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Can You Control your Pets?

posted 4/21/2010 9:07:08 AM |
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tagged: sex, pets

Straddles Blog
Got me to thinking...!!!
Can someone come inside your House...INVITED? Do you have to remove the "Pet" before Company comes in?
If your "Pet" attacks someone....that was invited in your home..or outdoors (that has your Approval) What have you Done to stop this from Happening again????/What... would you do..if it Happened?
In the event of our departure (Death) would" Animal Control" have to come remove the Pet? Just asking...
Oh keep this a" Sex Blog"... ya... wanna Fuck?

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Apr 21 @ 9:29AM  
First things first....yes, I very much wanna fuck.

As for my little dog, the only way to describe him is....mannerly.

When we have company, he barks to alert me, as I open the dog, I tell him to get on the couch....away he goes is to the couch.

I can, and have taken him almost anyplace you can think of, when i park the truck, and leave the door open, all i say is "dont get out of the truck" and he stays there, until i come back.

Last summer we stopped by a friends house, and i left him in the truck (with the door open) for for a moment. Her husband saw Jake in the truck, and called for him, but he waited until he heard me call him, before he jumped out with joy!

Everyone that has ever read a blog by me knows how much I love my little dog, and as you can see, he loves me just as much,.

comet...aka...jake dog mom


Apr 21 @ 10:15AM  
Unless they want to go for a swim in my 30 gallon aquarium it is a non issue. My present pets are fish that live in 7 aquariums. Now my bettas might try to challenge them to a fight as they like to go after my fingers. They also let me hand feed them. When I had the cat Pee Wee that was a different matter. I saw that cat corner a 6'4" tall football player one time. That was the funniest sight I have ever seen. He would listen to me though and when I told him to stop he listened. Had to stop laughing first though. His nickname was Spawn for a reason. He just did not like males for some reason. So if someone was coming over who was not familiar he was locked in a certain part of the house so he would not pull his best jungle cat imitation.

Apr 21 @ 11:27AM  
I don't have to control them. But the nature of the breed freaks out a lot of people so I have to move them into the bedroom or backyard. The bedroom is preferred as they view the backyard as punishment if ushered out because when somebody does something wrong (extremely rare) they get "thrown out".

No problem in finding Manfred a home. Dierdre is problematic as she is a one person dog.

Good post.

Apr 21 @ 1:21PM  
geezzzzzzzzzzzz...what the hell is going on! Who would have a pet that attacked. I know some animals just can't be controled, but it is usually noticed before your friends or family members get mauled isn't it? I have always had good natured pups and they have always minded me. Most instinctively new by my posture or gestures what they should do or not do. I feel for those who have had a bad experience with a pet.

Apr 21 @ 1:44PM  
I have said before, while they have never done so...I'm fairly sure 2 of my dogs, (Deifenbacher-German Shepherd and Tazz) would bite someone. Neither of those two are what I would call "friendly" towards people they do not know. The other 3, Buddy, Sasha, and Princess...I will not say they wouldn't, but, I would trust them more so than the other 2. I do know for sure Buddy will give company an headache with his barking. If it's a family member, I keep the dogs in as the dogs know my family and are fine around them. Total, they will be put outside. Better safe than sorry is the way I look at it. And, in Michigan, if a dog bites someone, it's automatically put down, regardless if the owner has proof of rabies vaccinations.

In the event something happens to me, both of my sisters have already said they would take the dogs.

Apr 21 @ 3:28PM  
Molly would love on anyone who comes into the house as long as they stay away from her food dish. She's jealous of the food dish. She doesn't bite.. but she certainly growls a lot.

Cooper, I have to be careful with him as he's a massive pussy. If he gets freaked out he will snap toward someone.. other than other dogs I've not known him to actually bite.. but that doesn't mean that in the right circumstances, he wouldn't.

I'm careful to first introduce the dogs to new people so that they see it's ok and that the people are allowed in the house. I hold them by the collar at first until they relax and enjoy the attention.. unfortunately.. once petted.. they are your best friends and won't leave you alone.. attention whores.. my dogs..

The cats usually go hide anyway.. so no issue there.

They should be more concerned about whether I'd bite em.

Apr 21 @ 4:43PM  
I remember being over at the next door neighbors house when a guy from the next street over came over with a deer leg & gave it to my neighbors Doberman. While the dog had it in it's mouth he had the notion to pet him & the dog turned on him. He wasn't mad at the dog because giving raw wild meat to a dog was a bad idea he said admit-tingly. All the neighborhood kids played with this dog all the time even while eating with no incidence until the news of this situation got around.

Apr 21 @ 6:55PM  
mine? sure..but IF i don't calm his little ass he might bite...good news is the only bite anyone has to worry bout is MINE.....he's only

Apr 21 @ 8:13PM  
My cats are always under control. Most of them would scatter anyway if a guest would arrive.

Apr 22 @ 11:06PM  
If someone comes over I put the dog away in another room. He don't bite but is hyper, he wants to jump on people just to get attention. My cats will just scatter. There are a few that come over that don't care if he is out. If they pet him he is fine and will just go his own way.

Do I want to fuck? Good Question..YES!!!!

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Can You Control your Pets?