here could be getting laid...if they really wanted too!!! But I wanna be able to talk to her in between fuckings, and liking the Conversation!!!!!! Can't Fuck all the time!!! (or can we?)

May 10 @ 9:51PM  
Not trying to be mean but I just read your blog about what all these women have to offer you.................Now I know you and I know that isn't how you look at it...........I just hope that if any of the women who have written you will realize that is not what you meant if they read this.

Its hard when you are in that situation..........if you are writing to a bunch of matter how upfront and honest you are some of them will think your a gamer.

If you tell all but one that you are talking to someone and that if it doesn't work out you will email them.........that makes you look like an ass and that you are keeping them on a list according to your preferences..........and no woman likes to think she isn't number one........

So why not write to them all that right now you are just looking for friends but if you found someone and it turned out to be a stronger emotion that would be ok with you too............and than take time writing back and forth, chatting with them...........get to know may find that none of them make your heart go flippity flop.....................or you may find one that really does...........and you have still met others who are now your friend...............

Good luck Horny............

May 10 @ 10:00PM  
Fuck all of them ....

May 10 @ 10:30PM  
May I ask, if you've not made a commitment to one of them to be mono y mono.. then why is this an issue? You are allowed to shop around until you find the one person you would most like to hang out with.. no?

May 10 @ 11:39PM  
^^^^^ what she said...'n ewe too...

May 10 @ 11:44PM  
no offense...but if you are anything like me...I tried to keep up with more than a couple that wanted to chat and stuff and I just got confused. pick one at a time and stick to it. Good luck...and if nothingelse I hope you find a friend!

May 11 @ 12:01AM  
I say marry them all & be a biggot!

May 11 @ 5:59AM  
I am honest and upfront to start with..I have been e-mailing 3 men. Not from here or any single's website's..They found me on CL. I have told all of them to start with I am not looking for a relationship right now, I want people to talk to or write to.
If they are looking for more then I am not the right person. I am not looking for a one night stand.

One of the one's I am talking to lives about a mile from me. We know a few of the same people so we have something in common.


May 11 @ 7:33AM  
well my friend, what you need to do is think this through logically

5 wimmin, one hasn't even got a pic, so odds are , its a fella yanking your chain.

another has land with deer,bear and turkey ,you looking for a date or some weird animal act my delicate ears don't wanna know about....

two like to fish ... have you asked them to send you a photo of their ...boat ?

and the one on here...psst. women read but not always post

soooo, pizza and a beer fo' one tonight again huh .
plus at least you get to keep the remote

May 11 @ 7:42AM  
Let's get a male POV. First there are some generally accepted practices. Don't ask, don't say. You must not lie or be deceptive, but you are by no means obligated to tell all of the truth.

It is not unusual for one or both people to have a FWB going that may hold no potential for being more. If somebody does, it is none of the other person's business while people are just becoming acquainted.

Until you go to bed with one for the second time, there is no expectation of exclusivity. Everybody is entitled to a test drive before buying the car. Besides, it would be foolish to think that you are the only guy she is auditioning.

My suggestion is to take your time in getting to know one another as friends on a person to person basis. Somebody may not be Mr. or Ms. Right but they can be a loyal friend and activity partner for the long term. A man of integrity is always a social asset.

Another important dimension to bear in mind is that if you sleep with them and one of you connects with somebody else later with LTR, potential, your friendship is often sacrificed to the gods.

Anybody that has what I call a fast food mentality towards relationships is someone to be wary of. Nobody likes a sticky woman, and with some, if they like the dickie, they tend to get sticky. A lot of this often is symbolic of somebody who can embody attributes you can do without such as possessiveness, insecurities, codependency, and selfishness.

May 11 @ 1:39PM  
I agree with Bruce's last comment. ^^^^^^^^^^

May 11 @ 2:37PM  
Because that's life, my friend...

May 12 @ 1:28PM  
My motto has always been...they come in handfulls or they don't come at all!

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