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Arizona immigration law signed / Are you for or against this?

posted 4/24/2010 4:27:28 PM |
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I'm for this!

WASHINGTON - With a divisive new law in Arizona providing the kindling, the national debate over immigration has reignited, as Democrats and Republicans in Congress appeal to their political bases ahead of November's elections.

It's unclear, however, whether Congress and the Obama administration are prepared to act on the issue or just talk.

President Barack Obama yesterday called Arizona's law "misguided."

The state law, which Gov. Jan Brewer signed yesterday, will send local police officers to detain and interrogate individuals about their rights to be in the country. It also creates state criminal penalties for immigration violations.

Brewer, a Republican who faces a contested primary election, said her decision was "by no means made lightly." She said she concluded that enforcing the law can be done without violating civil rights and is the correct step "as we work to solve a crisis that we did not create and the federal government has refused to fix."

Obama said the measure shows why Congress needs to pass a national immigration overhaul soon. "If we continue to fail to act at a federal level," he said, "we will continue to see misguided efforts opening up around the country."

Obama said at a naturalization ceremony for U.S. military members that he has instructed his administration, including the Justice Department, to study the law's impact on U.S. citizens' civil rights.

On Capitol Hill, however, the legislative agenda is packed through the summer, and fitting in something as controversial as immigration appears unlikely. The agenda includes overhauling financial regulation, an energy and climate bill, and a Supreme Court confirmation. After Labor Day, lawmakers will head to the campaign trail for November's elections.

Polls find that most Americans want their leaders to focus on the economy and jobs, but Latinos want action on immigration.

The Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, said polls had found that Latinos were disappointed by the president's inaction on his promise of legislation, and also had found "potential apathy toward the Democratic Party" among Latinos about the fall elections.

Obama vowed to overhaul immigration laws as a presidential candidate in 2008, but he didn't deal with the issue in his first year in office.

Clarissa Martinez de Castro, director of immigration for the National Council of La Raza, a Latino-American lobby, said the Arizona immigration bill "creates a watershed moment that demands action from Congress and the White House."

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who is in a tough re-election battle, has told immigration-advocacy groups that he thinks Congress will take up immigration this year. Latinos are a large voting bloc in Nevada.

Democratic leaders in the House don't seem as eager as Reid is to tackle immigration, however. They say privately that House Democrats have endured enough tough votes on thorny issues and aren't prepared to deal with one that could become a wedge in November.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., on Thursday shot down reports that Democratic leaders had reached agreement that addressing immigration is a greater priority than an energy bill.

The Columbus Dispatch

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Arizona immigration law signed / Are you for or against this?
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Apr 24 @ 4:53PM  
This is one of these issues that is pretty simple as to whether people are for it or against it. It is also one of that issues where many people in primaries are going to vote for or against a candidate on it alone.

The Arizona law will not go into effect immediately. The rules, to be established in by the Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Board, are due back to the governor in May. The law goes into effect 90 days after the close of the legislative session, which has not been determined.

As many of you know, my city if well known for having a local ordinance that allows the police to do the same thing essentially as the Arizona law. The city signed on with the feds in a little known program to where they come by the city jail and check out the prisoners everyday and haul off those who are illegals. The Mexican border is at least 400 miles from here. You don't see Hispanics hanging out around outside of the Home Depot in my city.

I am in favor it, particularly in vigorous prosecution of employers that knowingly hire them. Cut off the money supply and you put a big dent in the problem.

Apr 24 @ 5:13PM  
For at least the last 10 years, we've heard that something needs to be done about illegal immigration. And yet, nothing has been done on the Federal level. The previous administration did nothing, and so far, this administration has done nothing. So, the Governor of Arizona is doing what she can to protect her boarders and the people in her state. I say she's doing the right thing. And from what I've been hearing on the news lately, the states bordering Mexico are getting caught in the crossfire of a drug cartel war. The drug cartel is in Mexico, yet, the fighting is crossing over the boarder into American territory too.


Apr 24 @ 5:31PM  
Technically, it's the job of the Federal Government to protect 'our' borders.
On this, they have failed miserably. In just about everything, the most recent, the worst.
So, YES, each State must be able to protect itself, from whatever parasites or evil that might injure them, their citizens, or economy.

Apr 24 @ 6:49PM  
I'm for this!

Oh Hell yeah!!!

Apr 25 @ 1:59AM  
Arizona made the right move...just as Texas did. I hope more states follow their lead.

Apr 25 @ 11:43AM  
It's about fuckin' time somebody gave Sherrif Joe a little help

May 3 @ 5:09PM  
a good move


May 3 @ 6:22PM  
I'm for it big time. We got to reduce traffic congestion in the U.S.

May 3 @ 9:11PM  
A saw on the news tonight that 100,000 illegals have already moved out of Az.
for friendlier states like Ca.
One of the slum lords in Phoenix had 20 moveouts last week..

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Arizona immigration law signed / Are you for or against this?