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I will not SURRENDER!!!

posted 4/27/2010 9:11:39 AM |
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I think Bill Bennett just hit the nail on the head about how as a Patriot I feel about Liberal Democrats and the destruction they are causing…


I will fight to get my country back to its original plan and purpose..

It was not to have LARGE government acting like a nurse maid to a bunch of hand out grubs leeching off of it.

I will do my best to support candidates that will DOWNSIZE this government, and get people off the “hand out” lines and put them to work so they can get some pride back and self-worth.

That is what I HATE about the Democrat Leaders. They steal people’s identities for votes by promising to take care of them, which is lingo to let them sit on their lazy asses and do nothing why a political party robs the American People of their money via taxes, laws and regulations.

People in this country (the Democrats) have no clue what it means to be free….

They think “free” is too be able to fill their wants and desires by taking money from the govt which is just stealing it from other Americans.

Yet they think this is ok…

That is how lost we are.. That is why I will not surrender to these Liberal Fools!

I will fight them for the hearts and minds of people who have to be TAUGHT what it means to be an American since our Democrats have soiled the definition.


God is on our side…

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Apr 27 @ 9:52AM  
The point is that it shouldn't be Democrat or Republican. It should be people trying to fix what's wrong with this country not work against each other because one is Republican or Democrat. If they would work together instead of against each other things WOULD get done. It's like a bunch of fuckin' kids out playing ball or something. One kid has the ball and all the others are playing but the kid with the ball gets pissed off and takes his ball and goes home. That leaves the rest with no ball to play with so GAME OVER!!! I don't consider myself Democrat or Republican but I will say that over the years it has been the fucking Republicans that have cost this great country so much. All they know how to do is steal from the people to line their fucking pockets and to hell with the country. I think it's damn time to shut the fuck up and let the man that is there now at least try to clean up what the fucking Republicans have caused. If you want to really bitch about something hw do you think I feel about the shape of this country. I just like so many others in this country ancestors were here long before these mother
fuckers invaded this land and stole it away from us. The Americam Indians didn't ask for anyone to come here and take over this land. We were doing just fine without being invaded. Now you want to piss and moan about what the mother fuckers who have came to this land, invaded it and ran it into the ground have done. I say do something about it other than running your fucking mouth. I don't give a flying fuck if the person is Democrat or Republican. All I'm saying is fix the fucking problem instead of making it worse. Work together instead of against each other. It's just like a marriage. If two people are always working against each other the marriage will never work but if they work together they can live a lot better life. I think we need to get rid of all the fucking politicians and start over. All the mother fuckers are crooks. Some are just worse than others and THAT"S the ones that have run this great country inot the ground.

Apr 27 @ 11:32AM  
It should be people trying to fix what's wrong with this country not work against each other...

Exactly. That's why instead of using politics to decide something we should be using something more empirical such as political/social science. That way we avoid the bias that plagues partisan politics.

They think “free” is too be able to fill their wants and desires...

I cannot agree with this more. "Freedom" equates to responsibility, not entitlement and impunity. taking money from the govt which is just stealing it from other Americans.

Then you had to ruin the point by saying this. The whole reason for living in a society in the first place is cooperation. Do you intend or have you used things like insurance? Social Security? Short-term unemployment? Do you believe for one moment that the money that is extracted from those things is the money you personally contributed to them? If you have experienced just one red cent from anything like that it's because of a complex social risk management system. The rest of society works in just the same way. If you don't like it, then stop using the system (and that includes the Internet) and become a hermit.

Apr 27 @ 2:00PM  
It should be people trying to fix what's wrong with this country not work against each other because one is Republican or Democrat.

Exactly max! I too am so tired of the constant child like bickering between BOTH parties.

They need a reminder that they are supposed to be working for US..the voters. Sadly, I don't see that reminder coming in the near future. It's going to be "business as usual" next election.

Apr 27 @ 3:36PM  
As Bill Bennett admits about himself..
I'm a conservative, but I'm not going to assume that the conservative line is always right.
'Nuff said

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I will not SURRENDER!!!