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AMD Week in Review

posted 5/8/2010 8:26:28 PM |
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Ok, so I was little bit busy last week and didn’t keep notes for a Review. Someone told me I should be ashamed of myself. Well, I’m HAH! Anyway, I noticed last week there were a couple of good blogs that shouldn’t be overlooked just because I was “busy”…so, I’m going to try to combine both last weeks and this weeks. So bear with me if this becomes long winded. If you don’t like long winded…too bad! I’ve always done things my way…and I don’t plan on changing now. So…I’ll start of this review in a poetic way.

We begin with soft_touch938 giving us a “Silly poem” Now who would have thought a June bug could bring out ones poetic side? But, she did it…at her daughters request. Thanks Softie!

Pudge2you wrote “A Muse Resumes - Re-musing Resume`” Interesting. .I did not know there were job postings for Muse or cowgirl. I need stronger coffee I’m thinking. Oh yeah…and I actually SAW Skwirl do a public kudo!! Usually she’s so quick I don’t see her.

Wordsofwit brought “Unhappy Meals” to our attention. The California Government wants to ban the toys in McDonald’s happy meals because it supposedly contributes to childhood obesity. What? A toy, contributes to obesity? I would take a guess that a child’s eating habits are the responsibility of their parents….. not the governments.

borty293 stopped in with his latest…”Inflatable Helium Panites” Another brilliant invention from our very own Professor Pan T Borty.

Ynot7769 told everyone to “Guess What I’m Thinking” I wonder if he ever got the 3 wishes?

Straddlemynose asked “Do/would you care if your spouse or s/o opened your mail?” Like I said, if my spouse or s/o wants to open my mail…then they can pay the bills too. Cause that’s about all of what my mail is.

RJ53 brought up “Mail Order Brides” I have to agree with RJ when she said “However I do think that anyone that will marry someone younger than their kids from a culture they know nothing about after a couple of months is out of their mind” But, to each their own I say.

Did you know that Thursdays are get naked days? No? Neither did I until Ynot7769’s “Guess What Day It Is???” blog. Oh yeah….now I know how to avoid getting the H1N1 virus thanks to Ynot.


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May 8 @ 8:31PM  
And then we have “From The Brave Mind Of……Ynott7769 again. Just loved the picture in this one. What a way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo.

theSkwirl wandered in with “Once Upon a Time or..Thoughts To Constipate You” yes, our beloved Skwirl ranted. , and Ynot discovered the thread she mentioned was locked, can view but can’t comment on it. Ya know…there will always be the ones who don’t read the rules before posting a blog. Maybe they need their eyes checked?

borty293 answered a question many of us in Pervia have in his blog “Magnetic Panties” It’s his electrical panties..he pulls a switch and has women stuck to him. About time he told us his secret.

RevDocLove listed some “Rules for Non-Pet Owners Who Visit and Complain About Our Pets” I need to print out a copy of this to hang on my wall.

Soft_touch938 told us “How to get fucked without asking” NO…she’s not talking about THAT!!! Although I admit I though “that” was what she was talking about at first. Nope, a mix up with some stuff she wanted to sell…I really hope she was able to get that resolved.

As most of us know, Wordsofwit recently lost a good friend and collegue. An incident at his friends funeral prompted this blog “Fucked Up Funeral Frivolities” That is just wrong to “crash” a funeral dinner. People are mouring, they are gathered to share in their memories and grief.

whisperingcomet talked about “Wedding dresses” I don’t care, there is no way I will pay over $5000 for something I intend to wear only once. That kind of money I’d rather use on remodeling my house, or buying a newer vehicle.

onehornytoad69 asked everyone “What Makes AMD Interesting To You?” For’s the different personalities here, the blogs can be fun… and they have been fun again. I know, it’s a “speck” in the world of online dating, but, it feels like a group of friends hanging at the park/bar.

PinkToeNails yelled out “It’s my 1st birthday!” No, she’s not 1 years old! Goodness..if she were, talk about being articulate! She’s taking on the task of wishing Pervian’s Happy Birthday on their special days.


May 8 @ 8:37PM  
soft_touch938 stopped in with some “Ruminating’n meandering” Amazing some of the things one can discover while out meandering. And the lush greeness of the trees this year is so beautiful.

Wordsofwit held “The Hijackers Blog” Glad to see I’m not the only one in Pervia who has thought sometimes comments in blogs are more deserving of kudos than the blog itself. That was a fun idea. Thanks!

whisperingcomet told us about “My daughter and the crazy man” Isn’t it so wonderful that there are people out there who would take the time to help out someone. And this special person is comet’s own daughter in this blog. Kudo to comet’s daughter.

Wordsofwit brought up a good question in his blog “When you pass away, what do you want to be most remembered for?” Saw some good answers in that blog.

whisperingcomet came back with “Diet” I would so love to be a size 12 again! I’m working on it….it’s a slow, which can be annoying, but, I’m working on it. But I don’t call it a “diet”, I call it a life style change.

onehornytoad69 wrote about “First Impressions” I remember a ways back, a movie called “Set It Off”, I wasn’t going to watch it because at the time I didn’t care for rap music, and it starred Queen Latifa, who back in the day was “Queen of Rap”. But, a friend of mine rented it, and it’s actually a pretty good movie.

Now onto 2 of RJ53’s blogs. Up first is “TV Characters” Which TV/movie character do I think Imost resemble? Right now..I can’t think of the name…but Ally Sheedy’s character in the movie, Short Circuit. I’m always taking in strays….of course, none of the strays have been a robot so far. Ok..onto “Strange Dates” What’s a date? Been a while ya know…

whisperingcomet credits OHT for her blog “Actors” She asked Pervians to list actors/actressed they didn’t much care for, then to list actors/actresses we liked. I still say the 3 Stooges are the best… .no, wait… The Marx Brothers are best… no, wait… .Abbott and Costello… oh! IMO…nobody is funnier than Curly of the Stooges. And after that, whisperingcomet blogged about “Family” I know some of my ancestors came from Germany, France, and Ireland. I don’t know exactly when they came over here.


May 8 @ 8:44PM  
onehornytoad69 asked “Do You Like to Watch?(Thnx Comet)”Oh yeah, I like to watch tv.. sometimes a good movie……… .ummmm… oops! Not quite what he was talking about!

Wordsofwit stayed with the actor/actress theme with “Movie Stars-Alive or Dead?” That was a fun blog. Seeing who other Pervians like when it comes to actors/actresses.

1bunny629 asked “Oh Where Oh Where” Has our Sunshine gone? Yeah!!! Where was Sunshine . There was a couple of days with no blogs by Sunshine. Was getting ready to call out the National Guard to go find her.

NightofOld wrote about “GORGEOUS LADIES of AMD” Awwwwwwwwwww….thanks Night! I really hope he shares more of his poems.

And here comes our wannabe future mayor of Pervia, DickSlippery with “Slippin Round the Dial with Dick” Poor guy…had to surf through Tyra Banks, find out he’s NOT smarter than a fifth grader, surf on by Maury with yet another of his “you’re the daddy episodes ” (all these women out here not knowing the fathers of their babies, that’s sad.), and just who is Dr. Oz?? I never heard of him. Anyway…then he is on to surfing by Dr Phil before he FINALLY finds what he’s looking for….hot girls. And all this without having cable.

Lisa46 stopped in with “SBC Warning!” Pay attention folks…your phone company, utilities company, hell, even the FBI, are NOT going to send an email asking for your personal info.

Ynot7769 told us “What The Kitty Says…” Talented cat….it can talk!

onehornytoad69 shared “A new Twist on Prayer” OMG!! That video is cute!!!!!! All I can say is if you haven’t seen it..check it out.

Ynot7769 says “Cause I Can” Yeah? He can get away with eating 6 eggs and a pound of breakfast sausage…me..hah!!! I would be way too full..wouldn’t be able to move. So I’ll leave that kind of breakfast to the one who can.

And here comes RevDocLove with a “two in a row”. First he gives us “The Bachelor’s Diet” The pizza sounded good. Then Rev gave us “The Conspiracy” Yeah, about those stairs…. is there someway to stop that from happening?

Wordsofwit offered up a “Star Switch” Yep…think of a recurring movie role, and pick a star for it. This has been the week for the fun participation blogs.


May 8 @ 8:51PM  
Ewe_wish stopped in with “Happy Birthday Mom” Pure love straight from the heart. Beautiful blog.

flavorbuster was busy “LOOKING BACK” Don’t know why he was looking back at all the near death experiences he’s had… but I certainly hope Ewe_wish’s “therapy” helped him.

Ladybootscooter stopped in with (Just a quick update………..25 Days and counting!!!” She is happy about her son coming home from his tour in Iraq. Now..she needs to hog tie and keep him home…not let him go over there anymore. I know..doesn’t work that way..but…does sound good.

flavorbuster says “I PROPOSE A GOOD QUESTION”Hey….anyone willingly going to give me cash I’ll give them my address, mail me the cash! Checks are so annoying, especially when they bounce.

DickSlippery tells us “All That Showers Isn’t Golden” Yep..he’s talking about female squirting. Interesting read .

whisperingcomet says “Riddle me this” Really?? Where does all that dust on ceiling fans come from? I have decided that in my house, it’s my dogs. Yep, those crafty buggars are putting dust on my ceiling fans while I’m not watching.

Wordsofwit shared an article about “More 100-Year-Olds Using New Technology”. Yes, not all folks over 65 are afraid of todays gagets . The day I saw Mick’s 82 yr old mother playing a game on my play station I thought it was great! And she was having a blast with it too.

Max49 shared some “Rules of Driving” Rules? You mean there are rules? Wow..and I thought those black and white signs with the numbers on them were there to tell us how old the roads are.

Ynot7769 said “Just Never Know What Might Work” YEAH!! We need Cartman here to take care of the troll.

And then Ynot7769 followed that up with “Age……How It Helps” Ya know..he does have a point in that blog. And recruiting women going through menopause… yeah…might work.

Straddlemynose told us about “Mummified baby stolen” Ok…so the perps wanted their “mummy”. uggggg that really sucked! Seriously….stealing a mummy???? Wtf??????


May 8 @ 8:59PM  
onehornytoad69 asked “If you..” Kiss anyone in the worlds nipples? OMG…let’s see, there’s Nikki Sixx, oh! And Johnny Depp… wait! Brat Pitt is kinda hot too…. oh…Lorenzo Lamas…YUM! I just can’t settle on one….Too many out there to choose from.

whisperingcomet offered up some “Whine and Cheese” Yeah..she was having a rough day… but, she came back to say she’s all better now . So…where’s the whine and the cheese anyway?

Max49 said “Incredibly Dumb” HEY!!! Max!!! That’s not nice!!!!! Oh…he wasn’t talking about me…’re forgiven. But I’ve decided I need to try for a job as CEO or whatever at AT&T and get myself fired and get me a $26 million serverence package.

cottoncandydragon stopped in to tell Pervians about “National masturbation month” Yes!!! Even more of a reason to play! Life can be so good!

Straddlemynose told us about “Students sent home over U.S. flag attire” Yes, be proud of your country, show your pride, but, also, use some common sense and not do it in a way that others will interpret as an “in your face” move.

And, let’s welcome a new member to the blogging community, PeachyKeen who blogged “I’m Keen on Kink…are you?” Yep….this one can breathe some new life into Pervia.

Sunshine79 shared “NOT So True Story(Will Make Ya Smile)***EDITED***” Ok, when she first posted it, it was thought to be a story about her sisters friend who has a 15 yr old autistic son..turns out it was actually story that’s been floating around a couple of years. But it was still hilarious.

KitKat25 asked “What’s your motto?” Ummmmm….hakuna matata??? Anyone familiar with Disney’s Lion King will know that one. My motto is to enjoy each day we get cause you never know what tomorrow brings.

Sunshine79 brought up “Kids & Public Restrooms” I know some mom’s are not comfortable in letting their kids go into a public restroom alone, but, C’MON!!! If the kid is 7 years old and up…they are old enough to go potty without Mom holding his/her hand. I would feel real uncomfortable seeing an 8yr old boy dragged into the ladies room with his mother.


May 8 @ 9:07PM  
RJ53 said “Bigger than the Hoover Dam”..Wow!!!!! Those were some BUSY BEAVERS! And yes Pervs…I’m talking about the rodent….not the other beaver. Tsk tsk…get your mind outta the gutter!!!!

Ladybootscooter popped in to share some “Crawfordsville, Indiana” She shared a couple “hearwarming” messages she had gotten through an online radio program she listens to. I’ve never heard of being given a “genital hug” before…..and that coming from one who claims to be “born in Mexico before my parents reside at my age 7yrs old in USA Indiana”. Ain’t that just so cute?

DickSlippery asked a good one folks. He asked “Do U Wanna Fuck Me? Oh…YEAH!” He’s blogging in Pervia, and is going to ask a question like that? Oh yeah…he wants to be Mayor of Pervia also. Let’s see..Pervia has had a King, a President, various kudo whores… it’s time for a Mayor.

whisperingcomet offered up some “Words of wisdom”…Do NOT attempt to cook scrambled eggs on a George Foreman Grill. Ok…I can follow that piece of advice. I don’t have a GF Grill .

RevDocLove shared some “Random Thoughts From a Woman” Yep…my body has yelled at me about vigorous exercising too… .tells me if I do it again…it will kick my ass. And since I don’t want to be kicking myself…I listen to it. It’s so simple ya know.

Max49 told us about the “Norwegian in Fargo” I got a feeling the Norwegian kinda missed the Indians punch line just a tad.

And Ynot7769 showed us a well hung froggy in his blog “Hey Whata You Staring At?” I never seen a frog hung like that!

Onehornytoad69 had “A question for Mother’s” All I know is for Mother’s Day this year, my sisters and I are planning on taking our Parents out for dinner. As to whether a hubby should get his wife something for Mother’s Day….depends…..does he like sleeping in the bed or on the couch?

RevDocLove reaffirmed my decision on having dogs in "Why Dogs Are Better Than Kids……they don’t argue back as much . But…mine do tend to be a little stubborn sometimes, and every once in a millenium, there may be a bit of a quarrel… other than that…they’re pretty good dogs.


May 8 @ 9:10PM  
Ynot7769 shared a picture in “Just From a Friend”..How cute!!!!! Aren’t puppies just the cutest little things? And this one even helped to clean the bowl…even though it wasn’t quite ready for cleaning just yet.

RJ53 talked about “Shopping” I learned with Mick when it came to household items like curtains, bedding, things like that…to NOT let him go by himself. He always came home with something ugly, AND, a new part for his 68 Charger.

Straddlemynose asked “What’s your vice that you collect and love to spend money on?” And like I said….I love unicorns. Was gonna pop off with “ME!!!!!!!”..and anyone on here who has kids who watch Zack and Cody know where that comes from. That’s a cute kids show..I’ve watched it a few times with my nephew.

PinkToeNails said “Speaking of bridges” And provided a link to some pretty awesome bridges.

KitKat25 asked “Would You Take a Lover If Your S/O Gave You The Ok To Do So?” I don’t know really… if I’m married, my “knee jerk” reaction would be to say “no”..but, I read Ewe’s response…and she raised a very good point in what I may say now could very well be different if the moment came up. Doggone it Ewe… why do you have to go and make me think???? Good thing I like you in those heels or I’d have to shave that wool off ya know.

Ok..and that will bring this week and half’s review to a close. You kept me busy this week…I don’t know whether to say thank you or to cuss you all out! Kidding!! Keep up the good work….

May 8 @ 9:16PM  
Kudos for a great review

May 8 @ 9:56PM  
and kudzoo.. betcha didn't see me this time!

May 8 @ 10:06PM  
I did a self kudo

Skwirl you're does feel good!

May 8 @ 10:51PM  
Awesome !!!
Since you Kudoed yourself..I guess you don't need mine eh?


May 8 @ 10:58PM  
Since you Kudoed yourself..I guess you don't need mine eh?

I most certainly do need your kudo!

May 8 @ 11:24PM  
Oh got mine at hello!! (well at your post.. )

May 9 @ 12:05AM  
Whew! Thanks! I've been in and out some this week but missed a great many of those! Some I'll go back and check out, others.....maybe not??? shiny green thingy to you for all your hard work!

May 9 @ 3:25AM  
WOW, thanks for the mention! I can feel another blog cummin' on... yeah baby!

May 9 @ 5:01AM  
You know??? You're the best! I work in a hotel and I know what it's like...ya walk in and ya never know what's gonna happen then...YOU come home an put all this together!??? It is amazing. I love your reviews. Thank you soooo much for taking the time putting them I said your the best! ...with a KUDO!

May 9 @ 7:40AM  
Here's to another great week in review!! you rock Dawn!!


May 9 @ 9:50AM  

May 9 @ 11:10AM  
Great job as usual! here's my cookie

May 9 @ 12:46PM  
Great Job honey............kudos

May 9 @ 9:19PM  
Very well done, Dawn! Kudo!

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