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All That Showers Isn't Golden...

posted 5/5/2010 4:31:57 AM |
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This is a repost I ripped off of someone else's blog on another site, but I figured U fucking perverts might enjoy the read...

Female Ejaculation

An even greater mystery to most people than Female Orgasm is female ejaculation. Although we may have heard stories about friends who can ejaculate, or who have been with women who can ejaculate, many of us have never actually experienced it first hand. When asked to describe the ejaculations, responses are often quite similar, "It's liquid, it's clear, it's wet, and it squirts". Beyond this, the details have always been quite sketchy.

All women have a functional prostate gland, about the size of their thumb, that surrounds their urethra. Just like the male prostate, it produces fluid, beginning at puberty. Within the prostate gland there can be an area of increased sensitivity, more commonly referred to as the G-Spot. The G-Spot is located somewhere along the length of the urethra. When the prostate gland is stimulated, many women experience female ejaculation, and a distinctive type of orgasm, a vaginal orgasm, one that is different from that experienced during clitoral stimulation alone. Some women cum, as in ejaculate, during sexual arousal, prior to orgasm, even without G-Spot stimulation. There is muscle tissue that surrounds the prostate gland that contracts during orgasm, potentially expelling its contents. There is some debate about the origin of all the fluid that is released during female ejaculation, as the prostate gland itself is relatively small, yet some women release up to two cups of liquid. Nevertheless, the liquid released during female ejaculation is not the same as urine. The best way to stimulate the G-Spot is through rhythmic massage with fingers, a penis, or dildo. It may take practice to locate and connect with the G-Spot, and to learn how to experience vaginal orgasms that are accompanied by female ejaculation. G-Spot and vaginal orgasms aren't nearly as common as clitoral orgasms, some women always experience them, others never.

Let's begin by understanding what the elements of the ejaculate are. The four main ingredients are Glucose, prostatic acid phosphatase (an enzyme which is characteristic of the prostatic component of semen), urea and creatinine. The last two ingredients are commonly found in urine, but are in lower levels than in urine. So there is some urine in the ejaculate. Some studies conclude that in some women the ejaculate is more like urine, and in other women it more like a prostate fluid. Until this question is answered fully, its safest to assume that it is a bit of both. The quantity of ejaculate can range from a few drops, to a shower of it.

Where does the ejaculate come from? There are several theories on this, but remaining constant amongst all of them is that female ejaculation comes from G-spot Stimulation. When the G-spot is stimulated over a period of time, the spongy tissue that creates this area fills with fluid. Women who can ejaculate often hold back, thinking that it is urine. The exact source of the ejaculate is still debated by researchers, but it does appear to come out of the urethra (like urine) and/or nearby Skene's Gland, so that is where the confusion takes place.

You might want to learn how to get someone to ejaculate, or how to do it yourself. Like exploring everything else new in your experience of sex, you should work towards it, but not put unnecessary stresses on yourself by making it your goal. Also, it is not known whether all women are able to ejaculate, so if you or your partner is unable to - don't worry, but perhaps keep trying once in a while. As you already know, the ejaculate comes from the urethra or Skene's Gland, so it feels a lot like urine.

Apart from those who love 'golden showers' (the fetish of urinating on, or being urinated on), many people do not feel comfortable enough to risk urinating on or around their partner. It may be a good idea to allow yourself or your partner some privacy to understand this function of their body; at the very least let your partner now that you are excited about it, not grossed out. That being said, great places to try this out include the shower or bathtub, in or near water, or on top of some old blankets that you don't mind getting wet.


Not only are the fluids they produce chemically similar, the female prostate acts like the male prostate: when rhythmically prodded, it swells up and then discharges fluid through the urethra. To reach a male's prostate gland, you have to reach in through his anus. In the female, you reach in - at virtually the same angle - through her vagina.Tests have been done where the bladder is drained of urine before the sexual stimualation and resulting ejaculation. Even though their bladders had been drained, they still expelled from 50 ml to 900 ml of fluid through the tube and into the catheter bag. The only reasonable conclusion would be that the fluid came from a combination of residual moisture in the walls of the bladder and from post draining kidney output.


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May 5 @ 4:33AM  
Regardless, a number of tests have chemical analysis have been done on the fluid. Exactly what it is, isn't known but there is a consistency of results that show a greatly reduced concentration of the two primary components of urine, urea and creatinine, in the expelled fluid.

Unv of So Calf tests showed the results were clearly "out of the range" to be defined as urine.

Female ejaculate is a fluid that is expelled from the body through the urethra during sexual activities. When released in small quantities it may be a mucous like fluid having a clear, milky, or yellowish coloration. As the volume of the expelled fluid increases it becomes like clear water. In small quantities it may have a distinct scent that is musky or pungent but when the fluid increases in volume and becomes clear there is no longer a detectable scent. The fluid contains PSA and PAP, which are produced in the female prostate. Some of the components found in it, urea and creatinine, are also found in urine, but in much lower concentrations than are found in regular urine. When female prostatic fluids are found in urine they are in much smaller concentrations than in present in female ejaculate. The fluid released during ejaculation and urination are not the same though they may share some of the same substances. As the volume and appearance of female ejaculate changes it is likely that its composition changes too.

Women who expel fluid during orgasm report the color, smell, consistency, and even taste, varies from one occurrence to the next. (It is safe for a person to taste their own ejaculate, and for couples who already exchange body fluids but not for couples needing to practice safe sex.) Some have found their menstrual cycle influences the type of fluid expelled. What you eat is likely to have an affect on it, as will how much liquid you have consumed. Some women report it is sometimes clear and odorless and other times thick and pungent. Others report it sometimes looks and smells like urine, which I have found to be true only when a woman tries too hard to ejaculate. It is safe to say most women's ejaculate will vary over time and during a single sexual episode.
The following table compares the contents of male and female ejaculate, and female ejaculate and urine. Female ejaculate and urine contain the same substances found in male ejaculate. These common substances, PSA, PAP, & PSAP, are at a higher concentration in the ejaculate than they are in urine. This demonstrates they are not exactly the same thing. The female prostate contributes more to the ejaculate than it does to the urine. What we don't know for sure at this point is whether the female prostate gland contributes solely to the contents of female ejaculate, and there is much debate concerning this subject.

Keeping U posted,


May 5 @ 6:17AM  
More reading material on the Subject!
I have only found 2 or 3 that did Squirt...and it was Nothing like what you see on Porn!
I have talked to ladies that could..but..I didn't see it First hand!!

May 5 @ 10:42AM  
I'm not exactly sure what it is...but when my g/f does it... I feel like a duuuuuuude!

May 7 @ 12:59AM  
Very interesting...

May 7 @ 1:50AM  
I remember the first time it happened to me I thought I had wet the bed..........for a long time afterward if I felt that feeling coming on I would hold my breath so I wouldn't wet the bed again.........this of course stopped the ejaculation but it also took away from the orgasm.........Thank god I finally asked a close friend about it.........(this was long before computers and internet) and she explained to me I was not wetting the I can laugh about it but I am sure glad that I found out the real story behind it............oh btw I am one of those that does not need g spot stimulation to be able to do this..........

very informative..........even if this wasn't an original of yours I think there are probably quite a few people that will get a lot out of this article............Thanks for posting. Kudos


May 7 @ 2:13AM  
oh btw I am one of those that does not need g spot stimulation to be able to do this..........

That makes two of us.

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All That Showers Isn't Golden...