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Liberals usually need pretty pictures to help them....

posted 4/23/2010 10:55:52 AM |
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Usually if you are a Liberal, facts confuse you and your attention span is about a sentence or two…

Thus here is a cute video to help you with the Lies of the Obama…

Do you like being played for a fool?? I already know that answer…

Obamas Budget Cuts

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Liberals usually need pretty pictures to help them....
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Apr 23 @ 12:58PM  
If Rush Limbaugh buys a circus, you can be the clown.

Apr 23 @ 2:01PM  
Fuckin' DUH
That video is over a year old

Apr 23 @ 3:53PM  
So let me get this straight:

1) You're relying on a video made by a nasally teen to prove your point.
2) You're relying on old data to prove your point.
3) The data that's given as far as "required spending" is completely fallacious...While there is indeed an infrastructure that must be maintained, part of that "infrastructure" is based on wars (that were not started by this administration) that consume as much as 1/5 of the total spending.
4) Continuing from #3, people seem to have forgotten that Dick Cheney has still not accounted for over 2 billion dollars from that war budget that just "disappeared." That's 20 times the amount you're quibbling over.
5) The "cuts" and "bailouts" do seem to be working. The Dow has had a 4000 point rebound in just over a year (as opposed to the 7000 point loss from the previous administration) and if you read yesterday's newspaper you'd see that GM has already repaid the money they were given to retain solvency. So that's data you're just ignoring.

Ignoring. As in ignorance. You want your picture next to the definition in the dictionary, doncha?

Apr 23 @ 4:14PM  
Let me sum this up...We've have a citation to a Dr Barton as an alleged historian who is neither. Support for a congressional candidate in Florida who was a career military officer forced to resign from the army. Stale perspectives from an oddball Web site. Umm, do you think there may be some credibility issues involved in these perspectives?

Apr 23 @ 4:34PM  
and you call liberals confused?!? riiiiiiiiight!!

Apr 23 @ 5:13PM  
I am not saying that I will engage in an intellectual political debate. I am more than prepared to do so with facts. But it is highly unlikely that I will on this site. I have better things to do with my time than address dogmatism.

That being said, I would suggest that you find true respected conservative thought leaders. The late, great William F. Buckely was one. George Will is another. If you want to engage in battle or ideas and philosophies, I welcome it. But, perhaps, in the public debate of ideas, respectfully, it is best to be armed with facts and reliable sources instead of lame, mindless, unfounded, rhetoric.

Apr 23 @ 9:16PM  
One should really make sure this type of video is backed up by a reliable source. Just because someone put it on the internet, that does not make any part of it fact. I can find one claiming proof of any political point I want to make.

Apr 24 @ 1:29PM  
This kid worked his ass off to try to help a few Liberals understand how they are being lied too, and because it was not simple enough for you to understand, it must be wrong....

If you would listen to Conservative Talk Radio for a few days you will see Obama's Daily Lies debunked with truth immediately.

Just like we did when he fooled you Liberals with his big 100 million savings....

Conservatives caught the lie in minutes of the announcement - now it has been out there for months and you are still buying the Obamsters lies???

Turn the light on eh???

Apr 24 @ 1:31PM  
Let me use a fresh example of a lie you fell for again...

Let me guess, the New York Times printed it so it MUST be true...

"and if you read yesterday's newspaper you'd see that GM has already repaid the money they were given to retain solvency. So that's data you're just ignoring."

Guess where GM got the money they used to "pay back" the loan???


So dumbass, GM pays back the Feds with other Federal money they stole from the American people and you hell "Hooray!"

They took from Peter to not pay Paul, but to pay Peter back!!!

You call me the fool????


Apr 24 @ 6:25PM  
This kid worked his ass off

By stacking a few pennies? What about the Million Penny Project done by many elementary schools or the Broadway: Street of Dreams art project? Those are MUCH more impressive than this.

If you would listen to Conservative Talk Radio for a few days...

And if you get all your information from one source you wind up with a narrow view of the world.

Guess where GM got the money they used to "pay back" the loan??? TARP

That was a Fox report based on a single Republican's (Grassley) opinion...and completely without data. Let me fill in the data:

The bailout was a total of $52b from the US and $9.5b from Canadian governments. A bailout that was given by Bush, not Obama. When Obama's administration took hold the bailout loan was reduced in exchange for stock, with $6.7b for the US and $8.1b for Canada, respectively. This means that the remaining $46.7b was already paid back in the form of stock, which (thanks to other government policy) has been rising. Grassley is claiming the stock does not constitute payment, which is false. GM has now succeeded in reimbursing Canada for it's $8.1 and the US for it's $6.7 and it has announced intentions for buying back the stock, which in the long run could mean an INCOME from the bailout of up to $73b...and that is good economics.

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Liberals usually need pretty pictures to help them....