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posted 5/4/2010 7:53:04 AM |
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Sticking with the movies theme, what movie star who never starred in the role do you think would be excellent to play a recurring character in several movies? This can include somebody from the distant past in a more modern recurring role. Examples of recurring roles include:
James Bond
John Rambo
Clark Griswald
Captain James Kirk
Harry Potter
John McClane (Die Hard)
Harry Callahan
Frank Devin (Naked Gun)
Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon)
Austin Powers
Axel Foley
Rocky Balboa

For me, I think that Cary Grant would be the consummate James Bond.

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May 4 @ 9:28AM  
i read a book about cary grant once that said he actually was in MI6, the
british secret service, his real name they say was archibald leach. many actors
are also in their respective governments secret services, in the propaganda
wars. etc.

May 4 @ 10:00AM  
I am just going to be lazy and use your list of reoccuring roles to go by.......

James Bond......David Boreanaz (he plays Booth in the TV series Bones, and Angel in the tv series Angel)
John Rambo.....Sam Elliot
Clark Griswald....No one but chevy chase could do that part LOL
Captain James Kirk......Will Smith
Harry Potter... I love these movies but I don't even know the actors name that plays this part now.
Batman.......Michael Keaton played batman in the first two movies and I think he should have been batman through all of the series.
John McClane (Die Hard).....Tommy Lee Jones
Harry Callahan.....Morgan Freeman
Frank Devin (Naked Gun)....although these are not my favorite movies I think Tom Hanks could do this real well.
Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon)....Leonardo DiCaprio or Denzel Washington
Superman.....Johnny Depp
Austin Powers.....Larry the Cable Guy.....would have put a redneck view too it......
Axel Foley.......Kurt Russel
Rocky Balboa....anyone with no brain and big muscles......first couple of rocky movies he didn't have hardly any lines so it wouldn't have even taking anyone with any acting talent lol


May 4 @ 10:22AM  
I looked up Cary Grant on IMDB. Apparently, I am not alone. It says that Ian Fleming patterned James Bond after Grant and that he was pursued to play James Bond in Dr. No but turned it down as he felt that he was too old.

May 4 @ 11:10AM  
Let me see:

John Rambo~Brendan Frasier
Captain Jack Sparrow~Christian Slater
Captain James T. Kirk~Bruce Boxleitner
Captain Jean Luc Picard~Keanu Reeves
Axel Foley~Will Smith
Rocky~Arnold Schwarzenegger
Martin Rigss~Nicolas Cage
Austin Powers~Jack Black

That's about all I can come up with for now.

May 4 @ 12:34PM  
Wow, you are seriously in a hard question mode.. I'm gonna have to think this one over.

May 4 @ 2:46PM  
Straddle- Pee Wee Herman

May 4 @ 7:12PM  
Re: our conversation.. I really could see Will Smith as Captain James Tyberius Kirk. It would definitely be different.

I always thought that David Duchovney would make a decent Sgt. Friday.. something about just the facts...

I'd like to see Brad Pitt do Bond. That would be interesting to see if he could pull debonair off.

May 4 @ 8:06PM  
I can see... Kurt Douglas Being "Rocky"....
Clint "Rambo".....
Will Smith as Batman!!
(yeah I was lazy also....) Something like this takes a Lot of thought!!!
Good Blog!!!!! Greenie for making me think!!!!!

May 4 @ 9:18PM  
John D MacDonald created a character in a long series of books named Travis McGee. There are over a dozen books in the series and I've always enjoyed them. Mr MacDonald never allowed the books to be made into TV or anything because he felt it would diminish the books somehow.
He's passed away now and I would love to see Travis McGee make it to the big screen in a series of movies. The question is, do you shell out the big $$$ for a big name like Matt Damon, or find an obscure up and coming, get him locked in for 3 or 4 before he becomes a "name" and hope the series takes off?
I think the Star Trek movie from last year that used mostly unknowns for characters we already know worked fine. A Great story, will make a big name for a good actor, however unknown.

May 4 @ 10:46PM  
Ironically, among the blogs about movies and movie stars, they went to honor an actress with a star on Hollywood Blvd. today and they misspelled her name!

May 4 @ 11:11PM  
James Bond - Hugh Jackman (He cleans up nice...and can get down and dirty)
John Rambo - Mark Walburg (A quiet tough guy)
Clark Griswald - Robin Williams (He was great in RV)
Captain James Kirk - John Cusack (Lots of sarcastic wit and charm)
Harry Potter - Elijah Wood (An under-rated actor who has played in Lord of the Rings, Sin City and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
Batman - I agree with Dayna...bring Michael Keaton back.
John McClane (Die Hard) - Kiefer Sutherland
Harry Callahan - Tom Cruise
Frank Devin (Naked Gun) - Keanu Reeves
Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon) - Matt Damon
Superman - Edward Norton (He did a good job as the Hulk)
Austin Powers - Jack Black...LMAO!
Axel Foley - Chris Rock
Rocky Balboa - Will Smith (He was awesome as Ali)

Good lord WoW...I had to do some research for this comment. How about a kudo for my

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