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Once Upon a Time or.. Thoughts to Constipate You

posted 4/29/2010 8:27:01 PM |
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tagged: rant

Way back in the back of a long long .. couple few years ago.. there was a thread in the Introduce Yourself section of the Fora. How to Fuck Up on AMD

B9 Dominus, the Big D had posted his initial thoughts, followed by some other folks posting the things that irritates them the most with initial contact faux pas.

I was reading through the blogs this week, and then got to thinking about this thread. Sure, we had the odd quit your bitchin post.. but for the most part, people were honestly sharing in how to make a good impression and to actually make this site work for you.

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's just a sex site. WTF ever. If it's just a sex site, how come so many couples have hooked up for much more than just sex? Sure, you can get a FWB if you work it properly, play your cards right and put enough EFFORT into it.

Nothing is for free, my baybees.. nothing at all in this world is free. If you want someone to suck your dick.. you better treat him or her like you would treat anyone else in the outside world. If you want to fuck.. you don't just go verbally assault someone in the real world do you? Doesn't work here either. So you are looking for a specific sex, age group, marital status, act.. whatever. Well, good for you. That doesn't mean that all of us are here for that. Besides, posting your wants in your PROFILE, is the proper place to air that business.

Posting a blog, stating your wants, what you are here for, blah blah blah.. whatever it is that you are seeking.. it's a no no.. in fact it's #2 in the list.. get a clue. If anyone responds at all, it's likely to be a smart assed comment designed to show their scorn for your behavior.

Don't like that? Oh well. If there's one thing I've learned in the x number of years I've hung out here in Pervia? No one really gives a shit if you like it or not. The "Clique" is more than willing to welcome you with open arms.. as long as you don't start out being a know it all, holier than thou, squid brained WLB (another Big D invention)

Learn the blog rules, they are up there for a reason.

No, I don't give a flying fuck what you blog. Not really. What bugs me is people making broad statements about things they have no real idea about.

If you make an effort to let people get to know who you are, you make your chances of finding what you seek so much better. Some of us, who aren't really looking for anything, will put your name out there to those who are.. some who may not be looking for you in particular.. might know someone who is looking for what you want.

It's a social network. yeah, we can say FUCK.. so what? it's still about presenting yourself in a light that makes you desirable to the largest possible audience.

Prove me wrong.

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Apr 29 @ 8:48PM  
I feel like crap and I'm goin to bed.. catch you Pervs tomorrow!

Apr 29 @ 8:53PM  
One way not to screw-up here: Obvious and useless one-lined statements used as blogs.

Ex: Hi, were a couple looking for a bi-fem..NO MEN!

Any man with a working brain and common sense would know to stay away, no need to announce it- just say so in your profile and set up your mail to filter out single men.


Apr 29 @ 9:00PM  
I'll give you a kudo for substance even though I am not sure of the point. My attention span on this site is greatly reduced. Yeah, nobody gives a rat's fuck it my attention span is reduced. That includes me. I just fly by and if I am lucky enough to find something I give a rat's ass about reading, if it is worthy or a comment, cool! If it is interesting, well wonder of wonders.

So we have had this move to post more blogs to knock of the blog hog. Okay, but what was the result? More lame blogs posted by people that were challenged to do one good blog a week to do more then one a day. The result was some pathetic reads in my opinion.

Now let's hold up, and let me say this is one person's opinion and that I am that person, I don't give a shit what you think. However you certainly are entitled to express your opinions.

But let me ask you a question, is your reading of blogs and interest in participating enhanced by all of this? It is an individual decision. I can only speak for myself but in reading the posts and comments, the immediate responses are increasingly "lame", "stale".

Just my two cents. If you don't like it and think it is a bunch shit, fine. Take some Exlax and get over it. Frankly, my dear. I don't give a damn.

Apr 29 @ 9:03PM  
get a clue. If anyone responds at all, it's likely to be a smart assed comment designed to show their scorn for your behavior.

now i ask ya...WHO would do such a thing

good blog...hope someone who NEEDS it .....READS IT.....

Apr 29 @ 9:05PM  
And if you are e-mailing someone about something on one of their blogs, please do not start it with I bet you give great head and then ask the question. More than likely the person to whom you addressed this e-mail did not get to whatever your question was about in the blog itself but hit block before they read that far.

Apr 29 @ 9:20PM  
Stops by and tosses the skwirl a nut or two

Apr 29 @ 9:41PM  
Sliding you a green nut because I always feed the skwirls.

Apr 29 @ 9:58PM  
Hope you enjoy pistachios... I'm leavin' a big bag of 'em on your door step, but they won't let me give you more than one greenie.

I like being regular... do not even think about entertaining constipation of the body or the brain... lol!

Apr 29 @ 10:12PM  
Just dropping by to add a lil' sumptin to your nut collection.

Apr 29 @ 11:01PM  
If you make an effort to let people get to know who you are, you make your chances of finding what you seek so much better.
I couldn't agree more. Kudo, Sam!

Apr 29 @ 11:39PM  
Sweet dreams....

Apr 30 @ 12:34AM  
all the best

Apr 30 @ 1:41AM  
I've been using Bran Buds with psilllian stool seems to be perfect in every way.

Apr 30 @ 11:17AM  
just noticed the threads locked....can read it but not post or bump it to the top ...

Apr 30 @ 7:30PM  
Leaving a kudo. You always say it so well Skwirl.

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Once Upon a Time or.. Thoughts to Constipate You