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Concerning the ecological disaster in the Gulf Coast

posted 5/9/2010 7:38:25 PM |
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Dear Mr. President,
I've been watching with growing concern the ecological disaster that now threatens the gulf coast. I need not point out the severity of the situation knowing that you are fully briefed on what we could lose. This is one of those rare situations that transcends political and party lines. Indeed, it effects all of us. Entire species of aquatic life are threatened with an extinction that could unbalance a good part of the lower food chain, the price of gas will probably skyrocket as we are forced to once again buy it from our mideastern allies, and even worse for us as a cognitive thinking species... There is no easy answer. But this problem can be and indeed MUST be prevented in the future. What this may show us is that we need to cut our oil habit like a bad drug addiction. Accidents like these deplete our oil reserves and kill our planet. The best possible solution for prevention I can see is to set ourselves up so that we simply don't NEED to use as much oil as we do. How can we do this? Like I said, there is no easy answer but my thoughts have wandered back to the cash for clunkers program you ran. It was a good idea... not very good in practice, but a good idea. So what if we did something similar? What if we had a program where automobile owners could bring their cars in and have special fuel burning kits (like the ones that allow cars to run off of vegetable oil, alcohol, or water) installed for free, and then to make the deal more enticing give those who participate a special tax break, well, wouldn't that help us pull away from our oil addiction thereby helping to prevent future oil disasters? This is just a thought, but like I said there are no easy answers.

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May 9 @ 9:24PM  
Everyone will feel the effects of this disaster for years, and not just in the gulf states It is going to hit the rest of us in the pocket in some way. Even those who are not environemtalists should not want this kind of disaster to happen because someone is going to have to pay for this and who do they think that is going to be? There is no way that BP is going to be the only one paying in one way or another. There is unemployment for those who lose their jobs, the price of seafood products going up and you can bet it will be reflected in gas prices. Not to mention that if BP cannot do all the cleanup along the coast then the taxpayers are going to have to pay for it. And there is federal aid to a disaster area. There should have been stricter regulations on those offshore wells and there wasn't. What we have to ask ourselves is why has there not been a move towards clean energy. They have had the technology for years but have not pushed it, have to ask yourself, why not?

May 9 @ 10:28PM  

May 10 @ 1:01AM  
Yeo because of BP it will effect us all. They already said how much they are losing so it will be passed down to us and sadly the other oil companies will come up with thier reason to jack up prices to get thier share.
BP themselves should pay for 100% of the clean-up

May 10 @ 1:14AM  
Normally, I would write a fairly long comment in response to anyone's blog on this matter but I've found that matters like this and/or political matters, land on many blind eyes and deaf ears on sites like this one! I guess peaches and cream is what they like around here and don't want to know about 'disasters' in a real world!

I understand what you're saying and don't disagree with you but, red flags went up 25 years or so about our glutenous appetite for oil and nothing was done about it- the politicians spewed a lot of hot air about getting off of or at least greatly reducing our oil imports but as usual, it was an opportunity for them to get on the news media in the hopes of people remembering them, come election time!

Yet, no policy was put in motion to help us become energy independent... like Brazil did, for instance! Politicians have no interest in the citizens best interests because, matters like these, don't happen to be the politician's best interests- for themselves!, other than lip service!

Only thing you and everyone else can do for themselves, is to do whatever you can do to protect you, your family and some very close friends- despite the stupidity of the politicians!



May 10 @ 7:50AM  
The last oil rig blowout was in 1979..
Pretty good safety record
In 2004 alone there were 11 oil tanker disasters around the world
and no one called for a shut down of tankers..There have been dozens of tanker
disasters and only these blowouts in the last several years

Five Worst Blowouts Volume Released
1. Sedco 135F and the IXTOC-1 Well
In 1979, the IXTOC-1 blowout flowed uncontrollably in the Bahia de Campeche, Mexico until it was capped 9 months later. 3,500,000 barrels
2. Ekofisk Bravo Platform
Phillips Petroleum's Ekofisk B platform experienced an 8-day oil and gas blowout in 1977 during a production well workover. 202,381 barrels
3. Funiwa No. 5 Well
Oil from the 1980 Funiwa 5 blowout polluted the Niger Delta for 2 weeks, followed by fire and the eventual bridging of the well. 200,000 barrels
4. Hasbah Platform Well 6
Drilled in 1980 by the Ron Tappmeyer jack-up, exploratory well No. 6 blew out in the Persian Gulf for 8 days and cost the lives of 19 men. 100,000 barrels
5. Union Oil Platform Alpha Well A-21
The 1969 Union Oil Platform A blowout lasted 11 days but continued leaking oil into the Santa Barbara Channel for months afterwards. 80,000 barrels

Fuck it..Everybody in the world just get rid of their vehicles and quit driving
Let's just revert to the Stone Ages while we're at it

May 10 @ 10:54AM  
This is just one more reason I vehemently oppose drilling in the pacific ocean. With the tides we have an oil spill would not be localized.. it would be a world wide issue in a very short time.

May 10 @ 4:24PM  
It is easy to become emotional with regard to little furry animals choking on oil. I do feel curious does everyone think all oil spillage is the result of human activity? Would oil leaking into the ocean stop entirely if not for humans?

Does anyone take the time to research such matters before rendering emotional charged comments or is it simply too much work?

Why tell others what to do. Stop driving your cars today, stop mowing your lawn with combustion engines, and turn off all your electricity. Grow or buy foods that were not grown with petroleum products. Stop wearing clothes made from petroleum. Dismantle you home and rebuild with only natural products and so forth and so on. Getting "off" oil use is not as easy as bitchin about it. Stop bitching and stop doing it in your home with your life. Telling someone else what to do is solving nothing. Its just making noise.

On a completely different note, wouldn't it be funny if environmentalist caused the explosion and resulting oil leak?

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Concerning the ecological disaster in the Gulf Coast