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An Appeal to Those Who Can - Food Donation

posted 5/5/2010 4:29:27 PM |
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There are many people who were ravaged by this nasty worldwide recession. I was one. In the fourth quarter of 2008 I had over $35,000 in contracts cancelled. I was lucky as my income, though ravaged, was not totally destroyed. Many people lost everything that they strived their entire life to build: careers, homes, retirement, savings, health care insurance, etc.

I managed to survive but it took decimating my financial reserves to do it. Many others were not so fortunate in weathering this storm. The economic future of the nation looks bright, but that brilliance may be slow in coming to shine upon some. In fact, some people were the victims of this in a delayed sense and the slice of life that many of us felt in 2008 or early 2009, came to them recently as a belated tsunami.

I have been blessed to have not only survived, but to have been granted a wonderful position this past March that is the best I have ever had representing a full time move into my fourth career field. I have never been happier in a position and am very grateful for the privilege.

I received a postcard from the post office today saying that they would be picking up nonperishable food items for donation to food banks that people place in their mail boxes on Saturday, May 8.

I have a huge pantry that is overflowing with food. If nothing else, I will eat. I assess my quality of life by what I serve for dinner. Yeah, I have steak almost every night and this evening, the fare includes fresh broccoli and corn on the cob, with strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.

But I recall that it wasn't always that way. I recall pairing myself in the past into two people and playing a role playing game within myself involving what dinner was, macaroni and cheese. At six I said out loud, "Fuck that shit! I'm sick of it!!" I would finally get too hungry and by ten at night, I would eat it. That was what was served. It was all that could be served, take it or leave it.

Anyway, pardon my rambling. I am sure that you have gotten the same post card as I did. I ask you to remember when you had nothing to eat but macaroni and cheese, and realize that some people do not even have that.

Like I said, I have a huge pantry that is stuffed. How much of a stockpile does a family of one need? I easily found four bags of groceries that I won't even miss to donate.

There are are a lot of Americans who will appreciate the generosity of the American people in these tough times. Thanks for listening.

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May 5 @ 4:39PM  
I got that postcard today too. I don't have much, but, I do have a couple of cans of veggies I can spare.


May 5 @ 5:05PM  

Being one of the lucky ones who was Not affected in any way by the crunch. And one who has alway donated to and helped the less fortunate. I am unsure till I look through it how much in can goods I can give. But I can donate 60 lbs of Baby Back
Ribs, 40 lbs in Ham, 30 lbs in Pork Chops, 40 lbs in Hamburger, and $ 400 Cash
for right now. And I'm sure more next month. This will all be delivered by Friday.

And Thanks for spreading the word Bruce. I have received no notice, but will donate anyway.

Kudo's to you.

May 5 @ 5:14PM  

I also have plenty of steaks Bruce. But every night ? I would get sick of it real quick.

May 5 @ 5:21PM  
I also have plenty of steaks Bruce. But every night ? I would get sick of it real quick.

I don't, but my daughter did. She started crying one night about T bones and my ex said, "Think about all of the poor people in China." I retorted, "Hell, think about the neighbors!!" Now, I don't have steak every night, but it is the entree at least half of all evenings.

May 5 @ 5:45PM  
I always donate at least something when they come around. My kids and I used to volunteer at the local food bank back in the 90s. It is amazing how many people they feed around here and I am sure that number has grown.

May 5 @ 5:57PM  
got same post card...i'm puttin out all da carbs in da house lol

sighh i used to have steak all time now i'm too damn lazy to cook it after work out ....

tonight?? salad with can of tuna

May 5 @ 6:03PM  
yep! just threw that card away and got the food by the door to put out in the morning

May 5 @ 6:29PM  
No card here!!! Hell, I even went to My Local P.O. today...and didn't see anything about all that!!!
I've been laid off since Feb. 26, 2009....
It sucks!!!
But yanno.......the good Lord has Blessed!!!
My Unemployment wasn't near as much as I was making... by 200.00 a week!( I have Exhausted my Unemployment...since this past Feb.!!!)
But yanno...when the bank account dries up....God has Blessed and for one reason or another...I would get enough to carry me through!
Hell Pantry is full...and I would Love to Give!!!
Good Post WoW!!!!
Greenie for having Heart for the Fellow Man/Woman/Child!!!!!!

May 5 @ 6:38PM  
To me, it's odd that I usually get the reminder in the Sunday Funnies, "Family something or another."
My local Post Office, it's not even an issue. For the last several years, 'they' have
been more involved in DPS counts, City Route Inspection, and that crappy VPP. Not to mention, the Rural feel it's not their job to help a 'City Carrier Project',
than collecting food for the less fortunate.
Where I live and work, politics ruin it again.


May 5 @ 8:30PM  
I'ma give my three cans of veggies.. prolly head over and take em back in a couple months. Sigh.

Thanks, Bruce, usually I'm the one pushing donations.. glad to see someone else stepping up.

BTW if you're wondering what kinda people need help? My partner is an IT Tech/Network Admin... yeah.. he just got laid off.. people who wanna work. So don't go thinking this all goes to people who don't give a shit.

May 6 @ 11:45AM  
Excellent Blog Bruce.........another thing for people to think about is that yes food is necessary but there are other things that can be donated............most food shelves will accept (or at least point you to a different non charitable group) that will take Baby formulas, clothes/blankets/diapers for infants, they will also take things like laundry soap, bathing soap, shampoo/conditioners, paper products, and dish soap. Also last fall just before school has started........a lady of Yahoo freecycle had given me a couple of boxes of misc stuff...........In them was 12 brand new back packs.....Walmart has a special for school products for a few bucks I bought a bunch of school supplies............(most schools here do not supply anything including paper anymore) and I filled the back packs up and dropped them off at the food shelf so that when families came in with kids getting ready for school they could give them out. Now I realize that 12 isn't that many but just think for 12 kids, they got school supplies and took a little of the pressure of the parents.

Another thing is for those who raise gardens and have to many vegetables........our food shelf will tell people you have extra veggies if they want to pick them and give your phone number out..........most people are pretty courteous when picking from someone elses garden.

Just remember that although food supplies are definitely the most important they also accept other things needed for family living.

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An Appeal to Those Who Can - Food Donation