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Comparing Prices....

posted 5/4/2010 8:28:32 PM |
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I thought it maybe Fun to compare prices...
We all live many miles apart...hell....even across Big Waters...!!!
All of the prices I will make, are from Central VA. and most of the Prices are coming from Wal-Mart!

The Price of:
Gas per Gallon..for Reg. $2.79 ....and Growing!!!
Milk...Red Label! ....$2.34 a Gallon!
Bread : Butterbread..... $2.00
Cheetos.... 8 1/2 oz Bag....$1.78
Fritos....9 1/4 oz. Bag....$1.78
Natty lite(Beer) 12 pk.....$6.97
24 Pkg. of Pepsi Product's are $5.00 ...on sale...!!!
A 20 oz. Dr. the Vending machine at Wally World is $1.25 ...inside...they are $1.48
Lets have Fun with this....!! What does this shit cost where you are from!!! Feel Free to Add item's and the Cost!!!

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May 4 @ 8:47PM  
Well gas ain't $279.00 here!!!!!

Gas is about $2.75 and it's supposed to hit above $3.00 this summer

May 4 @ 8:51PM  
Thx for the wake up call!!!

May 4 @ 8:52PM  
The only thing I can be accurate with is gas because I bought some last night & holding the receipt which .... heres the drum roll .... 2.789 / GAL ...

May 4 @ 9:15PM  
Good blog. I have a dozen grocery stores within four miles of me and numerous convenience stores, so there is variance plus somebody always has something on sale. So, I will give you a range.

The Price of:
Gas per Gallon..for Reg. $2.79 ....and Growing!!!
Milk...$1.99 to $2.49 a Gallon!
Bread : Butterbread..... $ .89 to $2.00
Cheetos.... 8 1/2 oz Bag....Don't buy them
Fritos....9 1/4 oz. Bag....Don't buy them
Bud or Miller lite(Beer) 12 pk.....$9.95
24 Pkg. of Pepsi Product's are $5.00 ...on sale...!!!
A 20 oz. Dr. the Vending machine or in the store $1.00 to $1.49

Other stuff

10# potatoes...$1.99 to $3.49
Top sirloin steak...$2.99 to $5.99 per pound
Large can (37 oz.) of Maxwell House of Folgers...$4.99 to $6.49
One # fresh strawberries...$ .99 to $2.49
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese...$ .79 to $1.29
Can of green beans, corn or peas (store or name brand) $ .49 to $ .79

May 4 @ 9:18PM  
Gas here is about $2.85 a gallon

Pepsi - 6 pack of 24 ounce bottles is about $3.50 at Walmart

Heiners loaf of bread here is about $1.84

May 4 @ 9:46PM  
Prices in Vancouver, B.C. Canada and Bellingham, Washington...

Gas per liter: 3.68 liters (Canada) = 1 gallon (U.S.):
So...$1.15 per liter (Currently in Canada)...which is $1.15 x 3.68 = $4.23 a gallon

This is the ^^^ reason ^^^ why I drive across the Canadian border into Washington State to gas up. Their prices are currently at $2.89 a gallon.

Milk: In Canada - $4.15 per gallon. In Bellingham, WA - $2.20 per gallon.
Bread: In Canada - $3.00 a loaf. In Bellingham, WA - $2.00 a loaf.
Cheese: In Canada - $20.00/5 pounds. Bellingham, WA - $10.00/5 pounds.
Eggs: In Canada - $3.00/1 dozen. Bellingham, WA - $2.25/2 Dozen.

I bet you can't guess where I shop for my milk, bread, cheese, and eggs...

May 4 @ 10:48PM  
Gas per Gallon..for Reg. $2.93....and Growing!!!
Milk...Red Label! ....$3.49 a Gallon!
Bread : Butterbread..... $2.00
Cheetos.... 8 1/2 oz Bag....$2.50
Fritos....9 1/4 oz. Bag....$2.50
Natty lite(Beer) 12 pk....don't drink the stuff but I dont think I have seen any under about 14 dollars a 12 pk
24 Pkg. of Pepsi Product's are $5.00 ...on sale...!!!
A 20 oz. Dr. the Vending machine at Wally World is $1.25 convenience stores unless on sale about 1.69

May 5 @ 12:07AM  
Gas 3.20
cheetoes/fritos 2.99
lite berr 8.99
bread milk about the same
cigerettes 8.50 - 10.00 a pack

May 5 @ 5:22AM  
ok, so some math genius can do the conversion...

petrol ( gasoline,) $1.35 a litre
Diesel, $1.39 a litre.

eggs, $2.fiddy a dozen

bread, $2- $5 depending on type and brand.

3 litre bottle of milk $3.60-$5.20 depending on if you get it from a large supermarket chain or a local store.

packet of 50 cigerettes...$24.95 ! * my missus reeeeally needs to give up smoking...
by the time I buy hers I can't afford to

May 5 @ 7:49AM  
Gas is about 2.87- 2.89 here as of yesterday.
Most of my groceries I get at either Walmart or Sav-a-Lot and usually get their respective store brands..
Most of the store brands are made or packaged by National Brand companies
with only the label changed anyway..

May 5 @ 10:15AM  
Gallon of gas here is $2.92
I buy milk by the half gallon at $1.77
Dozen eggs on sale at Wal Mart .79 cents
I give my Dad $2.00 every week to pick up 3 loaves of bread at a local bread store for me. (He goes on Saturdays and I'm always working)
50lb bag of Old Yeller on sale right now is $13.99
Bag of Frito Lays chips on sale for $1.98 (Wal Mart)
1 lb of Oscar Meyer Salami $2.50 (Wal Mart)
1lb Kraft Cheese Slices at Wal Mart $2.50 ($4.89 at Kroger even with card)
$1.75 for Suave shampoos and conditioners
$3.58 for 3.5 lb bag of 9 Lives cat food (Wal Mart)

and that's about all I can think of right now.

May 5 @ 10:32AM  
Gas: $2.97
Milk: 2.15 (uber cheap stuff)
Bread: .99 for white fluff.. 3.59 for my bread
8 to 10 oz chips: Anywhere from 1.50 to 4.00 (organic crazy in this area)
24 pack? I dunno.. I only get the 12 packs 2.00 at food4less

Here's the kicker for me.. I live in a state with more cows that people... so..

Rib Eye Steak... 9.99 per fucking lb? WTF? Makes you feel like going out to the field and peeling one off and taking your chances with getting hung.

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Comparing Prices....