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A Day in the Life of Bandit...

posted 4/29/2010 9:57:25 PM |
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tagged: funny, pet, dog, life

I once had the best dog a gal could ever want. Her name was Bandit...and she was a complete mess! She was so imperfect...and that's exactly what made her so perfect to me. She was a Brittany Spaniel so she had LOTS of energy...was VERY curious...VERY loveable...and would get into EVERYTHING. It never mattered to me what she did...because she was all mine.

I was thinking about her the other day and I remembered a funny I thought I would share it in Pervia today.

One evening, when Bandit was probably 2-years-old, I let her outside in the backyard to take care of her business. A short time later...she came to the door asking to come back in. I bent down to check her paws for mud and that's when I smelled something I wasn't suppose to smell. I leaned closer and sniffed her mouth again (Of course...I was promptly kissed) and that's when I smelled it...steak! WTF?! I quickly put Bandit inside...and went outside to investigate.

I quietly peeked over the fence into my neighbor’s yard and that's when I saw it....a hibachi...with only one steak on it. Crap! Crap! Double Crap! I now knew why my sweet dog smelled like steak. I also knew that my neighbors were clueless to the missing steak...since they weren't already at my house pitching a fit.

Well...I pondered what I should do for about 1 minute...and then decided not to tell. I know...I know...I was completely wrong and dishonest, but I was afraid that my dog would get a bad rep...which I did not I remained silent.

However, about a month later, I did bring steaks over to my neighbor's house (my treat) and we all had a really nice BBQ together. I of course kept close tabs on Bandit...just in case she got any big ideas.

So how about you have any funny pet stories you would like to share?

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Apr 29 @ 10:56PM  
That was a very sweet story. Thanks for sharing that with us, Kat.

I guess I would have to say that I used to have a calico named Tiger who I got back in '78. She used to dip her paw right into a drinking glass full of water and lick it off her paw. That was so cute to watch her. She also used to shake my hand when I snapped my fingers and held out my hand for her paw. She passed away back on Nov. 3, 1986. She was my favorite cat. I still miss her today.

She will always be in my heart.

Apr 29 @ 10:58PM  
Giving you a kudo for such a cute story with your dog, and for the pleasant memories I had with Tiger.

Apr 29 @ 11:35PM  
I had a cat my daughter named Mary. Her nickname was Kung Fu Kitty. She was a wild kitty who decided to adopt us. She had been declawed on her front paws in the past and still hunted by jumping into the air and knocking down a bird flying up off the ground with her hind legs. Thing is I learned not to leave my shoes outside because she liked to leave me offerings in them. Nothing like finding a dead squirrel or bird minus the head in your shoe first thing in the morning. She never did become a house cat except to come in for food if she had not been able to hunt that day. The funny thing was seeing the german shepherd next door growling at her and Mary jumping on his back and hanging on up there with her hind claws as he gave his best bucking bronco imitation around our front yard whimpering while she sounded like a banshee howling. It took his owner holding him and both my daughter and I to get her off his back. She then marched around the front yard with a mouthfull of his fur like she was proud of her "kill". The dog never growled at her again. In fact he would hide on the other side of the neighbor's house every time he saw her.

Apr 30 @ 2:43AM  
Now I know a lot of people have pets on here, and that they have some really good stories to share with all of us. I'm surprised that we haven't heard from these people yet.

Apr 30 @ 6:59AM  
I cant believe it...some one is "asking" for another story about my sweet little dog.!! Finally someone has seen the light!

Nothing comes to mind at this moment, but I have decide to have a birthday party for him this summer.
the guest list will include his cousins..

Baby Doll the carian terrier
Rosco the Austrialian Shephard
Ally the Boxer
Mickey the Bulldog
His two friends..the Redd boys, Harley and Hazard both pugs

Every one will get Liver treats as party favors, and we will play ball and Frisby.

Of course Jake will request no gifts,but will ask for donations in his name to the local animal shelter.

We will have soft drinks and (dog bone shaped) cake for the members of his friends people family.

I hope to get a least one photo of Jake and his friends in their party hats.


Apr 30 @ 11:31AM  
I've had so many amazing pets over the years... it's hard to narrow it down..

Beaux, the blue Aussie who could leap 8 feet into the air when he saw us coming down the hill to home. (we got him out on a dirt road, we opened the pickup door and in he came mud and all)

Magnum, the Kestrel, his nest got run over by a combine and he was the only survivor.. he never flew quite right so he spent his six years in our home. He learned to escape from any cage we ever attempted to keep him in.. I'd usually wake up to him sitting on my pillow staring at me.. (that's unnerving)

Ratch, the blackbird.. heh. learned not to feed birds poppyseed muffins from Ratch.. came in and he was hanging upside down from his perch by one foot singing his fool head off.

Charliehorse, the shitland pony. Yes I spelled it that way on purpose.. he was obnoxious! He'd steal a straw hat off your head, the bandana out of dad's back pocket, eat 'jacked' apples off the trees and stumble around the place.. he loved boston baked bean candies..

Cordero the Holstein bull.. now keep in mind that I am only 5'2" and a Holstein is significantly taller at the shoulder.. he followed me everywhere like a puppy.. after I had gotten his attention with an aluminum baseball bat.

Molly, my current mutt... that dog has joy in every fiber of her being. She gets this great big grin and rips from one end of the house to the other over and over.. leaping over anything that gets in teh way.. when it snows she rolls in it, tunnels through it, all the while grinning. She tries to go with the UPS guy..s he thinks he's the bomb. (he is kinda adorable) You know Molly isn't feeling good if her tail isn't wagging.. it's always wagging.. even when she's sleeping sometimes.

I have three rescue kittehs as well.. Oonagh a huge hairy Maine Coon, Aoife :eefah: a russian blue mix and Aine :anya: a seal point siamese... There is a legend round these parts of the mighty buffalo herd that rips through my house at odd hours.. Aoife is G's kitty.. she sleeps around his head like a hat.. Aine is a bit aloof unless you are in the bathroom.. then she gets between the shower curtain and the liner and wants petted through the curtain. Oonagh hates to be ignored.. she spent the first year with us hiding in my bedroom, she was afraid of everything but me.. she's over that now, so now when I'm busy typing away at my puter she comes over stands on her hind legs and reaches up to my shoulder and taps me three times gently to let me know it's time to pet the kitteh!

I love my critters..

May 3 @ 7:28PM  
Wow!! I can't believe I missed this one. Funny pet story? OMG! Yeah, I've got some. Let me see:

Back about when I was 20, I got a 2 year old shepherd mix named King. He was my pal...went with me just about everywhere...If I was going to my friends house..he came with me, I took him for walks, let him run alongside me when I was riding my bike..etc. One day sitting on the front porch at my parents house, King was running around the yard. My parents used to have a lilac tree, not bush, tree, in their front yard. Well, King was running at full speed, and WHAM! Head first into the tree. I swear it looked like he was looking at it before hitting it. He got up, shook his head, and was off running again like it never happened. Another King story was his "girlfriend" Bray. She was an Australian Shepherd, pure bred. She would go into heat, and come down to our house to stay with King. The first time I saw her head poke out of Kings dog house, I was surprised. I knew what house she came from, it was just up the road. So, I went and told her people she was down at my parents house. They showed up, she reluctantly got in the car.....and was back down at my parents by the next morning. But, at least her people knew where to find her.

A cat my parents used to have when I was a teenager, Raggs, was awesome. She was gray tabby with medium length fur, and really bright green eyes. She was a hell raiser. One night after being at my friends house partying, I was stoned..I was sitting on the couch watching a little tv. This is like 2am, around Christmas time. I'm sitting there buzzing, watching tv when I notice the Christmas tree sway back and forth. I'm thinking I can't be that buzzed when the tree started tipping my way. I put my hand out to stop it from falling and I remember grabbing fur and hearing "purrr". That cat had climbed an artificial tree and about knocked it over.

And my cat I have now, Apache, when he was younger, was mischievous. I was staying at my parents house, and had to go to bed because of having to get up early for work. It was a hot summer night, and I slept upstairs and there was no a/ the windows were open. Well, the screen to the window to the roof of the house was out because my sister had been watching thunderstorms approaching. Apache saw it open, and out he went, onto the roof of the house and wouldn't you know it. The brat wouldn't come back in no matter how much I tried coaxing him. I finally got fed up and crawled out that window and plucked that little brat off the roof and put him in the house. I look at that window today, and I know I can't climb out it like I used to.

Well...that's a couple of my pet stories.


May 3 @ 10:02PM  
How did I miss this blog??? Pidge my Rottweiler walked by the Thanksgiving Table and stuck her toungue out and it naturally glided through the mashed potato dish...I took it to the kitchen and tossed the contents around and casually put it back on the table. I ate the pota and so dod all, never heard a word form anyone about the dog drool...all good in doggy land!

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A Day in the Life of Bandit...