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Canu, get me down from here...I'm scared of heights!!!

posted 1/3/2007 6:54:25 PM |
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Have you ever had someone love you so much they put you on a pedestal? All my life I dreamed of having someone do that to me. Someone who would love me despite my many faults, who would accept me exactly the way I am and who would treat me like a princess. As I got older, and went thru many different relationships...some good, some not so good...I began to think that true love was a myth...that love was just about finding someone you could get along with most of the time.
I've learned different over the last couple of months. My mother told me I would one day find the man of my dreams...and she was right. I would tell you I knew right from the start...but lets just say I saw a spark that I never in a million years would have guessed would ignite into the flame it is today. I honestly didn't think I stood a chance. you've read his blogs today. You probably read the recent blogs that were removed. So you know what I'm up against. And now...knowing I'm afraid of heights...(nope...sorry, can't do it...uh uh, no way!) he's put me on a pedestal so high I can't see the ground.
Well...let me tell you something about this man you may not know.
He loves his kids...and would do anything for them. But he was willing to leave them, if only for a short time, in order to be with me.
He loves music...that is his passion. He would give it up and never play again before he ever hurt me.
He has seen me...or rather heard my worst. Screaming, yelling, cussing and throwing things...even crying. And he still loves me. He has heard me behave selfishly, and even irrationally...and has helped me to see reason without making me feel like a child.
After maintaining here and elsewhere that he doesn't do "mushy"...well, guess what? For me...he does.
He has given up his almost daily AMD fix, just so he can call me and talk to me on the phone. And he has told everyone who will stand still long enough to listen that he loves me.
Oh, don't get me wrong...he's not perfect, as I heard more than once from someone who knows. But he's perfect for me. So while I'm up here...he better join me to keep me from falling...cuz he knows how I am. I don't do well in high places.

I love you baby...forever and forever.

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Jan 3 @ 6:59PM  
I put my ex on a pedestal, she was so short it was the only way I could get to kiss her! Seriously though to be loved without question and have that love returned in equal measure is the purest form of love there is.

Jan 3 @ 7:16PM  
I'ma get diabetes if I read too many of these blogs :P

Gawd im just kiddin geeeze.. glad you two are happy!

Jan 3 @ 7:20PM  
He does "mushy" quite well, don'tcha think?

Jan 3 @ 7:45PM  

Jan 3 @ 7:50PM  

Jan 3 @ 7:56PM  
you guys!!! sunny get him up there with you babe and hold on tight to each other!!!

Jan 3 @ 8:14PM  
"if it is your time, love will track you down and attack you like a cruise missle" -Lynda Barry

Jan 3 @ 11:25PM  
It's a wonderful thing to find your soulmate...ain't it Sunny?

Jan 3 @ 11:52PM  
..And Tomorrow will be magic.

Jan 4 @ 2:08AM  
I'm not sure how far you have to travel but have a safe and enjoyable journey to NC.

Jan 4 @ 9:43AM  
Awww! I love it. I ll give you a Kudo Sun!

Jan 7 @ 1:05PM  
Be careful! you are a an attractive woman (I can tell by your belly) and he may be somewhat needy! Putting you on a pedestal is great! Keeping you there every moment is not practical nor real! The possibility of that continuing on and on is weird! Remember when your that high up, the fall is much greater! (master of the obvious here!) I don't want to deter you away from this nice man, just convey to him to quit jacking you up so high so often! Don't you sometimes feel funny about that? It's not really a totally good thing! he (in my opinion) seems wanton. By the way You are like crystals that shine as the sun streams through and your beauty compares that to only an angels! Now marry me please! We're only 114 miles apart for crying out loud!

Jan 7 @ 8:25PM  
Anyone ever had an idiot barge into a meeting, sit down and proceed to say stuff in a loud and knowing manner before checking with the others about what's going on? Makes me cringe every time to see these loud-mouthed ignoramuses trying too hard to impress.

Jan 8 @ 2:30AM  
Thank you Bentan! YOU are a true gentleman!

Jan 8 @ 8:15AM  
Way to go Sunny!!!! I'm so glad for the two of you!!!

Jan 8 @ 11:58AM  
Ok Ladies and Gentlemen...lighten up on Rickosound. He's realized the error of his ways and apologized for his comments. Lets try to welcome him!

Jan 8 @ 6:30PM  
Gee, Sunny - you're starting to sound like me! Group hug time???

Jan 9 @ 4:07PM  
He says he's sorry to you, denies wrong doing to me.... he's on thin ice.

Jan 13 @ 12:18PM  
Maybe he's right and no one wants to hear it? Everyone wants it to work for you guys b/c you 'deserve' it...
Think about his words, he made sense. Canu, he didn't do anything wrong to you, nothing that you wouldn't have done to someone else in his position!

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Canu, get me down from here...I'm scared of heights!!!