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Women who enjoy being tied up during foreplay and sex

posted 1/4/2007 1:08:15 AM |
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tagged: sex, kinky, foreplay, straddle

How many women would actually enjoy being tied up during the fun of foreplay and passionate sex? You don't hear too much of this with women doing this for guys, but you hear all the time men doing this for women. How far would you let him go with you when you're tied up if you like that? How far would you guys let her go with you if you were tied up? Does any guy actually enjoy playing a "slave" to a woman? If so, what would you like done to you and how far would you let her go with your body for her pleasure? Same question for the women, how far would you let him go with your body for his pleasure? Btw, I have never been tied up, and doubt very seriously that I would let any women tie me up and blindfold me. Also, if you enjoy pain, what would you like done to you?

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Women who enjoy being tied up during foreplay and sex
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Jan 4 @ 1:48AM  
I don't like pain. I have never been tied up, or tied anyone else up for that matter. It is a fantasy of mine though, i'm not sure how far i would let it go. I think it would depend on how much i trusted the person.

Jan 4 @ 1:56AM  
At risk of sounding ignorant isn't this part of BDSM?

Jan 4 @ 1:58AM  
I guess so, but I have never tried it.

Jan 4 @ 2:03AM  
As a Submissive, I can honestly say nothing makes me happier than when Dominus punishes me. Sometimes he ties me to the bed or chains me up in an alcove and then proceeds to torment me with floggers, paddles and other instruments of pleasure-pain. For me, its not the pain so much as the mind game. Never knowing what he'll do next, or how far I can push him before he truly gets upset. But one thing I know for sure, He'll never hurt me! If there is no trust, then bondage is not something you should be dabbling in. Especially, if your lover expresses no interest. Otherwise, enjoy yourself!

Jan 4 @ 3:22AM  
Really not a bondage kind of person, but I suppose if it were with someone who I trusted then it could be exciting, (maybe)


Jan 4 @ 3:33AM  
I finally see eye to eye with you on this one.....being tied up is one of my favorite things.....

Jan 4 @ 4:50AM  
I hate 2 fucking admit it, but LadyM has just about got me talked N2 this bullshit! Oh well...try anything twice, right?


Jan 4 @ 6:08AM  
For me, it is like a journey of self discovery. I've always been in charge and pushed boundaries; there is something very erotic at being totally at the mercy of someone else. Since I am a strong, confident woman by nature, my total submission is achieved only through complete helplessness (naked, blindfolded, gagged, and securely bound) and domination (words, whips, toys of pleasure and pain). The intensity and passion is so much more than in vanilla sex and I really think if people knew more about the BDSM lifestyle and all the different levels of it, they would be less hesitant to try it with a skilled partner they trust. Like Giggl indicated, it is more about the emotional interaction between the Dom/sub-the sex is the added bonus.

Jan 4 @ 9:55AM  
Its hard to explain for me. I have a very limited experience with these types of acts. I can say this...there was one hell of an internal battle going on inside me. One part of me liked the loss of control...and the other was being very wary of the situation.


Jan 4 @ 11:35AM depends who is doing it. If it was a boyfriend or a fuck buddy ive known for a while..they can do almost anything they want to me. I let them tie me up and spank me and whatever they or I want. If it is someone i just met, forget it. Luckypassion is not being tied up that evening.

btw...i have tied up a few guys...and a few of those more than once...its not bad. They seemed to enjoy it as a matter of fact. its not nearly as kinky as some of the shit that i could do to them.

Jan 4 @ 12:48PM  
I have to agree with the general consensus here.. as long as there is trust in the relationship.. I am all for it.. heh.. have rope..

Jan 4 @ 1:11PM  

I seem to agree with "ponme" too often, or just often enuff, or......
ANYWAY......"trust" is definately the key..................................
Rope hell......I'm gettin' that hi-tech chyt from the local XXX-hooosecaw........
U know --- the "comfortable" stuff with cotton padding and tight hooks sewn in and stuff............


Jan 4 @ 2:24PM  
Being tied up for sex and foreplay has been my ex-girlfriend's fantasy for a long time. However, we never tried it because she knows I have a sick, evil sense of humor. If I ever did tie her up, I may end up doing something like tickling her to tears, leaving to make a sandwich, or just leaving and forcing her to listen to Brittany Spears music (aren't I evil?)..

Jan 4 @ 2:56PM  
Hey, it could be worse, you could leave her tied up while listening to country music. YUCK!!!

Jan 4 @ 3:21PM  
Even if you should not "be" in a BDSM lifestyle, take heed of their 3 watchwords.
Safe, Sane, Consensual. Nor do you have to be. Statistics show a great number of people are intrigued by or enjoy play bondage, tickling, teasing, being ravished or conquered, etc., all without being "into" BDSM.

And DoIDetect, while I feel that you are just kidding around, you bring up a valid point...never, ever, EVER leave a tied person alone. Not trying to be a wet blanket here, but a goodly number of folk get turned off or actually hurt by playing at bondage needlessly every year. It's great fun and gloriously enjoyable for both partners done right. Play safe, make sure you havent tied someone too tight, forget completely about the movie versions, you can break bones with just 8 lbs pressure. Discuss all play beforehand about how much and how far you both want to go. And keep a pair of scissors nearby, preferably a bandage type pair, just in case something goes wrong so u can release someone in a second. Then take it slow and just savor it instead of trying to be the Marquis de Sade.


Jan 5 @ 11:40AM  
Yup, it all boils down to trust. If you trust your partner, being tied up should be exciting, not scary. And if I an ever talk my significant other into tying me up, I would let be done whatever was wanted as long as it wasn't painful. Sex that hurts does not excite me. Other than that, anything would go as it all feels good to me.

Jan 5 @ 8:06PM  
**Thinks back to Stephen King's book Gerald's Game..**

It puts the dangers of being tied up in a whole new perspective... BUT, with that being said, I personally enjoy being tied up by my man... (and I enjoy doing the same to my woman).

As most have stated, trust is a big issue when getting into a vulnerable situation with someone. Seeing how I trust my man completely, I absolutely love it when he ties me up using ropes, chords, or anything else handy, uses the handcuffs (actual metal ones, not the fuzzy type), and forcefully pins me to the bed with my wrists or neck. I find this to be very erotic, and it hightens my sexual pleasure.

I also like to turn the tables on him, though I'm not sure that he enjoys it as much as I do.... he likes to let his hands explore too much to have them pinned down, but of course, that's quite alright with me.

In any case, an individual's safety and comfort is most important when exploring the risky side of the sexual realm. In my opinion, to each their own... as long as they're not hurting anyone else....


Jan 6 @ 3:14AM  
i've entertained the thought, just not sure how i'd react...

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Women who enjoy being tied up during foreplay and sex