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posted 4/24/2010 11:23:22 AM |
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This could be interesting. What is or was the most unusual thing that you ever intentionally had in your home?

I can think of quite a few women that could qualify. But to address the question I would have to say it is an aerial bomb. You know, the kind that aircraft drop. Now it has no explosives or anything, it is a practice bomb with a lead nose and is blue/grey. It is now in my garage and has been since I got married. The first demand my wife put on me after we got married was to remove it from the living room.

It has an interesting story behind it. When I was in the USAF I was once stationed in Las Vegas. An F4 phantom took off and the bomb was not attached properly. It fell off of the plane and landed in the median of interstate 15. It freaked people out and the police closed the interstate for a half hour. It was no big deal as you could tell it was a practice bomb by the color. They never did find out which plane dropped it and nobody was going to admit to it.

A friend of mine was sent to go retrieve it. He came in to see me and told me about it. I said, "What are you going to do with it now?" He replied, "I don't know, do you want it?" The rest is history.

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Apr 24 @ 11:37AM  
ex husband number two!

Apr 24 @ 11:54AM  

A group of about 14 or 15 homeless people for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Apr 24 @ 11:57AM  
I can think of quite a few women that could qualify.
Oh hell yeah!!!

I dunno....I will have to give this some thought!!! I'll get back to ya, on this one!

Apr 24 @ 12:18PM  
I have a ceramic insulator spool from a telephone pole that was blown down about
eighteen months ago. Cincinnati had a near city wide blackout that lasted from 24
hours to approx. seven days, depending on the part of town you lived in. The blackout
was the result of a wind storm which was spawned by the remnants of a hurricane that
came north into the Ohio valley. Some roads were closed for weeks, and at the height
of it there were only a couple of grocery stores open in the entire city.

Yeah, I'm a pack rat, and I pick up odd stuff. At the time this piece of junk seemed
pretty damned interesting...

Apr 24 @ 1:16PM  
An alligator. A friend rescued it from the park in NYC. Have no idea how a 10 nch long baby alligator got there. I kept him for a year until we found a place for him. He used to swim in the bathtub. I had an injured falcon about the same time that I was carng for. I really wish people would stop buying exotic pets then turning them loose when they find out that wlldlfe is not so cute when they are adults. Then there was the ocelot that someone found wandering through the back alley at the Kettle of Fish. After he was healthy he went to the Bronx Zoo as he was too used to humans to ever be returned to the wild. Then there was my pet snake and my piranhas, again a pet that someone decided they did not want.

Apr 24 @ 1:51PM  

Umm well let's see.. it could be the petrified prehistoric peanuts, possibly the goat head incense burner, maybe some of the many many rocks, the raffia witch that came from New Zealand, umm hmm.. a Lakshmi tapestry, several God and Goddess statues, canopic jars, ummm the cast iron pentacle coasters?, the elephant that you blow on his butt and he trumpets.. ummm.. ohh the antique first communion dolly that I dug up in one of my old gardens? No? not unusual enough?

Ok then.. the oddest most unusual Item I ever had in my house was a latex cock and balls that sat on my living room table. that or the mummified bat.

Apr 24 @ 2:20PM  
the elephant that you blow on his butt and he trumpets
...I want one! I love elephants even if I do collect pig stuff...

When I first moved into my neighborhood there were guys that would steal stuff and bring it to our house to see if we wanted it. First it was tools and we said no. Nest it was parts of old houses architecture and sometimes we said yes. Then they started asking if we wanted different items they had. Once they brought an old piano over on a flat bed truck that we were contemplating buying from them. Funny thing is they didn't tie it down and it rolled off and fractured all over the road. They still brought it and got mad cause we didn't want a disheveled piano. It was a hoot. You should have seen that piano. The keys looked like a roller coaster!
Another instance was when they said they had a moose head that was mounted. I said ok, bring it. Later in the evening when I was out in the yard working I saw the guys carrying something with a sheet hung over it. It looked like it was floating down the street. I said to my husband, it must be stolen or they wouldn't have wrapped it up. Well, it wasn't a moose head. It was an elk. It was beautiful to us, so we gave them some money, hung it on the wall and as you can guess it was probably the weirdest thing we had in our house at the time....until we got the oldest existing staircase from a downtown brothel that used to be on Beale Street....

Apr 24 @ 3:56PM  
if we are talking about inanimate objects I have a 3ft Celtic goddless statue and a bunch of ritual stuff laying around the house. I don't really consider that so unusual though.

Apr 24 @ 4:26PM  
The weirdest I ever saw was belonged to whacked out Viet Nam vet. It was a skull with a big hole in the top of it that he had modified to be an ash tray. The lower jaw detached to dump it. He was quite proud of it and it was from a VC that he shot himself.

Apr 24 @ 4:45PM  
I don't have anything unusal...

Apr 24 @ 6:44PM  
You would have to post this question before I've had a chance to take a picture of the weirdest thing.

So here's the second most weird thing I have.

The pic's from my other website and I had hoped that it would be my profile pic here.

Honestly...who else has to keep pictures of their own brain in their house?

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