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Kids & Public Restrooms

posted 5/6/2010 10:21:54 PM |
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What age do you think it's in appropriate to bring a child with you into the bathroom. Have you ever walked in the bathroom and a child of the opposite sex is in there? Sure, maybe because they are 2 or 5, potty training, whatever. But, what if the child is 10 or 12? Would it bother you?

Does it matter if it's a boy or girl?

I'd say that I'd let my 10 year old daugher go to the bathroom alone, but not my 8 year old son. Scary to think what might be next to him in a mall restroom. Girls I'd say in my mind might be more safer to go alone at that age, they are in stalls. Then again I guess you could suggest your son to always use a stall.

Do kids in public restrooms of the opposite sex bother you?

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May 6 @ 10:34PM  
I would say the normal cut off is the age of four to me. Unless a special needs child, anything older is just too creepy with a helicopter parent.

but not my 8 year old son. Scary to think what might be next to him in a mall restroom.

That is too odd and paranoid for me, sorry. As soon as we could go to the restroom by ourselves we went without any problems. If you are that unreasonably creeped out, stand outside the door.

May 6 @ 10:36PM  
Do kids in public restrooms of the opposite sex bother you?
I hardly ever use public restrooms. But yes, it would somewhat bother me. However, I have to admit, I have yet to see a father bring in his young daughter with him to the public restroom.

As for mothers bringing in their youngs sons with them to the womens restroom, I would think that a boy over 6 is inappropriate.

May 6 @ 11:01PM  
The other side is the kid. If my mom would have accompanied me to the restroom at the age of five or later, I would have been soooo embarrassed. If somebody from school saw it, it would be all over school and I would have been so humiliated that I would never set foot on the school grounds again.

Besides who ever read a headline like: McDonalds Molester Strikes Again!

May 6 @ 11:17PM  
When I worked in the store we had a male in the men's restroom fondling himself in front of young boys. He tried to touch a child but was stopped when the child screamed and a securtiy person went in to see what the problem was. The little boy was about 6. There was a child kidnapped out of a bathroom from the mall in Durham. It is best to have someone with you who can go into a restroom with them or ask if the child can use the employee restroom where they will be safe if they are under the age of 10 or so and need to go in alone. Any security person will tell you that a public restroom in a busy place is not safe for a young child to go in alone.

May 6 @ 11:48PM  
But, what if the child is 10 or 12? Would it bother you?

Okay...this just happened a couple of weeks ago. I was in a mall bathroom and I looked down and saw a boy's foot bigger than mine in the next stall. WTF! Then when I was leaving...he was standing in front of the bathroom door...and I had to ask him to move just so I could exit the bathroom. Creeped me the hell out.

I feel a child over the age of 5 or 6 does not need to be escorted to the bathroom. Now that doesn't mean that I didn't keep a watchful eye on the bathroom door when my son was doing his business at a public bathroom. If he took too long...I would simply go knock on the door. That was our signal that it had been a while and I was getting concerned.

Do kids in public restrooms of the opposite sex bother you?

Yes. I really don't want to see a boy older than the age of 6 when I'm in the bathroom. Of course, if the Mom didn't feel comfortable leaving her son in he hallway right outside the bathroom door (some halls in malls are kind of creepy), if the child was behaved and respectful, I wouldn't have a problem with this particular situation. But as a general boys in the girl's bathroom once they've reached the age of 6. JMHO.

May 7 @ 1:15AM  
That's a tough one......on one hand it may sound paranoid to worry about sending your child to the bathroom alone.........but children have been molested in a matter of a few minutes in a bathroom when in there by himself.............Yet in the same way I wouldn't want to cause embarrassment to the child or other patrons of the bathroom.........

I think it would depend on the child itself than any age in particular.......if it is a smaller than normal size who would not resist an attact...........than no I wouldn't allow them to go into a bathroom by themselves.... so I guess it would depend on the child.

May 7 @ 7:43AM  
For me, it would depend on where we are, at our local small macdonalds, yes, he could go in by himself, while i waited a large venue such as major sports arena, or air port....hell no, my 6 year old isnt going it alone, if he is damn bad, sometimes it just sucks to be my kid

May 7 @ 12:51PM  
If you take the time to teach your kids how to be safe, then they can go to a public restroom any time. Not that I'd allow a child under 5 to go by themselves because there are too many toys in public restrooms. Hand driers being one of em.

May 9 @ 12:42PM  
I guess for me it would depend on where we were and how busy the place was, but I have girls, so this has never been an issue for me. It's hard for me to say an exact cut-off age, so I guess it would depend on the kid.

May 11 @ 7:22AM  
not sure how many ppl here know or not
but I am a foster carer and we are currently looking after a 4 yr old whom we have had since birth.the rules and regulations that come with welfare kids is plain ridiculous.
I usually go into the toilets with him but get him to use a stall and I wait outside the door, sometimes even getting strange looks from some of the other ppl coming and goin while I wait.
10 yrs ago I wouldn't have hesitated in sending my own 4 yr old in on his own and waited outside the toilet block as they're all pretty independant these days, but unfortunately there are some freaks out there waiting to take advantage of a situation when it arises....
just another case of how times are changing I suppose., sometimes not for the best.

by law I have to be there as part of my duty of care.but I agree, when is a suitable cut off time.they say teach your kids how to be independant. but sometimes the outside world also makes you be extra protective as well. I guess some of it boils down to teching them stranger danger too now.

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Kids & Public Restrooms