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AMD Week in Review

posted 4/25/2010 6:02:51 PM |
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tagged: review

And here we are, another week gone by in Pervia. Before I go any further, I want to take this time to make an apology to both Lisa and Alybai for missing their birthdays. I know it's late..but...Happy Birthday to both of you.

Ok…gonna start off this weeks Review with a poem by our very own soft_touch938 in her blog “Just bein’ whimsical…(poem)” Lemonade. Hmmmm…guess the yellow paint she chose for her bathroom wall was just a mite brighter than she wanted. But ya know…at least it’s a “happy” color, she can be happy while she’s…….oh c’mon…I was gonna say taking a shower.

RJ53 talked about “Potential” hmmmm… at first site? Is it possible? Maybe. I know lust at first site happens…. I mean, there is Surv, Bentan… I still remember his picture in Ewe’s butt contest. I’ll bet she still has that pic too.

And Wordsofwit came on with “Potential and Sex” Potential for sex on AMD? That happens? Really?

whisperingcomet piped in with “Birthday!” She’s trying to convince us she’s “old as dirt” …Nah!!!! You don’t look a day over 2 million years old. Seriously….I googled and the “freshest” dirt is 2 million years old. Yep, I can google. Just check the link.

Lisa46 talked about “Age” Yeah, never thought I’d be single at 44, but, here I am. Damn! And I missed her pity party too!!! Lisa…send me an invite to the next one please!

Lunanegra asked “Do we want the “the nice guy”?” Hell yeah I want the “nice guy”. Ya know, nice hair, nice ass, nice……………….. Oh…I don’t think that’s quite what she meant . Actually, I did have the “nice guy”..Mick . Looked like a biker, long hair, leather jacket, biker boots…etc…but the nicest man I had ever met. He would hold doors open, all I had to do was say I wanted something, and he would get it. Even when we had an occasional argument..regardless of who started it..he always apologized.

KitKat25 wrote “I Remember…” Yeah, I remember the Oklahoma City bombing and the horror of it’s aftermath. I wasn’t there physically, but, I remember seeing it on CNN. I, for one, am so glad that KitKat changed that appointment she had that day.


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Apr 25 @ 6:12PM  
Straddlemynose gave us a “fuzzy” blog with “Wayward cat to fly home from Chicago”. So…they gonna let that cat pilot the plane? I mean, cat is going to fly home right?

RJ53 commented about “Comments on Blogs” I’ll be the first to admit..I usually go through and read and comment on the blogs of those on my friends/favorites list…and then, if there are others that catch my attention, I will read them and comment.

RevDocLove told us about “The Frog and Golf” Well, guess Mr. Woods should really stop kissing those frogs. No wonder his wife got suspicious…she’s tasting frog when she kisses her hubby when she knows dinner was steak and taters.

Cootiesprayer says “Opinions are welcome :o)” She’s looking for some remedies to take care of arthritis and other aches and pains. I saw some good ideas there…. maybe I should keep a list for myself.

Wordsofwit says “This is About as Disgusting as it Gets” Yeah..a grown man forcing himself to puke on another man and that man’s 12 yr old daughter… .guy should have count himself lucky he didn’t get his ass whomped good. Maybe the guy should be banned from future games?

shyguy140 entertained us with “A Bridge to Hawaii?” And here I thought there was finally going to be a bridge to Hawaii… and all it turns out to be is a ornery genie not wanting to work. I mean…really…why is it so hard to understand women? Just cause we like to change things around…keep a guy on his toes. Geez!

Tassie1 asked “Bin deleted?” Oh wow….a Bin Laden profile on face book got deleted. Wonder if the old crack head is alive and kicking? I doubt it. I think he’s just trying to mess with us from his paradise of virgins….. But..they aren’t virgins now what? He’s going to bomb them cause they’re not? I mean…oh never mind…..

Sunshine79 told us to “Finish It Up….” All right!! A fill in the blank game . One of these days I’m going to have me a house in the middle of nowhere so I have room for my dogs to run and bark and not worry about some neighbor getting cranky about it.

KitKat25 is “Changing It Up…And To Be Honest…A Bit Of A Rant As Well” A bit of a rant huh? Yeah, there was a bit of a rant in there… but, also some very good questions. In all honesty, blogs will either get comments, or they won’t.


Apr 25 @ 6:21PM  
Onehornytoad69 is making an “(Funny attempt!) The Cable Guy came over” Really? Jim Carrey stopped in? Did ya get his autograph? Btw…the décor sounds so……rustic.

Straddlemynose asks “Should schools be allowed to have corporal punishment today?” A Corporal is going to punish the schools? Wow! That’s pretty bad……Yeah, ok…I know. He’s talking about the kids getting a swat on the behind with a paddle. On the one hand, yes, they should. I’m sure most of us grew up in the age where the principal had the paddle in the office, and I don’t think any of us are violent. But…on the other hand….no…because as Sunshine pointed out..the potential for abuse. I say…let the parents do it. Their kid..let them discipline their kid.

B9CC1D gave us a 5 part (actually 6, but the last one has a different title), series on “Seperatism and Sensability All I’ve got to say to this is it is very well written and informative. It touches on the issues of slavery, the Civil War, and the Civil Rights Movement. Thank you B9!

Soft_touch938 blogged “KitKat….may I….” A Pervian first!! A blog sequel!

RJ53 asks “How Much?” How much personal information do I put in blogs? What I feel comfortable in sharing…my job, my pets, some life experiences….Whatever the mood hits.

RevDocLove shared “Ain’t Kids Great????” Out of the mouths of babes..gotta love what kids can say.

Sunshine79 told us about the “Sonic Boom!” She heard. It wasn’t anything dangerous…just the Space Shuttle coming home.

RJ53 talked about “Combining Households” That is such a tricky thing… combining two different households. Got to decide whose towels are cooler , or whose dishes look best…etc ….And drapes..yeah..that could be fun too.

Sunshine79 wrote about “Tattoos & The Workplace” Should people be allowed to show tattoos at the work place? Well…yeah, if they work at a tattoo shop! Ya off what they can do. Not that kind of work place huh?

Straddlemynose told us about the “Three slugs, not taser, bring down dog” It’s a sad story.


Apr 25 @ 6:25PM  
Wordsofwit asked “What was the funniest thing involving your parent(s) that you witnessed?” How did I miss this one???? It had another “Tommy story” in it..which was quite hilarious…. similar to something my own Mom went through with my youngest sister..although she did drain the tub… but all of her sounds of disgust were hilarious. Also…my one sister and I were into skateboarding when we were in our teens, and one day, we were sitting at the kitchen table talking, and our Dad was getting ready to leave for work. I happen to look out the kitchen window in time to see my Dad’s arms fly up in the air. My sister and I jumped up to look out the window to see what happened, and there was Dad, on his ass, red faced, and one of our skate boards over by the car. Didn’t take us long to figure out what happened… Dad, who has NEVER been on a skate board, thought he would just “hop on it and cruise to the car”. We could not stop laughing. One of those moments where a cam corder would have been great.

dumblonde popped in to say “yes, I am still here”. It was good to see her… hopefully she will feel well enough to stop in some more.

whisperingcomet gave us “Two for the price of one” Two what? Well, I’m no poet, but, I’ll take the vacation!

theSkwirl told us about “ A Continuation of a Sort” Yes, people are people, regardless of what we look like on the outside…on the inside..we all feel. Hate groups are a waste of space as far as I’m concerned.

tassie1 gave us a chuckle with “Chinese migrant in Australia” That travel agent should have known that his words would have been taken literally… .there is no slang in China. Is there?

flavorbuster seems a “little” annoyed by “BANNER POP UPS ON CABLE OR TV” Yeah, they’re annoying, but, I’m getting so used to the things I don’t notice them anymore.


Apr 25 @ 6:31PM  
RJ53 asked about “Time Capsule” Ya know..that gives me an idea. What if there’s a time capsule in my own backyard? Maybe I should start digging.. see if I can fine one!

RevDocLove is “Pondering Questions of Logic” Logic in Pervia? Is that possible?

And max49 has an “Horrible Addiction” Yep..he’s horribly addicted to AMD. Can’t get enough of it…the doctors, they tried in vain to cure his addiction..but..well…poor Max… he just can’t get over the sheep with the red heels . Or the rascally skwirl… .and he’s also addicted to Borty’s panties… he’s always ordering. Poor Max.

Sunshine79 told us “HOW THEY HAVE SEX” Go figure…accountants are good with figures. Hmmmm…Attorney’s make better motions huh? Gonna have to try that out some time.

onehornytoad69 asks “Can You Control Your Pets?” Yep..sure can.. when they start to drive me nuts, I just walk to the back door, open it and tell them to go out and play . Works all the time. Well, except when it’s raining… .they think if they get wet they’re going to melt or something.

shyguy140 has advices to “Be careful” So….35% of men get injured while undoing a woman’s bra? Well, what in the hell are they trying to wear them for then? I’d tell ya the secret to safely removing them, but, then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

gardasian returns after a hiatus to blog about “I’d do anything for love….but I WON’T do THAT!!!!” What’s up with that? Meet someone, fall in love, get together, and then wanting them to change. What’s wrong with having the same hair style for years and years and years… or, with wearing the same shoes every day, or the same jeans every day. Ok, little things like not dating other people would have to change , but, telling ones significant other to drop friends…not cool.


Apr 25 @ 6:37PM  
theSkwirl wrote about “Pervian Nights…or…An Invitation to Rumble” Careful what ya ask for….. stir up anything…but not a troll… they’re worse than a computer virus!

Straddlemynose asked “Who is your favorite all time female, male singer, and favorite group?” Wow!! That was a long winded question! I see that Stevie Nicks was quite popular in the responses. I have always loved her songs..both with the Mac and solo.

RJ53 talked about “First Impressions” So…guess a nice ass doesn’t really give much insight to personality does it? Actually, it’s the smile that reaches the eyes.

max49 shared some “Driving rules” Rules? For driving? I didn’t know there were any. I thought we just get in the car/truck/van and go. You mean there is rules? Why doesn’t anyone ever tell me these things?

RevDocLove shared a “Squirrel Quarrel” Well, how do ya like that? That was one intelligent squirrel. Split the nut in half, take the goods, and leave the empty shell for the ones quarreling. Taught them a lesson didn’t it? Not to let that squirrel catch them quarreling again.

onehornytoad69 asked “Got ticks?” ummmm….nope. But I’ve noticed my dogs have been scratching a lot lately…time to make Frontline happy again .

Wordsofwit wanted “Roles reversed” Simple….if you could become the opposite sex…who on AMD would you want to date? I still haven’t made up my mind. There are too many great’s hard to choose. Hey…for now, I’m female and I’m allowed to be indecisive!

DickSlippery asked “Do dyselexic stoners get high at 2:40?” Poor DS….he’s without his laptop and at the mercy of library computers. Hopefully he gets his laptop up and running again soon….Pervia gets too quiet with him gone. Wonder if he ever got the models he was requesting?

B9CC1D said “It’s a slow day…” And showed us how Hugh can prevent florist friars.


Apr 25 @ 6:41PM  
soft_touch938 popped in with “Well here’s one I ain’t heard” A moral dilemma? Hmmmm……..gotta figure a way to make all happy with one answer. All in all…it was cute.

And max49 is back this time with “Driving Instructions” Ya mean now there are instructions too??????? Damn!!!!! Too many rules and instructions with this driving stuff…just gimme the keys and get out of my way! And btw….yeah…the dude should have been a wee bit more clear on his instructions.

Ynot7769 asked “HAPPILY MARRIED?” Guess bottom line was they liked to talk dirty?

Sunshine79 asked “Should Blogger Be Banned?” So…let’s see…blogger sneaks onto Disney’s Discovery Isle, which has been shut down since 1999, blogs about it, now Disney is mad, and thinking of banning this guy forever from their properties. If that’s the route they go..the guy should thank his lucky stars because that was trespassing, and he could have faced criminal charges.

B9CC1D gave “The Ultimate Final Exam” So…when will that exam be graded? And will there be a make up exam? I’ll try to study for the next one .

Straddlemynose gave us the news with “Bret Michaels suffered brain hemmorhage” Thoughts and prayers go out to Bret and his family. Latest news I’ve heard is that he’s still critical. Although there are other reports saying he’s stable….I’m really hoping he pulls through with a full recovery.

DesertSmile stopped in with “Frank Feldman” No..she didn’t stop in with a date. I got the impression the man’s new wife was still hung up on her deceased husband.

And that will bring this weeks Review to a close. I think I’ll take next week off, do some yard work.. fill up some yard waste bags, cut up the tree branches that fell over the winter months. Oh yeah, mow the lawn. Looks like it needs it again already . Have fun everyone..happy blogging!!!!!!

Apr 25 @ 6:46PM  

Great job Dawn!!! Love it each and every week!!!


Apr 25 @ 7:29PM  
Awesome Job !!!
Wow... is all I can say!!!
Thanks for Your Time and Effort!!!
If I could Tip ya I would!!!

Apr 25 @ 7:47PM  


Apr 25 @ 8:47PM  
kudis for a great review as usual.

Apr 25 @ 10:49PM  
Great review, Dawn! Kudo!

Apr 26 @ 9:42AM  
Very good You put a lot of work into this. Thanks

Apr 26 @ 5:50PM  
Sorry .. was fallin asleep at my keyboard earlier and didn't get this far.. great work, you! Huggers.

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